Episode 32: THE TRAP


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Seriously, Halloween events/boutique will be out in like a week! Don’t waste your $$$ on the episode if you aren’t planning to purchase more for spooky costumes!

Do you want the (hopefully) new outfits?! Then WAIT until November to play the episode!

-Your friendly neighborhood MCL old-timer who is tired of seeing this tactic every.single.holiday

My Candy Love: Episode 1 STREAM

Remember this post from thousands of years ago? I was going to link to the post but never mind I’m too lazy. Basically, you all voted for a recorded play-through of the episodes in My Candy Love. You thought that I had forgotten. I totally didn’t, and it has resulted in this disastrous attempt to…well, to be honest, I’m actually not too sure what the heck this is. A guide? Worst guide ever. An adventure? Not the best. A review? Sure, let’s go with that… Continue reading

Eldarya Is Being Released In ENGLISH!

Mark your calendars for September 12, 2016! Eldarya will be available in English, and you can reserve your username NOW!

“Why is this important? I don’t care.” – a lot of people, probably.

It’s important because your sprite will need a good name during the dialogues. Unless you want the objects of your affection leaning in and whispering, “I’ve always loved you, XxStarrxChildxX9…” You should take this time to reserve your current username, or come up with something a little less…jumbly.

You all know my prejudice against names with numbers and x’s in them. Can’t stand it. (Personally.) So, if you feel the same, now is the time to pre-register and get the username of your dreams!

If, however, you don’t give a shiznit about what your sprite is called, by all means, disregard this blog post and enjoy the rest of your day!


❤ Pretty

Summer Boutique 2016 Haul


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/pokes head around corner
-6 confidence

/sees angry mob
+8 fear

/doesn’t flee
+2 confidence

So, it’s been a wild year, and there is literally zero excuse for my behavior except that I had a baby! Woop! While that was a bit deal, I won’t bore you with crazy details except to say that he is incredibly adorable and I can’t believe that I made a real, live person with my body. Wat.

On to the haul! I just posted this on my Tumblr and thought…what the hell! Let’s put it up on the blog and see what happens. There can’t be /that/ many angry pitchfork-wielders, right? Continue reading

The Candy Weekly is Searching for New Members!


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Maybe you sit at home all day (impatiently) waiting for episode 25 to be created. Maybe you sit at home and eat an entire bag of doritos. I don’t know, I don’t really judge.

Well, in the forums, there is a magazine called The Candy Weekly. Only recently, it hasn’t been so “weekly” as much as “holiday.” Which is fine in my book because they put a TON of creativity and effort into each issue, and they are really fun to read.

But it’s clear that they need more girl-power! A few members have become unresponsive, and one deleted her account. Sad.

Check out this thread for the positions available. It went up last week, but only two Candies have applied. Who knows, maybe you have a hidden talent?

The Candy Weekly: http://www.mycandylove.com/forum/t54286,1-the-candy-weekly.htm

The Application Thread: http://www.mycandylove.com/forum/t64364,1-candy-weekly-in-search-of-new-members.htm

Even if you don’t think this kind of project is up your alley, at least check out the current issues of this super cute user-run newspaper? magazine? …flyer?

I’m not sure how to categorize it…BUT CHECK IT OUT! What do ya’ll think of it?

3 Million Candies!


So what we have here is a PERMANENT feature to the site since reaching 3 million players. Sweet.

If you follow the link after clicking the magical cupcake prisoner, you will see 631 recolored items.

That’s a lot of useless items *cough*easterbunnyhats*cough* but ALSO THERE ARE SOME PRETTY GREAT ONES!!

😀 What did you get?! I got some mismatched stockings to add to my other 3 that I got from Christmas…yaaay…


This means that at any moment, you have the chance of a flying cupcake loading. Forever. For the rest of MCL. Forever.

They can appear randomly on any page of the site.
Refreshing the page will not make the cupcakes appear more often.

Has anyone gotten one besides the initial gift cupcake? Do I need to scroll up and down EVERY page when I refresh? Does it fly in a certain pattern? These are the important questions.

My Candy Love Episode 24: Castiel Walkthrough


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😀 I’m back! WordPress has eaten my Episode 23, so…I will find time before Episode 25 to complete that (again)…


Continue reading

Valentine’s 2015!!


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They are going to change the rules on Monday. You have all been heard :3 They acknowledged that the rules for this event were way too difficult and are going to take the weekend to decide how best to prepare.*********


I’ve had these for a while now, but since I released the Christmas outfit early and got backhanded by Beemoov, I decided to play it safe and hold them until they dropped on AS.

Even though I am super angry at this event for excluding a HUGE chunk of players, I will explain why the event is the way it is.

1.) It’s “VALENTINE’S DAY” and rewarding players who have been loyal to ONE guy from the beginning to the end.

2.) It’s rewarding VETERAN players for being with the game so long, and replaying episodes over and over to even HAVE all of these illustrations.

3.) It’s a BONUS, on top of the new “crush” feature.













The scepter lights up, and they are planning to add animation to Auntie’s wings :3 I’m excited about that.


I’m not sure what’s going on with the twin’s wigs. Pigtails? Whaat? AND ARMIN THERE IS NO FLOOD, YOU CAN PULL YOUR PANTS LOWER GEEZ.

100% HONESTY, Nathaniel’s cosplay looks the best out of all of them. It’s flattering on her figure, and that wig. That wig is gorgeous.

Now that it will be easier for everyone to participate, I hope that everyone has a chance to buy the items they want most!!


That said, I think it’s bull. So many NEW players are still working their ways throughepisodes and are, say, stuck in the never-ending-loop that is Episode 9: The Beach Disaster, or still on Episode 18 because they missed the illustration and are trying again, or…the list goes on.

If you look at the forums, it is a riot at the moment. A lot of newer players are feeling excluded. The older players who are telling them to “shut up be grateful you can’t have an opinion because you’re not mature enough” really got on my nerves, but I’ve long since stopped posting on the forums so after a bit of that, I just gave up.

I have been playing MCL since August of 2012. I only have 55 illustrations right now. I received the Castiel cosplay, but no others since my illustrations with the other boys were hella random.

I was planning to spin this into a bunch of funny comments about the outfits (hello mullet kentin) but I’m too upset 😦