3 Million Candies!


So what we have here is a PERMANENT feature to the site since reaching 3 million players. Sweet.

If you follow the link after clicking the magical cupcake prisoner, you will see 631 recolored items.

That’s a lot of useless items *cough*easterbunnyhats*cough* but ALSO THERE ARE SOME PRETTY GREAT ONES!!

:D What did you get?! I got some mismatched stockings to add to my other 3 that I got from Christmas…yaaay…


This means that at any moment, you have the chance of a flying cupcake loading. Forever. For the rest of MCL. Forever.

They can appear randomly on any page of the site.
Refreshing the page will not make the cupcakes appear more often.

Has anyone gotten one besides the initial gift cupcake? Do I need to scroll up and down EVERY page when I refresh? Does it fly in a certain pattern? These are the important questions.

My Candy Love Episode 24: Castiel Walkthrough


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:D I’m back! WordPress has eaten my Episode 23, so…I will find time before Episode 25 to complete that (again)… BEFORE I start, I’d like to point you all in the direction of my new side-project! It’s a viral content site that I’m working on with a buddy, and hopefully with your support, you can help me to finally have a job here in Mexico! Working from home? Yes, please! It’s pretty difficult to do it alone, so if you have any videos you think I should post, SEND them to me at prettyideal@live.com because I need help :( That’s the reason this Episode took so long to make – I spend most of my time trying to find cute/funny videos to write about. Anyway.


GO THERE PLEASE and support me :) Like it on facebook and share it!! :D The more people who see it, the more chance I have of making it into an actual job!!


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Valentine’s 2015!!


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They are going to change the rules on Monday. You have all been heard :3 They acknowledged that the rules for this event were way too difficult and are going to take the weekend to decide how best to prepare.*********


I’ve had these for a while now, but since I released the Christmas outfit early and got backhanded by Beemoov, I decided to play it safe and hold them until they dropped on AS.

Even though I am super angry at this event for excluding a HUGE chunk of players, I will explain why the event is the way it is.

1.) It’s “VALENTINE’S DAY” and rewarding players who have been loyal to ONE guy from the beginning to the end.

2.) It’s rewarding VETERAN players for being with the game so long, and replaying episodes over and over to even HAVE all of these illustrations.

3.) It’s a BONUS, on top of the new “crush” feature.













The scepter lights up, and they are planning to add animation to Auntie’s wings :3 I’m excited about that.


I’m not sure what’s going on with the twin’s wigs. Pigtails? Whaat? AND ARMIN THERE IS NO FLOOD, YOU CAN PULL YOUR PANTS LOWER GEEZ.

100% HONESTY, Nathaniel’s cosplay looks the best out of all of them. It’s flattering on her figure, and that wig. That wig is gorgeous.

Now that it will be easier for everyone to participate, I hope that everyone has a chance to buy the items they want most!!


That said, I think it’s bull. So many NEW players are still working their ways throughepisodes and are, say, stuck in the never-ending-loop that is Episode 9: The Beach Disaster, or still on Episode 18 because they missed the illustration and are trying again, or…the list goes on.

If you look at the forums, it is a riot at the moment. A lot of newer players are feeling excluded. The older players who are telling them to “shut up be grateful you can’t have an opinion because you’re not mature enough” really got on my nerves, but I’ve long since stopped posting on the forums so after a bit of that, I just gave up.

I have been playing MCL since August of 2012. I only have 55 illustrations right now. I received the Castiel cosplay, but no others since my illustrations with the other boys were hella random.

I was planning to spin this into a bunch of funny comments about the outfits (hello mullet kentin) but I’m too upset :(

I’m BACK?! About Episode 23…(and 24)

The glorious masters of WordPress (took over a week to reply to my inqueries) have spoken!

Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls, but we have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice.

My my my. Thanks. Since this “automated” disaster happened conveniently right when I was publishing Episode 23, it’s gone. As are several other posts. This whole debacle really pressed my buttons, and I’m thinking of moving to tumblr anyway because I don’t want their “automated” robocop to shut the site down again/lose several posts/cause chaos/flood my inbox/etc.

This is my tumblr:


Go there and follow me because yes. I’m still working out how to navigate the site/make it a functional thing, but overall I don’t foresee any more of this madness.

So it’s back to the drawing board for episode 23, but I may end up making Episode 24’s first. Oh goodness do I have comments…




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Oh, you’re already sitting probably.

LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT MY HOMIE GALAVANT. First, thank you, ABC, for putting this show in Once Upon A Time’s time slot. It’s like you thought to yourself, “who would sit down willingly to watch men in tights sing musical-style comedy and then sit down again at the same time next week to watch more of it.” WE WOULD THAT’S WHO. Marketing geniuses.

I’ve been watching this show for a whole 6 minutes and I already have so many things to say.

First, the opening sequence sold me so hard. This old man with missing teeth sings about balls.

"We don't care about breaking those fourth walls!"

“We don’t care about breaking those fourth walls!”

And these jovial children sing about disembowelment.

"I'm seven and I have a sword!"

“I’m seven and I have a sword!”

And this glorious, blatant description of boobies.

"Mommy, what's a...'cleavage?'"

“Mommy, what’s a…’cleavage?'”

I can feel the gasps already. But hold on. Not only are they unusually crass for a Sunday night slot on ABC, there’s implied sex. And a lot of it.

So many implied things.

So many implied things.

And I was like, “well, this is really interesting, but you don’t have all of my attention yet.”


"How did they shoot this scene without bursting in laughter every 2 seconds..." "Hey, Tim, can you, I don't know, give me more of a "lust" and less of a "sparkle?""

“How did they shoot this scene without bursting in laughter every 2 seconds…”
“Hey, Tim, can you, I don’t know, give me more of a “lust” and less of a “sparkle?””

YA’LL do you understand how much I adore Timothy Omundson. He. Like. If I had an older brother, I would hope it would be this guy.

You may know him from these endearing roles:

brom cc eli lof phl

He is my celebrity crush. Other people are like, “omg 1direcshun” and “omg shakeeria” and I’m just over here like “I KNOW YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY DAD BUT I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SASSY EYES TIMOTHY OMUNDSON.”


And so we watch on.

"This wordplay just GETS me."

“Well, more like he had his servant snatch her…”

(May screenshots frakked up, sorry but I’m too lazy to do those again.) The way they toss words around like it ain’t no thing is my favorite. It’s rare to find a musical like that. I mean, this song is the same kind of thing. I died watching this: CLICK TO WATCH FUNNIEST music video ever. If you’re under 18, though, maybe don’t click that.

AND THEN THIS. OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST. Usually, in the “I’m the villain making the beautiful young woman marry me against her will” cliche, there is some kind of ominous, “you will love me” vibe, but these guys,

THESE GUYS JUST BUST UP THROUGH THAT LIKE, “Nah, we’re gonna have sex tonight.” No, “we will be…as one…” vague implications. They are like, “just write it like that.” And he’s SO ADORABLE delivering those lines. Haaaaaaahahhahaha I’m dying.

"It doesn't get cuter than this."

“It doesn’t get cuter than this.”

I may or may not update this with comments, but in case you haven’t seen the first bit of this show, the intro sequence is at least worth a giggle.

Who else has watched this masterpiece?

Screenshots from ABC duh

The Holidays Are OVER!


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Guess it’s time to get around to this:


And no, those aren’t pillow fight requests. Yikes. My goal is 60 message replies. If I reply 1 minute per message, that’s an hour. Maybe for the dumb ones (“hey” “hi” “wts up”) I just reply back exactly the same thing XD and I can push that to like, 80 message replies.


Who else thinks the valentines event shop will top both the christmas and the halloween combined? Me.

Me does.

I can’t wait to play episode 23 XD



I’ve never been more relieved to say something like “THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER.” Or, “PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL.”

I hosted family-in-laws at my house this week. In case you haven’t had the…uhmm…pleasure of doing so, I will give you a metaphor:

“Hey, I have 16 wild chickens that I need you to entertain for two weeks in your house. Be careful, they fight a lot. Also they are chickens.”

Apparently, my new nieces and nephews are actually wolves, not chickens. If you are a wolf, it is totally okay to howl at 2am, bite your family, make a giant mess, talk back to adult wolves, and ruin all the other wolves’ days just because the world doesn’t revolve around your highwolfness.

So that was fun. Have they invented a font for sarcasm yet?

They finally left last night. This morning, I woke up in a quiet house. No screaming, no fighting, just peaceful doggie snores and the soft, golden sunlight streaming through the curtains.

We totally ate all the leftovers and have been watching netflix since 10am. I made beer waffles too. Because freedom.

I’ve been wanting to post something, but any time I smuggled the only computer in the house away, I’d get it for like 5 minutes tops before someone started whining about needing to check facebook. *ugh*

But for New Year’s, I realized my hubbs was indeed the correct choice of life mate. He saved a whole bottle of champagne just for us and we snuck away and drank it together :D

Holidays in Mexico are LOUD. People have insane parties that last until the weeee hours of the morning and sing (really bad) karaoke, and drink like I’ve never seen. We went hunting for tequila on new year’s eve, and I kid you not, the isle for liquor in most of the stores we went to were EMPTY. I mean, like, nothing. I was shocked but also proud. Like, yeah, ya’ll know how to party.

Random people sold fireworks in the streets, so that’s where we got most of our sparklers and stuff.  The kids bought these “poppers” that sounded like gunshots. I was not a fan of those. But the sparklers were pretty epic.

All in all, I rate this holiday 4/10.

+1 for good food, +1 for husband, +1 for cute Christmas tree, and +1 for new adopted doggies being nice to each other and not eating the ornaments.

However, -4 for not being seeing my family on these holidays, -1 for rude children in my house, and -1 for space heaters not working (MY HOUSE IS AN ICE BLOCK). :(



WAHOO!!! Christmas Advent Shop!


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So it’s 12:18 AM, I’m so tired, I have 12 people at my house right now, here is the illustration in case you have been living under rocks and shrubbery.


Totes cute. Nearly everyone who guessed what was happening was right. (Castiel in the corner, Armin in charge of decorations, Alexy with the monkey tail, Lysander with tinsel.)

I’m so tired. Christmas boutique will update in morning when alive.

*sleeps forever*

YES the boutique is up and it’s SO CUTE OMG.

So here is what I bought with my 25 tickets.


I am so excited. My Candy has cute hair. This is her hair from now on. *dies*

Game Review: Like A Fashionista


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Candy girl Kogas101 from My Candy Love sent me this game and said “hey you dumdum play this game or else!”

(It was more like ‘hey play this game it’s fun!’)

So it’s another game from Beemoov but does not include the states yet. I’m playing on the UK site. Its pretty interesting.

The premise is to be the most fashionable/pretty/popular girl in the whole world and beat all the other, ugly, not popular girls by buying pretty dresses and shi…ny jewels.

The game currency is in Fashionista Dollars (FD) and the rewards for finishing quests are in Fashionista Attitude (FA). I am still a little bit shaky on the purpose of everything, but hey, it’s my first day chill out you judgementalists.

Although it is super fun to be able to choose skin tones, multi-colorhair, and some pretty neat clothing, I don’t like the fact that you need to go to the gym.

My fashionista is 130lbs right now, and that is just fine. I’m 130lbs in real life, and at 5’7”, that is a perfectly normal weight. Would I like to lose 5lbs to fit into those size 26 jeans that I bought prematurely from XXI? Yes. Yes, I would. But I would not want to lose 10lbs because then I will look gross and my hubs will not want to cuddle with my boney bones.

And, if I can gain/lose weight, why can’t my fashionista reflect it? They don’t have different doll sizes or clothing sizes. It’s just an ambiguous number.

I don’t think ambiguous was the right word.

If I wanted my fashionista to be curvy at 150lbs, why can’t they make a body type for it? Eh?! That bit bugged me.


So we start out picking from a good amount of clothing/hair/eye/mouth options. Sweet. I’m so cool.

Then, you can go on to customize your fashionistathisissolongi’mgoingtocallthemfashiesihopethatisn’tanoffensivetermijustmadeitup by buying different makeups and hairstyles. Literally over 700 different hairstyles. AND you can customize the hair by choosing to ombre.

Here’s me after all the fabulousness happened.


That’s my druggie boyfriend, Gene, a retired tv new anchor. I can’t break up with him because apparently you can only date/break up with someone once a day. Wooo….

They have some really fun minigames. Like. So fun. The 15+ puzzle boards are my favorite. So easy.



There are also some pretty aggravating glitches. I end up closing the window and repoening a new tab so it can load properly.


You go through a short tutorial that boosts you through the first few levels. I chose to spend as little FD as possible. There’s also something called “challenges” but I don’t get them so I’m not even going to try.

They have a Christmas Advent/Travel event right now with special games and quests. Neat! It looks like a ton of work has gone into this site.


Over all, I think it’s totally worth it if you feel like spending some time dallying around the internet.

8.5/10, worth the play.



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Hello hunky men. I don’t even know your names yet but mmmm.

6 7 8 9 10 11

Well, the “translate to english” doesn’t seem to work for the on-screen pop ups in my browsers…BUT I CAN GUESS AT THINGS!!

It’s slow for me because they used some pretty great programming (meaning no copy/paste ugh) and I’m typing everything into google translate. So far, it’s like, “woah a forest,” “woah a huge room,” “woah a mysterious crystal…” “my fingers tremble when I reach for it.”


Here is the top o’your screen. Click your face to see your character/change appearance!


Here is the dashboard/translations.




Some neat hairstyles for purchase, too.


I’m going to assume that you get more options as you level up. This is really cool. Oh man. :D

They must have been working SO HARD! I’m excited. I’ll leave you to poke around and find other cool stuff, but this is so cool.


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