My Candy Love: Episode 1 STREAM

Remember this post from thousands of years ago? I was going to link to the post but never mind I’m too lazy. Basically, you all voted for a recorded play-through of the episodes in My Candy Love. You thought that I had forgotten. I totally didn’t, and it has resulted in this disastrous attempt to…well, to be honest, I’m actually not too sure what the heck this is. A guide? Worst guide ever. An adventure? Not the best. A review? Sure, let’s go with that… Continue reading


Game Review: Like A Fashionista


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Candy girl Kogas101 from My Candy Love sent me this game and said “hey you dumdum play this game or else!”

(It was more like ‘hey play this game it’s fun!’)

So it’s another game from Beemoov but does not include the states yet. I’m playing on the UK site. Its pretty interesting.

The premise is to be the most fashionable/pretty/popular girl in the whole world and beat all the other, ugly, not popular girls by buying pretty dresses and shi…ny jewels.

The game currency is in Fashionista Dollars (FD) and the rewards for finishing quests are in Fashionista Attitude (FA). I am still a little bit shaky on the purpose of everything, but hey, it’s my first day chill out you judgementalists.

Although it is super fun to be able to choose skin tones, multi-colorhair, and some pretty neat clothing, I don’t like the fact that you need to go to the gym.

My fashionista is 130lbs right now, and that is just fine. I’m 130lbs in real life, and at 5’7”, that is a perfectly normal weight. Would I like to lose 5lbs to fit into those size 26 jeans that I bought prematurely from XXI? Yes. Yes, I would. But I would not want to lose 10lbs because then I will look gross and my hubs will not want to cuddle with my boney bones.

And, if I can gain/lose weight, why can’t my fashionista reflect it? They don’t have different doll sizes or clothing sizes. It’s just an ambiguous number.

I don’t think ambiguous was the right word.

If I wanted my fashionista to be curvy at 150lbs, why can’t they make a body type for it? Eh?! That bit bugged me.


So we start out picking from a good amount of clothing/hair/eye/mouth options. Sweet. I’m so cool.

Then, you can go on to customize your fashionistathisissolongi’mgoingtocallthemfashiesihopethatisn’tanoffensivetermijustmadeitup by buying different makeups and hairstyles. Literally over 700 different hairstyles. AND you can customize the hair by choosing to ombre.

Here’s me after all the fabulousness happened.


That’s my druggie boyfriend, Gene, a retired tv new anchor. I can’t break up with him because apparently you can only date/break up with someone once a day. Wooo….

They have some really fun minigames. Like. So fun. The 15+ puzzle boards are my favorite. So easy.



There are also some pretty aggravating glitches. I end up closing the window and repoening a new tab so it can load properly.


You go through a short tutorial that boosts you through the first few levels. I chose to spend as little FD as possible. There’s also something called “challenges” but I don’t get them so I’m not even going to try.

They have a Christmas Advent/Travel event right now with special games and quests. Neat! It looks like a ton of work has gone into this site.


Over all, I think it’s totally worth it if you feel like spending some time dallying around the internet.

8.5/10, worth the play.

Rinmaru Games


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So there is also a watchable/playable manga type storyline, which I am SUPER STOKED about! But. They are taking years to activate my account. Mew.

In case you haven’t heard of this yet, CHECK IT OUT! Super cute, the creator of this site is a very cool 24 year old woman (read: I am also 24…5…omg I’m going to be 26 in a few months ._____. wwaaaaaat….what am I doing with my life…) and I read her blogs aaand I think we would be bffs forever but that’s just my fangirl side.

So, I checked out this site after a recommendation and WOW is it well-made! The color scheme, the layout, perfect. It’s my new favorite thing.

She has also put up some “manga creators.” SO FUN! Guess what I did.


"Did you catch last night's episode of the Walking Dead? ...BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE A WALKER HAHAHA runway."

“Did you catch last night’s episode of the Walking Dead? …BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE A WALKER HAHAHA runway.”

Geez, Castiel, we know she’s a flatty.

"OH NO a wild Lysander time to be sad and angsty. How tragic."

“OH NO a wild Lysander appears…in time to be sad and angsty. How tragic.”

I wonder what they were talking about…

"Roof concert! Looks like the star performers thug."

“Roof concert! Looks like the star performers are…so thug.”

"It's 2AM and this is hilarious."

“It’s 2AM and this is hilarious.”

Aaaand the obligatory me and hubbs. Because I can.

"If I never go to a market again in my entire life, it will be too soon..."

“If I never go to a market again in my entire life, it will be too soon…”

EDIT: Aaaand more because I can’t help myself…

"Into the vast catacombs...of MARRIAGE!!'s late man I dunno...want to just stay in and marathon the next season of House? I bet it's Lupus."

“Into the vast catacombs…of MARRIAGE!! …it’s late man I dunno…want to just stay in and marathon the next season of House? I bet it’s Lupus.”

"YOU KNOW I HATE NATURE! But I'd follow that accent anywhere..."

“YOU KNOW I HATE NATURE! But I’d follow that accent anywhere…”