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This episode is adorable :3 Not much commentary from me, aside from the occasional snark. Not much to go on here :/

(It has been a week since Deborah has left, and things are getting back to normal.)

(Actually, everything would be almost like before if Castiel would decide to come back to school. No one has seen him, no one knows when he is coming back, and Lysander refuses to talk about the whole thing.)

(But, he doesn’t seem as worried as when Deborah came back, so I’m not too worried.)

Alexy: “Uh, Semma, are you listening?”

“Sorry, I was thinking about something else. What did you say?”

Alexy: “Peggy seems weird lately. She doesn’t ask anyone any more questions, she doesn’t even talk in class…”

“It’s not such a bad thing, if you want my opinion!”

Alexy: “Semma.”

“What?! It’s true…I read the article she wrote about me and the recording Deborah stole, and she wasn’t very nice even though she didn’t even know the truth!”

Alexy: “Maybe that’s what is bothering her?”

“Peggy? We must not be talking about the same person…Nothing bothers her.”

Alexy: “Well…Castiel came to apologize to you, anyone can change!”

“You want me to go talk to her, is that it?”

Alexy: “Please! I don’t like to see the others sad and I can’t do anything. I’m not the one involved…”

(He held his hands together and gave a little smile.)


“If she really felt bad because of me, she would have come with the other girls to apologize. I don’t see what more I can do.”

Alexy: “Tell her that you aren’t mad at her!”

“Alright…but it’s just to make you happy.”

Alexy: “Really? You are great, you know that, right?”

“If I had said no, I’m sure I would be less ‘great!'”

Alexy: “You would have said yes in the end anyhow!”

“You seem quite sure of yourself!”

Alexy: “I would have insisted until you accepted. You wouldn’t have been able to resist my charm!”

(Good thing I said yes right away then…)

(Alright! I’m going to see Peggy, even if I don’t know what to say to her…)

New objective:Talk to Peggy about her last article. I walked around to all of the
places and met people. Here’s the talkity talks.

“Oh, Armin! Are you sick?”

Armin: “Huh?? No, why?”

“You are in the Gardening club..outside!” Really. The garden is not made of people.

Armin: “Yeah, well…sometimes I go out to get some fresh air!”

“It’s still surprising…”

Armin: “Ugh, fine… I was upstairs and the principal kicked me out. So, I had to leave.”

“You’re hopeless.”

Armin: “I don’t like being outside…not at school anyhow. It’s not my fault.”

“Why not at school?”

Armin: “Inside, there are chairs everywhere, it’s calm. Outside, there are just a couple of benches that are never available, and the birds are always chirping!”

“But birds are cute…”

Armin: “I don’t like them…I like crows, though. They are classy.”

“You think so?”

Armin: “Yeah, of course! They are dark and make superstitious people uncomfortable. Plus, when they caw, they at least make a real noise!”

C: “Yeah, it’s true that their black feathers are very beautiful.”

Armin: “You think so, too?”

“Yeah! I like them a lot!”

Armin: “The more I talk to you, the more I like you!”

(He gave me a little pat on the shoulder.)


“Still no news from Castiel?”

Lysander: “I never said I hadn’t heard from him. He’s fine, that’s all there is to know.”

“Why hasn’t he come back to school then?”

Lysander: “Because he needs some time to himself.”

“But he is skipping class! He is going to get into trouble!”

Lysander: “Have you already tried to explain something to Castiel when he’s already decided that he is right?”

“Uh…yeah, when Deborah was still here.”

Lysander: “And how did that end up?”


Lysander: “So, you should understand why I’m not insisting with him.”

(So, he has a bad temper even with his best friend…)


Iris: “Another day without Castiel… I hope he’s alright!”

“Lysander says he’s fine, we can believe him…he should come back soon, or he’s going to have some problems.”

Iris: “Yeah… The principal isn’t the type of person to let that slide.”

“I’m sure things will be fine for him!”


Rosalya: “So, are you ready for our little spree in town?”

“What spree?”

Rosalya: “Well, we need to get you some new clothes! Especially underwear. Remember?”

“You really want to go shopping with me?”

Rosalya: “Of course! I was serious before! We need to do something! You want to catch a guy’s attention, right?”


Rosalya: “Of course! I was serious before! We need to do something! You want to catch a guy’s attention, right?”

“Okay…but we’ll see about that later, alright? I mean…I can’t today.”

Rosalya: “As you like! But you won’t get out of it!”


Ah finally found Peggeehhh….

“Hey Peggy. (I don’t know what else to say to her.)”

Peggy: “Hi.”

“(It sounds like she doesn’t know what to say either…) Are you alright? You haven’t said much for the past week.”

Peggy: “I have nothing to say. That’s all.”

“Is it ecause you were wrong about Deborah? Is that what is bothering you?”

Peggy: “What…Did you come to talk to me about that?”

“Why shouldn’t I? Am I right?”

Peggy: “No, it doesn’t bother me at all. It stuff like that bothered me, I wouldn’t have chosen this line of work.”

“So what’s wrong then?”

Peggy: “The article that I wrote that was based on your recording… It was false.”

“Of course it was. But I didn’t think it would bother you. You always say that as long as story is entertaining, it doesn’t matter if the information true or not.”

Peggy: “But everyone knows that it’s false! And as you so “nicely” pointed out to me, she hurt someone! Now people think that I was her accomplice!”

“That’s what we call remorse!”

Peggy: “Whatever.”

(And I’m sure that I’m right!)


(But she smiled.)

Peggy: “It’s nice of you to have wondered what was wrong.”

“Oh, well…it’s nothing. (It’s Alexy that made me do it…)”

(She left. I was expecting an apology, but she must think that she didn’t do anything wrong…or she refuses to admit it.)

New objective:Walk around again to unlock a new dialogue.

I walked one screen and the next dialogue started. What luck! Woohoo!

(Alexy was right. It wasn’t that bad talking to Peggy.)

Nathaniel: “Excuse me but…have you had any news from Castiel?”

I am not his girlfriend, as so obviously shown last week when you all tried to MURDER ME I didn’t expect you to ask me that.”

Nathaniel: “It’s just that… The teachers’ discussion about him is starting to get a little heated… He hasn’t given an excuse for his absence; and without a valid excuse it’s considered skipping class.”

“Lysander already tried to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to listen.”

Nathaniel: “Um, well… He’d better change his mind, and soon… Because if he skips one more day, he will be kicked out of school.”

“I doubt he would care Shoot…maybe I should tell Lysander so that he can let
Castiel know since I am not his girlfriend and don’t have his cell number.”

Nathaniel: “I saw him leaving the school. So that won’t be today.”

“I could just go to his house since everything in our valley is within walking distance Ugh…I hope that he will come back tomorrow on his own then.”

(If only I knew where he live…I could go see him).

New objective:Go to the courtyard to go home.

On my way to the courtyard, I ran into Melody.

Melody: “Nathaniel was looking for you. Did you see him?”

“Yes, just now.”

Melody: “I hope that Castiel will come back soon. The principal was really angry. She wanted to call his parents.”

“But Castiel lives alone. She’d have a hard time reaching them.”

Melody: “I know, and so does she. That’s what angered her the most.
Unfortunately, his parents have a job that make them travel. If she really wants to talk to them, I’m sure she’ll find a way.”

“Yeah…I don’t think that Castiel has anything to worry about with his parents…Getting kicked out of school would be much worse.”

Melody: “If the principal called my parents, they would be furious.”

(Mine too…my parents would actually make up an excuse for me and be like, hey girl, stop that. And I’d be like, ugh, okay fine…).

Go to the courtyard to activate new wordsssss.

(I left the school early today…I could go take a walk around town before going home!)

New objective:Go to the park or the café before going home.

So take a right towards the city and you’ll run into Armin.

Armin: “Hey Semma! You still haven’t gone home?”

“No, I wanted to take a walk around town.”

Armin: “Yeah, me too. I mean, I’ve been outside long enough, I’m going home.”

***Because my affinity with Armin is DANGEROUSLY close to passing up Lysander’s, I’m going to skip the “date” with Armin. There is no illustration, soooo…..If you want the mini date with Armin, choose A: “You don’t want to hang out with me a little longer”***

“See you tomorrow!”

Armin: “That must have been the shortest conversation we’ve ever had together!”

“Sorry, but seeing as you are going home I won’t bother you any longer!”

Armin: “I’m kidding! See you tomorrow!”

“Yeah, see you!”

New objective:Go home. I cut through the park because it’s quicker.


Castiel: “What are you doing here?”

“I live here…”

Castiel: “…And why are you looking at me like that?”

B: “I wasn’t expecting to see you with new clothes, that’s all…”

Castiel: “Well, someone told me that my clothes didn’t look very good… And that person was right.”

“You should listen to that person more often!”



Castiel: “I don’t think so. That was the first time I had heard them say something sensible.”

“In any case, I’m reassured.”

Castiel: “About what?”

“I thought, since you haven’t come to school in over a week, that you weren’t doing well.”

Castiel: “Do I look like I have a problem?”

“No, but after what happened with Deborah…”

Castiel: “Did you think I was going to go cry in a corner? Do you really think I’m like that?”

“You deserted school – you have to admit that this did cause some confusion.”

Castiel: “I needed to be alone, that’s all. And frankly… I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh…okay. Well, on the other hand if you don’t come back to school tomorrow, you might have some serious problems since you didn’t give reason for your absence.”

Castiel: “I was going to come back tomorrow anyway. And problems, I had them the moment I decided to stay home.”

“I hope everything will be okay for you tomorrow.”

Castiel: “We’ll see.”

(He left.)

Click to go into your room.

(Tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll take a short cut seeing as I’ll have to go into town with
Rosalya. That way we can go get some new clothes…I wonder what she will say about Castiel’s new look – I can’t miss that!)

New objective:Go see Rosalya and Castiel.

Lysander: “See, Castiel came back today. Are you reassured now?”

“Yes! It’s a good thing too. The principal wanted to suspend him.”

Lysander: “He is always lucky.”

“Except with girls…”

Lysander: “I still think that he was lucky here. He found someone who was quite disreputable who left on her own, then when she came back a little group managed to open his eyes.”

“If you look at it that way, then sure…”

Lysander: “That’s how you should see the world. It’s much more beautiful when we focus on the good parts!”

(Close the discussion.)

Alexy: “Peggy seems to be better! You see, I told you that you just needed to talk to her.”

“You didn’t ‘tell’ me anything, you forced me to do it!”

Alexy: “No way… I suggested it nicely and just gave really good arguments!”

“‘Please’ is an argument?”

Alexy: “If you use it at the right time and with the right intonation it’s actually a
quite powerful weapon! Only Armin can resist, but that’s because he’s used to it.”


“Hey Kentin! Have you seen Castiel or Rosalya?”

Kentin: “Castiel? Why are you looking for him?”

“I asked if you had seen Rosalya too…”

Kentin: “She was in a classroom, but I don’t know which one.”


Rude! Candy…maybe you should ask how someone is doing before you pump them for information…

Walked back and forth between classrooms and I ran into raver girl.

Kim: “I like Castiel’s new clothes, what about you?”

“Yes, they couldn’t be worse than his horrible brown jacket.”

Kim: “Yeah, totally… Plus, he wore it when he was with Bratz.”


Kim: “Yeah, don’t you think that Deborah looks like a Bratz doll?”


Randomly in the hallway…

Kentin: “Leave me alone about that…”

Alexy: “Ha ha, it’s still not my fault if it’s true!”



“What’s going on pansies?”

Alexy: “Ken was going to go into the classroom, but when he saw Castiel and
Rosalya he did a complete 180 in the other direction!”

Kentin: “I forgot something in my locker!”

Alexy: “Why didn’t you go get it then?”

Kentin: “Because you made fun of me!”

Alexy: “C’mon Ken, there’s no shame in being scared of a classmate!”

Kentin: “Stop calling me Ken!”

(I-I think I should leave them alone...they’re having a “moment…”)

Go to classroom B.

Rosalya: “Well, it took you a while to figure out that that jacket didn’t suit you at all!”

Castiel: “I don’t care about your comments…”

Rosalya: “I’m sure that Semma shares my opinion!”

“Whoa, don’t bring me into this conversation, I’m just listening!”

Castiel: “She didn’t wait for you to give me her opinion.”

“Plus, I already talked to him yesterday.”

SURPRISE!PEGGY!!: “Yesterday?”

(Whoa! What is she doing here?)

Peggy: “You were together yesterday? But Castiel wasn’t here, so you met outside of school?”

“(I’m so glad to see that you are doing better, Peggy…) I don’t want to talk to you about it.”

Castiel: “I prefer talking about that rather than my clothes!”

(I moved towards him to step on his foot, but seeing his mood it wasn’t a very good idea…)

Castiel: “Is there a problem?”

“No, no, not at all.”

Peggy: “I don’t care, I know how to get information people refuse to give me.”

Castiel: “I’m not so sure about that.”

Peggy:” What makes you say that?”

Castiel: “I still haven’t read anything in your paper about what the teachers are preparing for us…”

Peggy: “It’s just a question of time!”

She left all angry-like.

“You read Peggy’s paper?”

Castiel: “No. But if she had that type of information she would have used the
principal’s loudspeaker to tell everyone.”

New objective:Leave the room.

“Ouch! (I bumped someone as I was leaving.)”

Nathaniel: “Excuse me, I didn’t see you!”

“It’s okay…Ouch! (Someone left the room and bumped me again.)”

Castiel: “What are you doing behind the door?”

(Don’t apologize or anything…)

Nathaniel: “Ah… I was looking for you Castiel.”

Castiel: “What do you want?”

Nathaniel: “The principal wants to see you, about your absences… I suppose.”

Castiel: “Pff… Can’t people just leave me alone about this whole thing?”

(He pretended to leave, then he changed his mind.)

Castiel: “Are you going to stand in front of this door much longer?”

“No, I’m going to move…”

Castiel: “Uh, well, move now!”

(He took me with him by the arm.)

We ended up outside.

“Hey! What are you doing!”

Castiel: “Don’t stay alone with that jerk, that’s all.”

“I can stay with who I want I’ll have you know!”

Castiel: “Yeah, except that jerk.”

(He left towards the teacher’s lounge. What’s going on with him all of a sudden? I went back to see Nathaniel just to be contradictory. YOU DOWN OWWWWWN MEH!)

Nathaniel: “*sigh* I’m getting tired of him…”

“I thought you would have made up by now…”

Nathaniel: “Why would that be the case?”

“Now that he knows about Deborah, I thought that…”

Nathaniel: “He knows what Deborah talked about in the teachers’ lounge. But she didn’t talk about me…”

“And you don’t want to clear things up with Castiel?”

Nathaniel: “What for?”

“So that he won’t hate you?”

Nathaniel: “Did you see Castiel?”

“Of course I did, don’t change the subject.”

Nathaniel: “I’m not, look at him closer and you’ll see that he has moved on. What does it matter to pass off as a victim? He hates me, I still hate him, it doesn’t matter the reason, that’s how it is.”

“Well, it’s a shame.”

Nathaniel: “It’s nice to have someone to hate! It helps you to appreciate everyone else more!”


(I thought they would make up…but i guess that a Sweet Amoris without a
Nathaniel and a Castiel that hate each other is impossible.)

(Speaking of Castiel, I hope that his visit with the principal went well.)

New objective:Ask Castiel what the principal told him.

Rosalya: “It wasn’t very nice to leave like that earlier!”

“But…we were finished talking…”

Rosalya: “No, we hadn’t even started! You promised to let me take care of your clothes! Remember?”

“Oh, right….can we go later?”

Rosalya: “Yes! I’ll wait in front of the school. That way I’ll be sure not to miss you!”


Keeeep walking.

“So, how did it go?”

Castiel: “It’s not possible to get into other people’s business this much…”

“You aren’t suspended then?”

Castiel: “No… She just said that it’s in my records and that she promised to tell my parents at the next teacher-parent meeting. I also have a detention, but I don’t know if I’m going to go.”

B: “Admit that you went looking for trouble this time…”

Castiel: “I didn’t say the opposite, but I still don’t know if I’ll go.”

“You are incorrigible…”

Castiel: “If you had more convincing ‘arguments’, I’d be a little easier to influence…”

“Arguments? I’m warning you, if you talk to my chest one more time…”

Suddenly!Violette: “…”

“Ah…uh….No, Violette, it’s not what you think! It’s Castiel!”

Castiel: “I was talking about arguments, not something else… You really have your head in the toilet!”

(Oh! Castiel, I could just…At least there weren’t too many problems! Rosalya told me that she would wait for me in front of the school to go shopping, I shouldn’t make her wait any longer.)

New objective:Go to the courtyard to join Rosalya.

Rosalya: “So, ready to go?”


Rosalya: “Let’s go then! You’ll see, you are going to be irresistible!”

New objective:Go to the Clothes Shop in the game with Rosalya. You have to go the long way. Boo.

Rosalya: “So, what style should we go for?”

“I don’t know…we could try some things on?”

Rosalya: “Okay, let’s do that then!”

(As we went through the aisles, Rosalya threw clothing item after clothing item in my arms.)

Rosalya: “But before we do anything else, you have got to try on this lingerie!”

“W-what? You really want me to buy some?”

Rosalya: “Yes! Look at this set! It’s so cute!”

(See the outfit)

"Uhm...sexy...? Yughck."

“Uhm…sexy…? Yughck.”

Rosalya: “Perfect! A chocolate colored lingerie, nothing is better!”

(It’s good to know that my friends are concerned about my lingerie…)

Rosalya: “Clothes now! We aren’t going to spend all your money, so, we should just choose the essentials!”

“Okay! What should we take?”

Rosalya: “It’s up to you to tell me! Try to see what outfit you think will please the boy you like the most!”

DUUUUH B: I would like to please Castiel…”

Rosalya: “Ha ha, really? I think that these two outfits will please him… It’s up to you!”

She lies! Check your ‘Dates’ page! See who is the highest affinity and choose the corresponding outfit. I don’t want to get hate mail blaming me for missed dates. Nerds.

"Is gross. Is just. Gross."

“Is gross. Is just. Gross.”

Rosalya: “You’re right, that one suits you the best!”

“Thanks! I hope that he will like it, too!”

Rosalya: “You’ll wear them tomorrow, right?”

“Of course!”

Rosalya: “Ha, I can’t wait to see the boys reactions! See you tomorrow! We’ll have
to do this again sometime!”

“When my wallet can do it again, definitely!”

New objective:Go home.

I went home to change.

(And as always, I went to school the next day after putting on the new clothes I
got with Rosalya the day before.)

New objective: Unlock dialogue with Kentin, Armin, Lysander, Nathaniel, Castiel.

Armin: “…”

“What’s going on?”

Armin: “Nothing…It’s just that that outfit looks good on you. I’ve never seen you wear it!”

“It’s new, that’s why!”

Armin: “You’re cute like that!”

***because I want Lysander to be higher than Armin, I’m gonna shoot him out of
the skyyyy****

“Shoot, it wasn’t you that I wanted to please…”

Armin: “What did you say? You didn’t speak loud enough, I couldn’t hear you…”



Castiel: “…”

“What’s up?”

Castiel: “Your clothes actually don’t look too bad today. You look less like a little girl.”

“That…Wha…Little girl?!?”

Castiel: “It was a compliment!”

“Well, go learn some better ones! I don’t dress like a little girl!”

Castiel: “In any case, you sure react like one!”

“And what about you? Do you think it’s grown up to poke fun at a girl you like?”

Castiel: “The girl I what?”

(Man, how long have I been waiting to get that one out in the open?!)

Castiel: “The only curves that please me are those of my guitar, and when I look at you, you don’t have what it takes!”

“I don’t believe you!”

Castiel: “Why’s that?”

“Well, the number of times that you’ve made a remark about my chest, I’m sure
you’ve looked it over more than just once or twice!”

Castiel: “…”


Castiel: “Psh… Okay, you win this round!”


“Hey Nathaniel!”

Nathaniel: “Hey…”

“(He is looking at me in a weird way) Is something wrong?”

Nathaniel: “No, nothing… I just think that you are wearing very little today… It’s
not really appropriate for school, if you want my opinion.”

“You can really be a kill joy when you want to…”



Lysander: “Hello. Did you want to change too?”

“Are you talking about my outfit? Yes, I went shopping with Rosalya yesterday.”

Lysander: “She must have been on cloud nine!

“She was quite happy, yes.”

(He didn’t say anything else about my outfit, he must not have liked it then.)


Kentin: “Hey.”

“(…he didn’t say anything about my outfit…) How do you think I look today?”

Kentin: “Why do you want to know?”

“Because I bought new clothes yesterday, I would like your opinion!”

Kentin: “Oh, yeah… Well, um, yeah, it’s nice.”

“…That’s it?” Omg, Candy. You are such a bitch to Kentin…

Kentin: “Sorry, I didn’t even notice, so I don’t really know what to say.”

A: “Just tell me if you think I look pretty!”

Kentin: “You are always… *Cough*, *Cough*!”

(His cough seemed a bit forced…)

Kentin: “You look like always.”

“Riiiight…that’s not what you wanted to say!”

Kentin: “S-sure it was…”

(In any case, I don’t think he liked my outfit…)

New objective:Move once.

Rosalya: “Yes of course! We can go tonight if you want!”

(Rosalya is talking with Nathaniel.)

Nathaniel: “Really? Thanks so much. And sorry to ask you this, all of a sudden…”

Rosalya: “It’s no problem, I love that!”

“What are you talking about?”

Nathaniel: “Nothing at all!”

(He said that a bit too quickly for it to be true…)

Rosalya: “It’s between Nathaniel and I!”

“Between both of you…”

Nathaniel: “B-But it’s nothing personal! I mean, it’s just two classmates going out! Nothing else!”

(Rosalya gave him a pat on the shoulder.)

Rosalya: “You really aren’t good at keeping a secret!”

“What are you going to do together?”

Rosalya: “I just told you, it’s a secret! But don’t worry, I won’t steal your Nathaniel.”

“He’s not ‘my’ Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel: “…”

(He is so red, I bet I could bake cookies from the heat.)

New objective:Go to the courtyard to go home.

(If Rosalya and Nathaniel have planned to go out, they will surely be in town! I should go and take a walk around!)

New objective:Go into town to find out more about Nathaniel.

“Ouch! (I was looking at the ground when I ran into someone.)”

Nathaniel: “H-hey Semma.”

“Nathaniel? That’s what you were doing with Rosalya? You wanted a makeover too?”

Nathaniel: “Y-Yeah… I wanted a change.”

***My affinity with him is a bit low, so the right answer is A.***

“You look nice! I like the idea for your tie!”

"Fashion forward? More like fashion backwards! Haha...ha...oh, not funny? Darn."

“Fashion forward? More like fashion backwards! Haha…ha…oh, not funny? Darn.”

Nathaniel: “I thought it was fun too…Excuse me, I was out a while before going home, so I have a lot of things to do. I’ve got to go! See you tomorrow!”

“Okay, see you tomorrow!”

(Castiel and Nathaniel have changed…Maybe it was good that Deborah came, maybe they both needed it!)

New objective:Go home.

(I did my homework and went to bed…)

New objective:Move around the school to unlock a new dialogue.

Mr. Faraize and Boris are carrying big cardboard boxes with little holes on the sides. I wonder what they are up to?

New objective:Go to the staircase.

New objective:Go upstairs.

(Oh, the science classroom is open. I went inside. No one was there, but the boxes
that the teachers were carrying were on top of the tables. I got close to a box and it moved!)

"Bunnieeees! :3"

“Bunnieeees! :3”

“Oh! They are cute!! (There were lots of little rabbits in the boxes, some of them were sleeping, others were munching on food.)”

“I wonder what they are doing here.”

New objective:Go downstairs and back to the hall.

(Peggy passed by without seeing me and rushed into the classroom.)

New objective:Follow Peggy to Classroom B.

(Oh, man, everyone is here!)

Peggy: “I’m sure! It’ll be like with the frogs! They want us to open them up and study them!”

Violette: “No, it’s not possible…the poor little bunnies…”

“You know about the rabbits?”

Amber: “Everyone knows, idiot! They want to kill them so we can study them.”

(I’m a little behind, I think.)

Castiel: “I don’t understand how people can make such a big deal over a bunch of rodents… They are just rabbits, they get crushed everyday.”

*The whole class stared at his twisted brain.*

Castiel: “Alright, alright… Chill out. Forget I said anything…”

Iris: “We have to save them before they force us to kill them!”

Lysander: “Personally, if I’m asked to put one to sleep to study it, I’ll refuse. We should all act in the same manner…”

Amber: “What if the teacher’s give them to another class? We have to set them free or they won’t have a chance!”

“Maybe they just want us to observe them…that would a bit too much to have us dissect them…”

Peggy: “Let’s not run the risk! If we don’t do something now, we might not get the chance later! Is everyone with me?”

Is Amber really that tall, or are they standing on chairs just to get a glimpse of me?

Is Amber really that tall, or are they standing on chairs just to get a glimpse of me?

All: “Yes!”


***Does anyone else notice that Lysander is a giant?***

IT'S GODZIRRA!!! Oh no, it's just Lysander.

IT’S GODZIRRA!!! Oh no, it’s just Lysander.


Peggy: “Let’s go!”

Castiel: “Why didn’t I go to a different classroom…”

(Poor Castiel…he has no feels.)

“But how are you going to do it?”

Peggy: “If we get caught, we will most likely have a collective detention…”

Amber: “Semma can have my detention for me, she’s good at that.”

Peggy: “We have to take turns. Some of us will take the rabbits and bring them in front of the school where others will be waiting to take them to the park close by.”

“So we need two groups then?”

Peggy: “Yes! Who will take care of what?”

(We split into two groups, half the class went to the courtyard and the others stayed in the classroom, myself included.)

Peggy: “We should go in groups of 3! Who wants to go first?”

“I will!”

Armin: “Me too, that way it’ll be over with!”

Nathaniel: “Me too, if that is alright.”

(Armin, Nathaniel and I left the room to go save the rabbits.)

New objective:Go back to the Science lab with the boys.

Nathaniel: “Come on, let’s each take one!”

“Aren’t they too cute?!”

Nathaniel: “Yes, of course, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t care.”

Armin: “Are you kidding me? We don’t have the choice!”

“Shhh, don’t make so much noise!”

Armin: “Chill out, it’s not like we are making a racket…”

(As the words left his mouth, he turned around to look at the rabbits and knocked over a chair.)

Nathaniel: “A ninja… Was that it?”

Armin: “I need training…”

(We each took a rabbit in our arms. Mine laid against my chest and didn’t move.)

Armin: “Someone is lucky.”


Armin: “Well yeah! Did you see where your rabbit is sleeping?”

“In my arms? So what?”

Armin: “It’s not really in your arms there!”

“Ummm…yeah it is.”

Armin: “N-Nevermind…”

Nathaniel: “Pff.”

(I didn’t get the joke but it made Nathaniel laugh.)

Armin: “They still are pretty crazy to leave the door open with animals inside…”

(Mr. Faraize is going to get in trouble again…)

Nathaniel: “Let’s not stay in the room too long, let’s go!”


New objective:Go to the courtyard to hand over the rabbits to the other students.

Nathaniel: “We should have taken something to hide them, if someone comes out of a classroom, we’ll be in trouble…”

“Hurry up and get them outside!”

Armin: “Yeah, my rabbit isn’t settled in as nicely as Semma’s, he wants to get away!”

“Phew, we got out!”

Armin: “I told you we didn’t risk anything!”

(You almost did get us caught though…we brought the rabbits outside.)

Alexy: “Did everything go alright for you?”

“Yes, three rabbits less to save!”

Castiel: “Yeah right, they won’t last one day in the park…”

“Are you finished being so pessimistic?”

Castiel: “I’m not pessimistic, I’m realistic.”

“(I gave my rabbit to Violette.) Everyone has their own point of view.”

Violette: “Poor little guy… C’mon, let’s go quickly to the park!”

“And let’s get back to school!”

Nathaniel: “Alright!”

New objective:Go back to see the girls at school.

Peggy: “Get out of the way, we need to get moving! Mr. Faraize is roaming outside the science classroom!”

“(Peggy and the others took two rabbits each) Why didn’t you take just one rabbit each?!”

Cappucine: “Are you deaf? We just said that Mr. Faraize is close by!”

“So there aren’t any rabbits left then?”

Peggy: “No! We got them all! Let us pass before we get caught!”

(We let them pass by.)

Armin: “I’ll never regret registering at this school! We have so much fun!”

Nathaniel: “I’m starting to regret what we’ve done… Mr. Faraize is going to get in trouble because of us.”

“We didn’t have the choice…even Castiel felt obligated to participate.”

Armin: “And now? What should we do?”

“We wait for the end of the break.”

Armin: “Or until the principal starts screaming!”

(We are going to be in so much trouble…)

New objective:Unlock a new dialogue.

(I have butterflies in my stomach…)

New objective:Go to the science classroom with the boy you are with.

“(Hey, it’s Castiel) What are you doing?”

Castiel: “Those jerks think there is still a rabbit in the science room… We drew straws and I have to go check.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll go with you!”

Castiel: “You just can’t get enough of me, huh?”

“C’mon and walk instead of talking nonsense!”

Castiel: “I don’t see any rabbits…”

“Maybe it’s hiding? (I looked around the room.)”

(SUDDENLY!Footsteps from the hallway.)

Castiel: “*whisper* Oh no! If that’s a teacher, we are going to take the blame for everyone!”

(We hid as best as we could.)


(But no one came in, they just locked the door.)

Castiel: “This can’t be happening!”

(Castiel ran towards the door, but no one was there.)

Castiel: “We are locked in?! This sort of stuff only happens to you!”

“You’re here too, just so you know!”

Castiel: “It’s because I’m with you! Oh man… That teacher is impossible, it never occurred to him to check if the room was empty before locking the door?”

“At the same time, we were hiding…”


(There was a noise near the desk.)

“Oh, the rabbit is over there! (I took it in my arms.)”

Castiel: “Great, I’m locked in the science room with a little girl and a rabbit!”

“Pass your bad mood on to someone else!!”

Castiel: “Who else can I give it too? To the rabbit?”

(He was talking so loudly that he scared the rabbit.)

“Ah! Help! (It took advantage of the width of my top to hide under it) It is scratching me!”

(I took off my top to grab the rabbit by the skin of its neck.)

Castiel: “B-But what are you doing?!”

(Castiel had my top in his hands, I must have thrown it on him…)

(Wait…if my top is in Castiel’s hands…that means that…)


Mr. Faraize: “What is going…”


"The best scenario in this game so far? Let's draw really bad anime versions of them..."

“The best scenario in this game so far? Let’s draw really bad anime versions of them…”

Mr. Faraize: “…”

(I’m mortified.)

Castiel: “It’s not what you think…”

Mr. Faraize: “…I didn’t see anything…”

(Mr. Faraize left the room holding his head and repeating that phrase…)

“(I set the rabbit down and took back my top from Castiel) Pervert! It’s your fault!”

Castiel: “M-My fault? Are you kidding me? I never forced you to get undressed!”

“Oh man, if Peggy even learns that I was in my underwear in the same room as you…”

Castiel: “C’mon… Remember that there is at least one good side to this story…”

“And what might that be?”

Castiel: “I can’t call you ironing board anymore.”

(That’s the good side?!)

(Rosalya will be so happy…at least someone saw what she made me buy….man, why does this stuff always happen to me?)

(Castiel took the rabbit and suggested that he bring it outside himself. We left the room making sure to avoid any eye contact.)

Castiel: “Pffff….”

(I mean…me, at least…)

New objective:See how things evolve.

“Peggy? What’s wrong?”

Peggy: “Did you see Faraize? He has been walking back and forth in the hallway for a while now… Do you know why?”

“Of course, it’s not hard to understand.”

Peggy: “I caught his conversation with Mr. Boris in the science room, when the discovered… They didn’t want to kill the rabbits, just let us hear their heartbeats and stuff like that. They were supposed to bring them back tomorrow night to the
pet store that lent them to the school…”

“Oh no! Are you saying that…”

Peggy: “…My “scoop” was just another lie! And everyone is going to know… I’m so unlucky!”

“You could at least think of Mr. Faraize.”

Peggy: “It’s not my fault. If the door hadn’t stayed open none of this would have happened!”


Iris: “Did you hear? The rabbits weren’t in danger…”

“Yeah, Peggy just told me…”

Iris: “Well, it’s alright. Those little guys are better free than in a pet shop!”

“I’m not sure if Mr. Faraize shares your opinion.”

Castiel and Lysander

Castiel: “They’d better not try to say it was my fault!”

Lysander: “We are all responsible…”

Castiel: “Whatever…I said at least a million times that we shouldn’t do it!”

“Are you talking about the rabbits?”

Lysander: “Yeah, what a shame right?”

“Like Iris said, at least they are free now!”

Castiel: “Yeah right, they are going to end up being eaten by cats or foxes…”


Castiel: “What? Oh no! Not you too?”

“Do you know what is going to happen now?”

Castiel: “In my opinion, Faraize is going to get fired.”

Lysander: “Castiel…”

(Oh, I hope not!)

Alexy and Armin

Alexy: “But the poor guy! Do you realize?! He is going to get fired!”

Armin: “He’s not a student, they can’t just send him away that easily…”


Alexy: “Did Peggy tell you? They just wanted us to observe the rabbits…”

“Yes, she told me…”

Alexy: “What a mistake… We were so wrong.”

Armin: “At least it was fun!”

Alexy: “What does it take to make you the slightest bit concerned about what happened?”

Armin: “But I am concerned! It’s not the end of the world is all…worst case, we’ll have to buy more rabbits…”

Alexy: “Oh no! I wanted to buy some new headphones!”

Armin: “Don’t talk to me about that…I don’t have a penny left…”

Alexy: “We really aren’t lucky… They could try to find another solution still!”

“Uh, guys…you are the only one’s who have mentioned reimbursing the rabbits…no one has said anything yet…”

Kim and Violette

Kim: “Oh, here you are!”

“What’s up?”

Violette: “We were waiting on your opinion! We wanted to go tell the principal what we did, so that Mr. Faraize wouldn’t get fired! Will you do it with us?”

“Did everyone say yes?”

Violette: “Amber and her friends didn’t want us to mention them, but who cares about them.

“(That’s a big surprise…) I’m okay with it! Are you going now?”

Violette: “Y-Yeah… We have to…”

“I’ll come with you!”

Kim: “Thanks! I hope that you brought your earplugs, ’cause there might be some serious yelling!”

New objective:Go to the teachers’ lounge.

Violette: “Mr. Faraize is already in the office…”

(I knocked on the door.)

Mr. Faraize: “Ladies? W-What are you doing here?”

“We wanted to talk to the principal.”

Mr. Faraize: “S-She isn’t very available at the moment…”

“Wait! We set the rabbits free!”

Principal McNutso: “What did you want to tell me, Mr. Faraize?”

Mr. Faraize: “Uh, well…I uh…”

Kim: “We were supposed to have a special science class today, but we kind of messed up.”

Violette: “We thought you were going to kill the rabbits, you know…”

Kim: “And those poor little things, we couldn’t leave them like that!

“So we set the free…then we found out that you just wanted us to observe them…”

Violette: “Don’t fire Mr. Faraize… Please…”

Headmaster Crackers: “Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! I-Is this true? The three of you thought that I was going to… Ha ha ha!”

(Is that a nervous laugh, or does she find this funny?)

Firelord Nommers: “Are these young ladies talking about the rabbits you rented from the pet shop?”

Mr. Faraize: “Y-Yes… I left the science class door open. When I realized, the boxes where already empty…”

Kingduke Uppercrusts: “Uh, well, you were quite fast! You must have been well organized, ha ha! If only you could put that much effort into your homework…”

“Ha…that’s because the whole class worked together.”

Violette: “Almost the whole class!”

(Amber…we’re all in the same boat here…)

Operation Nordic Compost: “Let’s just say that your mistake made others happy! They are right, those rabbits are much better off outside!”

Mr. Faraize: “But… And for the pet shop?”

Tanker Jokesalot: “I think we will have to reimburse them. The concert brought in a lot of money for our project, so we can use a little bit to repair this mistake.”

Kim: “I think we will have to reimburse them. The concert brought in a lot of money
for our project, so we can use a little bit to repair this mistake.”

“No…? The principal didn’t even raise her voice…”

Violette: “Maybe something has put her in a good mood?”

“Surely…too bad that isn’t the case more often…”

New objective:Unlock a final dialogue to finish the episode.

(In the end, everything settled back into place. And Armin was right, it was fun! The science class went by without rabbits, of course, and we had to use books from the library to study. Now, I just have to go home and enjoy my weekend! I might even go out of town…)