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This is the Pro-Dake version of Episode 19!! 🙂 It’s just the break we needed from crabby ole Castiel!

Find a map of the mall:

"oh gawd wuut"

“oh gawd wuut”

(It’s the weekend! My parents revoked my punishment that I got because
of my detention, and I’m free to go out! I’m almost ready, I just
need to choose the shoes I’m going to wear out…)

Since you’ll be at the mall with Dake, you may as well make the best
of it and get the illustrations and sunglasses and shoes, right?!
It’s not like Castiel has made ANY ATTEMPT WHATSOEVER to make you
love him.

Since we have no idea what Episode 20 has in store, it is VERY possible that Castiel/Lysander/your favorite boy will find out about your date with Dake and be mad about it. I have idea.

"I'm a ~SLAAAAAVE fo' luv"

“I’m a ~SLAAAAAVE fo’ luv”

(Perfect! I’m ready to go.)

(I’m going to go to the big mall in the neighboring city! The bus
that stops near my house will take me there! It’ll be a great
occasion to go shopping!)

New objective:Go to the bus stop near your home.

At the bustop, we see Iris!

Iris: “Oh, hey Semma! Are you going to the beach, too?”

“No, I’m going to take a walk around the neighboring city! Are you
going swimming?”

Iris: “Yes! I’m joining Violette and Kim, do you want to come with

(Awww that sounds like fun…)

“I didn’t take my swimsuit, and I went to the beach not too long ago.
I don’t really feel like going back for now!”

Iris: “Yeah, I know, I was there too! Too bad, we’ll have to go
another time then!”

“Yeah! Say hi to Violette and Kim for me!”

Iris: “Okay, I will! Oh, hey, since you are going into town, you
could use my discount coupon!”

“You coupon?”

Iris: “I have a coupon for the mall in town. My mom got it in one of
her magazines. It’s valid in all the stores but it expires tonight,
so you should use it!”

“Oh, thank you so much!”

Iris: “Don’t mention it! Here!”

“(She gave me the coupon.) There’s my bus, I’ll see you back at
school! Have fun at the beach!”

The object Coupon has been put in your inventory.

Iris: “Have fun at the mall – see you later!”

(Get on teh bus)

(A half-hour later, I arrived at the mall. I was talking with Iris
earlier about the last time I went to the beach…Maybe I’ll see
people from school here at the mall like I did at the beach!)

New objective:Take a walk around the mall to see if you find anyone
from school.

(Aw, I didn’t see anyone from school…Oh no! I lost the coupon that
Iris gave me! I haven’t been here long, maybe it’s still on the

New objective:Find your coupon.

It’s in the Toy Store on the ground. See picture. 🙂

"This looks like Ken's room."

“This looks like Ken’s room.”

(Phew! I found it…good thing no one picked it up! So…who should I
buy something for?)

Obvs, Castiel.

**Here, there are “groupings” of guys that WILL affect the AP. If you
pick Castiel, you cannot pick Nathaniel and vice versa. If you pick
Lysander, you cannot pick Kentin or Armin. If you pick Armin, you
cannot pick Otherwise, their AP will stay the same. I think. I’m
still figuring it out. SO: Castiel OR Nathaniel. Kentin OR Lysander
OR Armin.**

My affinity with Kentin is super low, so I’ll try to raise it with
him by getting him a present. ***TURNS OUT YOU CAN’T UGH. I could have raised with LYSANDER!! (Raise his Affinity by buying a Gadget from Vingirinir)

“Yes, I’ll get something to these two boys…now for the girls! Who
should I get a gift for?”

I chose Violette, because she would so be my girlfriend in this game.

(I’ll get something for Rosalya and Alexy too!)

New objective:Buy a gift for the boys that you chose, and Alexy.

Go to Julien’s for this dialogue.

(The Julien store…maybe I can find something for Castiel here! Some
clothes or something!)

***Take a key chain for Castiel! – $15

(While I’m here, I could get something for Alexy! He loves shopping
for clothes, I could get him something too!)

***Take a T-shirt for Alexy – $30

(The toy store…They should have stuffed animals! Kentin offered me
one. I think it will make him happy!)

***Go to the toy store and take the BEAR! The rabbit is NEGATIVE. DO

Go back to the Escalator.

(Alright, now I have the boys covered, I can buy gifts for the

New objective:Buy a gift for the girl you chose.

***Go to Clara’s and buy a keychain.

(I picked out a key chain. It’s something cute that’s always useful.
I didn’t use my coupon here because I want to use it on the gift for
Rosalya. Seeing as she helped me so much when Deborah tried to turn
everyone against me, I really want to offer her something
special….It might be more expensive than the other items.)

Click out of the store.

“What could I get her…?”


“Well, how about that! Semma! What are you doing here?”

“(That voice…)”

Dake: “I didn’t expect to see you here!”

"Meet my new friends, Bee and Jay!"

“Meet my new friends, Bee and Jay!”

“Dake? What are you doing here? (And who are those girls? They look
like hookers.)”

Dake: “I came to visit my uncle. After all, I’m pretty lucky to be
able to travel from one country to another whenever I want, so I
figured I should take advantage of it! Plus, ever since the last
vacation I spent at the beach with a certain someone, I have a really
good reason to come back here.”

*****Side note – I type these things up manually. Rarely copy/paste
due to the javascript. Sometimes, when I write “Dake,” my finger
slips and I write “Dale.” He is suddenly so much less cool when I do
that. It goes from “heyyy, sexy lady…” to “did you finish your math
homework last night?! *sniff*” Just thought I would share.*****

“(He winked at me.) A good reason…? Are you talking about me…?”

Dake: “Haha, you are too cute! Of course I’m talking about you! Since
the both of us are here, why don’t we spend some time together?”

Let’s go for the illustration! Answer as I do, and we will get some
Dake Love Time action!

B. “That would be great! But you already have company…”

Dake: “No, these charming ladies are helping me find the Sunglasses
store. But now I don’t need their help anymore! Right?”

(He turned towards them)

Hookers: “Y-yes…”

(They tossed their eyeballs at me.)

Dake: “C’mon!”

(He took me by the arm, leaving the two girls in the behind.)

B. (I’m happy to spend time with him!)

New objective:Find something to do with Dake.

***Go walk around a few spaces.

Dake: “I’m dying of thirst, do you want to get a drink with me? There
must be a cafe around here somewhere! It’s my treat.”

“I walked around the mall a few times, and I just saw a “Chez Louis,”
no cafes though.”

New objective:Go in front of Chez Louis’ to get something to drink.

Dake: “That’ll do, as long as we can sit and drink!”

****Go to the lounging area.

Dake: “I’m going to get our drinks! It’s my treat!”


(I sat down on one of the chairs while waiting for Dake to come

Dake: “Here! I got a soft drink!”

“Perfect, thanks! (He sat down next to me.)”

Dake: “So, what did you come here for? It’s pretty far from your
school I think!”

“I came to do some shopping.. I wanted to get some gifts for my

Dake: “That’s nice of you! What did you get them?”

(I opened my bag to show Dake what I had bought.)

Dake: “All that? They are lucky!”

“Thanks! I just need one more thing for my friend Rosalya, but I
don’t know what to get her…She has done so much for me, so I would
like to find her something special! Something fun!”

Dake: “We can think together to find something if you want? We’ll
find something I’m sure!”


(We finished our drinks before getting up.)

New objective:Try to find the store Dake was talking about earlier.

***He was talking about a sunglass hut. Go to the Julien’s screen.
The dialogue will pop up automatically.

Dake: “Oh, the store I was looking for is here!”

“What are you talking about?”

Dake: “The glasses store!”

“You hadn’t seen it yet?”

Dake: “I was concentrating on something else.”

“(He winked at me again. He may have a spasm.) Do you want to go?”

Dake: “Yeah, I’d like to get some new name brand glasses. It would be
cool to have an accessory from abroad!”

“As you like!”

***Go into the sunglasses store.

This make him look like a miniature statue..

(Oh man, these glasses are way too expensive…)

Dake: “Look at these. Aren’t they nice?”

“(He showed me a pair of black sunglasses. The only thing that was
out of the ordinary was the price tag.) Y-yeah…”

Dake: “You don’t seem convinced…”

“Well…they are pretty normal…”

Dake: “That’s because you aren’t looking closely. Look on the side,
you can see the brand.”

(They are that expensive all because of that little thing?!)

Dake: “I like them a lot, I’m going to get them! They would suit you
well too! Do you want to buy a pair too?”

A. “Whaaaat free things for a hot boy?! Yes, please! Oh, okay! Why

***Pick your sunglasses 🙂


Dake: “You look so classy like that!”

“Really? They are the same color as my hair Thanks! (They are pretty

Dake: “I’m going to go get mine… Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

Dake: “I forgot my wallet at the place where we got drinks.”

“Ha ha! I lost something today, too.”

Dake: “Wait for me, okay? I’m going to go get it.”

B. “No, I’ll come with you!”

****Go to the lounge area.

(Dake went to ask the salesperson if they had found his wallet, and
then he came back to see me.)

Dake: “It’s good, I’ve got it!”

“One of my classmates wouldn’t have remembered even the country where
he left his wallet…”

Dake: “Oh yeah? Is he forgetful?”

“You can’t even imagine! He always loses things.”

New objective:Go back to the glasses store.

Dake: “Come on, I’m going to go buy some awesome sunglasses!”

****Go back to the sunglass hut.

(Dake took the glasses from the stand and went to pay for them.)

Dake: “What do you think?! I’m going to make some people jealous with


“Me too! (I took off my glasses to look at them again…)”

Dake: “I bet my glasses would even look good on you!”

(He took me by the shoulder to get closer. He put his glasses on my
nose. His face was a couple inches away from mine.)

Dake: “They look better on you!”


Dake: “Oh, wait for me, I think I see one of my friends over there.”

“You don’t want me to come with you?”

Dake: “I don’t wan’t anyone else to set their sights on you. I want
to keep you to myself!”


(Dake had barely walked into the store when I felt someone grab my


“Well, how about that?! Semma! Oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve
seen you!”

“Lucy! (She’s a former classmate. She went to the same high school as
Kentin and I.)”

Lucy: “This is crazy! You look so great! Much more confident! I
almost didn’t recognize you!”

"I fell head first into some sprinkles, NBD"

“I fell head first into some sprinkles, NBD”

“Ha ha, you think so?”

Lucy: “Yeah! You look less timid! Surely because that four eyed geek
stopped bothering you! You poor thing… The number of times I felt
sorry for you… He was so embarrassing!”

“Are you talking about Kentin? You know, he followed me to my new

Lucy: “Oh man, no way! You poor thing! I thought his dad had sent him
to military school…”

“He did, but afterwards. By the say, he is so different now! You
would be so surprised.”

Lucy: “It would take quite a bit for me to be surprised. Like 8
inches, six pack abs, no more horrible glasses and a haircut!”

(That is exactly what happened…) <- why didn’t she say that. She
just slammed Kentin, and the one good things she has to say, she
keeps in her head. :/

Lucy: “So? So? Your new school? Are there cute guys?”

“Y-yeah…(Oh man, when Lucy starts talking about something, it’s not
a good sign…)”

Lucy: “Ohhhh man! How lucky are you?! I haven’t had a boyfriend for
ages… The guys at our school are so lame!”

“But…weren’t you with Mael?”

Lucy: “Huh? Yeah, but in the end he was less cute without his
piercing… Jeremy too.”


Lucy: “Yeah, don’t you remember? The tall brown haired boy who was
behind us in math. I went out with him after Julien! Let’s see…
Then there was Theo, Kevin, Daniel and Mehdi… But they didn’t last
long… And now, well, I’ve been single for a whole week!”

“And you call that ages…”

Lucy: “Well yeah! I’ve never been single this long!”

(That’s the problem with Lucy…she is so nice, but she falls in love
with a new guy every 5 minutes…)

Lucy: “This isn’t the best place to talk… Come with me, we can go
take a walk outside!”

“Oh, I can’t! I’m with someone right now…”

Lucy: “Did you come with your new friends?”

“Not exactly…”

SUDDENLY!DAKE: “I’m sorry to make you wait Semma! I hadn’t seen my
friend in a long time. I had forgotten how much he talks…Oh, hello

“(He saw Lucy.) Dake, this is Lucy! She is a friend from my old

Dake: “It’s nice to meet you!”

Lucy: “…”

(Uh oh…)

Lucy: “It’s nice to meet you too!”

(Here we go…she jumped into his arms.)

Lucy: “What’s your name, where do you come from? Tell me what high
school you go to so I can register right away!”

(Oh, that’s funny…Dake said the exact same thing to me…)

Dake: “Whoa there! Calm down. I’m from Australia. I’m here for a

Lucy: “That’s okay. Lots can happen in a week!”

******I want the extra shoes. They are hideous, but whaaatever,

B. (Oh no…I don’t want Lucy to steal Dake from me. I need to make
her understand that he means something to me!)

New objective:Try to prevent Lucy from stealing Dake from you.

*****Click a few places until a new dialogue pops up.

(I don’t want ot fight with Lucy…and since she falls in love quite
often, I’m sure she will find another guy as cute as Dake to set her
sights on!)

***Head to Clara’s.

(There is a guy that could interest Lucy in front of the accessories
TOWN her type…I have to bring Lucy to see him!)

Lestat?! Oh, no.

Lestat?! Oh, no.

***Click a thousand times.

“(Lucy was literally glued to Dake) Psst, Lucy! Come here!”

Lucy: “What’s going on?”

“I need to show you someone. You’ll see, I’m sure you’ll like him! (I
caught her by the arm to bring her with me….which seemed to amuse

***Go to in front of microgames up the stairs to the left.

Lucy: “Why did you bring me here…I was doing well with uh…Dake.”

“Because I found someone much better than him! Look!”

Lucy: “Better than Dake, ha ha, I wonder…”

(She finally saw the full grown man boy.)

Lucy: “Whooooa..”


Lucy: “I have to go talk to him! Come with me! We’ll have a better
chance together!”

“W-wait, no, I would prefer…(She gabbed my arm! And we were
suddenly in front of the blood sucker boy.)”

Lucy: “Hello! I’m Lucy! What are you doing here?”

Dracula: “Uh… I came to go shopping with my…”

Lucy: “What a coincidence! We are shopping too!”

(Yeah, what a coincidence…Shopping…in a mall…)

Lucy: “Do you want to come with us? It would be a shame to stay

Alucard: “But I’m not alone…”

(Lucy got closer to him with a big smile…)

Nosfaratu: “Are you even listening to me?”

“Yes, yes. (But I don’t think that Lucy understood what he was trying
to tell us.)”

Uta: “Excuse me, but my girlfriend is waiting over there…(He
pointed to Clara store.)”

Lucy: “”Girlfriend”…?”

(She turned towards me while the boy joined his girlfriend quickly.)

Lucy: “Oh, no! He is already with someone…”

“Alright, there is no choice…let’s go back to Dake.”

Lucy: “I can’t…”


Lucy: “I can’t go back to Dake, I have to recompose myself after that

“What break up?”

Lucy: “The one with that guy! I just got dumped, it’s hard to handle,
I’m not ready for a new relationship yet…”

“Lucy…you barely talked to him…”

Lucy: “Love is born with a single glance…”

(She is so weird sometimes…I mean, I guess it’s for the better. Now
she will leave Dake alone!)

***Click back.

Dake: “Oh, where were you? I was looking for you.”

“We were next to Clara’s. We met someone and…”

Lucy: “Oh, were you worried about me Dake? That’s so nice!”

(She changed her mind quickly…She put his arm around her shoulder.)

“Lucy, leave him alone! (I grabbed her so she would let him go.)”

Dake: “Hey, don’t fight over me!”

“We weren’t fighting!”

Lucy: “…”

(Shoot, I got a little carried away..)

Lucy: “Oh, I think I understand! I’ll leave the two of you alone.
Semma we can meet up later! I’ll come see you sometime!”

“W-Wait! (She left.) What did she understand?”

Dake: “Ha ha, are you kidding? It’s pretty clear. She understood that
you like me.”

“I-I’m going to go talk to her…”

Dake: “So, you don’t deny it?”

(I left before he could continue the conversation.***CLIcK TO ANOTHER
SCREEN. Lucy is talking with two boys.)

Lucy: “Oh Semma! You aren’t with Dake?”

“You left so quickly, I wanted to make sure you are okay.”

Lucy: “Well of course! I’m just surprised! You should have told me
you liked Dake! I wouldn’t have tried to go out with him!”

“I didn’t want to make you sad.”

Lucy: “Make me sad? Ha ha, that’s impossible!”

“But it’s always difficult to talk about cute guys with you…”

Lucy: “Don’t worry, I get over deception quite quickly!”

(I can see that.)

Lucy: “I was serious before, though. I’ll come visit you sometime. I
really miss you! School just isn’t the same without you. I even miss
Ken! I can’t wait to see him so I can bother him again!”

“Ha ha, I can’t wait to see that!”

Lucy: “Well, stop putting things off with Dake, okay?! Just get
together already!”

“I’m not as comfortable as you are with that kind of thing…”

Lucy: “You are hopeless! You are too timid… You have to take the
upper hand of the situation! I thought you were more confident, but
in the end, it was just an impression.”

“What does that mean?”

Lucy: “There were boys that you liked, and as soon as they tried to
make you understand that they liked you, you pretended to not
understand the message… When a boy blushes because you smile at
him, it’s because he likes you! No need to tilt your head and ask why
he is all red!”

“I never did that!”

Lucy: “…”

“Well, it’s true that sometimes I don’t know why they are blushing,
but…I’ve got to go. Dake is waiting for me. It was nice to see you,

Lucy: “Me too! Have fun! You can tell me about it later, okay?”

(In any case, I’ve decided that the next time a boy blushed when I
talk to him, I’m going to ask him if he likes me! If I can build up
the courage…)

***I clicked a screen.

(Dake is here.)

Dake: “Girls and their stories, it’s quite something…”

“Sorry to have left you here before…”

Dake: “It’s alright! Is your friend alright?”

“Yeah, she just wanted to leave us alone.”

Dake: “That’s nice of her.”

(He took me by the shoulder.)

Dake: “So, what do you want to do now? I’ve got my glasses, we had a

“I need to get Rosalya a gift!”

Dake: “Another one of your friends?”


New objective:Find a new store to buy a gift for Rosalya.

Dake: “There are still some other shops around. If you want, we could
walk around the mall again!”

“Good idea! And if I don’t find anything, It’ll be okay, I’ll just
explain to her…ouch!”

Dake: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s my shoes…they are hurting my feet. I’ve walked around too

Dake: “Stay here, I’ll go get you some other shoes.”

“W-Wait! (But he left too quickly.)”

He came back with fugly shoes that don’t match my outfit.

Dake: “I found some shoes that are almost as cute as you!”

Is like crocs.

Is like crocs.

“They are great! Thank you so much!”

***Click to the escalator screen.

“There’s a lingerie store over there! I could buy some for Rosalya!”

New objective:Go to the lingerie store.

Dake: “Do girls offer those kind of gifts to each other?”

“Not at all…it’s a special joke between the two of us. Will you
wait for me here?”

Dake: “Do you want me to come with you?”

“No! You won’t come with me to pick out lingerie!”

Dake: “They sell bathing suits there too, and I’m sure that the
bathing suit you wore at the beach was a hundred times sexier than
anything you’ll find in that store!”

“Wait for me here, that’s it!”

Dake: “As you like!”

*****GO to the lingerie store.

(I’m going to get her this set, it’s cute. And if it isn’t her size
she can always bring it back and exchange it with the receipt. I
could also buy something for myself! I’m going to try on this red
set, it’s pretty!)

VOICE: “Can I help you, miss?”

“No, it’s okay. Thank you!”

(I closed the cutrain and bought the lingerie for $38)

VOICE: “Miss? Your boyfriend is looking for you.”

“‘Boyfriend?’ What boyfriend?”

ANOTHER VOICE: “Oh, you’re here!”

(That’s Dake’s voice. Did he come in the store?!)

Dake: “Is that nice ensemble for me?”




Dake: “Hey! Stop screaming like that! Some one is going to think you
are being assaulted!”

“Go away you creep!”


(I threw my hand up towards his face and then pushed him out of the
dressing room.)

Dake: “Well…you have quite a punch!”

“Don’t EVER do that again!”

Dake: “Okay, okay, I’ll wait until it’s just the two of us next

still a sexy beast...

still a sexy beast…

“There won’t be a next time!”

Dake: “So why are you buying that for yourself?”

“Well, certainly not for you!”

(All the clients in the store were looking at us with their eyes wide
open. We quickly left the store after I paid using the coupon I had.)


(I continued to be angry at Dake for a while, but it’s hard to stay
angry with him for long. We stayed together for a moment until it was
time for me to go home. I took the bus.)

New objective:Go back to your room.

*click to your apartment.

These are the gifts you bought.


(That was quite a day! I had a hard time falling asleep. I was so
excited to offer my gifts the next day at school.)

New objective:Offer your gifts to everyone and wait until classes

***Walk around the school a bit!

Armin and Alexy

“Hey guys! So how was your weekend?”

Alexy: “Great! We should have long weekends like that every week!”

Armin: “Yeah it was great! Did you manage to get some rest?”

“No, I went into town! By the way, I bought you something, Alexy!”

Alexy: “Oh really? You thought of me? That’s so nice!”

“Ha ha, don’t mention it! Here!

Alexy: “Wow! It’s great!”!

“You like it?”

Alexy: “Oh totally! It’s great! I love the colors!”

“I thought you would!”

Alexy: “Thanks! You are so amazing!”

“(He took me in his arms, he had a big smile on his face.) I’m

Armin: “…”

“You alright, Armin?”

Armin: “Well… I’m a bit jealous. You thought of my brother but not
me, even though it’s hard to imagine one of us without the other.”

“I couldn’t get gifts for everyone, I’m sorry…”

Armin: “Well… I’m a bit jealous. You thought of my brother but not
me, even though it’s hard to imagine one of us without the other.”

(He still seems disappointed.)

Alexy: “The next time that I go shopping I’ll get you something too!”

“You don’t have to! I didn’t get you something to get something in

Something something laser tag? Whaaat.

Iris and Melody

“Hey girls! Did you have a good weekend?”

Melody: “Yeah, I got to study!”

“Do we have a test today?!”

Melody: “No, but studying a bit more never hurts!”

“Man, you scared me!”

Irirs: “Even when I study I have a hard time getting good grades…”

“Hey Melody, you are often in the student council room. Do you know
what the principal wants to tell us?”

Melody: “Yeah, she wants to talk to us about what they’ve been
preparing for a while now.”

“And do you know what it is?”

Melody: “I don’t think even Nathaniel knows…”


Castiel and Nathaniel

Castiel: “Why should it matter to me? I don’t want to go, so I won’t

“Uh, hey guys…”

Nathaniel: “Hey Semma!”

“What’s up?”

Nathaniel: “Nothing really! Castiel is just going to be suspended
from school!”

(You could at least pretend to worry…)

Castiel: “I’m not going to get suspended because I’m not going to
listen to what that old lady has to say.”

“Why don’t you want to go?”

Castiel: “Because I don’t care about what the school is preparing! I won’t participate in any case!”

“But why? You might like what they have planned!”

Castiel: “The last time I did something with the school, my ex showed up! What’s next, my parents?”

“No, I don’t think so…but good point.”

Nathaniel: “Let him go! We won’t have to put up with him anymore!

(Both of them are quite annoying…)

“(I took Castiel by the arm.) Come on, I have something for you.”

Castiel: “Uh, I’m not finished talking to him!”

“What did you want to tell him? In any case, he didn’t want to try and change your mind.”

Castiel: “I had some pretty good insults prepared…”

“You are horrible!”

Castiel: “What do you want?”

“I brought you a gift. (I gave him the keychain.)”

Castiel: “Pfff…”

“What’s making you laugh? You don’t like it?”

Castiel: “Yes, yes, of course. I just think it’s funny that you are offering me something with a skull on it. I thought that girls offered silly stuff, like cat key chains or stupid things like that.”

“Well…your old t-shirt had one…”

Castiel: “You are right on the money! Thanks!”

“(He tousled my hair.) Hey stop that!”

(Whoah! He was so mad five minutes ago…the change is radial! I’m happy to have gotten him that!)

Violette and Kim

Blah blah blah keychain.

Kentin and Lysander

“Oh, what are you guys up to?”

Kentin: “I’m trying to guess what the principal wants to talk to us about!”


Kentin: “I’m not really good at guessing games.”

“Shoot! Well, we don’t have much longer to wait to find out!”

Lysander: “True!”

“Actually, I got something for you, Kentin!”

Kentin: “Oh, it’s so cute!”

“Ha, you like it? Since you offered me one before you left, I thought you would like one, too!”

Kentin: “This is really cute! I’m going to put it in my locker. If I keep it with me people might make fun of me…”

**♪ DING DANG DONG ♪ All students must report to Classroom B!**

(Okay it’s time! I’ll give Rosalya her gift after.)

New objective:Go to Classroom B.

Principal: “Alright, let’s get started! As you know, the orienteering race was to make money for a project that necessitates a bit more money. This is why you organized the concert! Now that it is all ready, I can present you the project: The high school is going to have an Open House! At the end of the day, the class will have to present a play, to offer some entertainment to our visitors! We wanted to let you choose the play you want to act out, as well as the choice in the costumes! And of course, the best part of the day: your parents are invited! A letter has already been sent! Yes! And I can tell them all about what you do, ha ha! Like the story about the rabbits!”