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NONE OF THIS IS FORMATTED BECAUSE I’M LAZY! 🙂 I didn’t feel like coloring every line of dialogue. Because. DUH. There’s just so much this time around. Enjoy this monochromatic post 🙂


(I built a computer, and it is faster than a Kenyan. Legit.)

Episode 17. Whew. So basically, up to this point, it was a replay of that episode where everyone blames Castiel for stealing a key that he did not steal. Only instead of a key, it’s Deborah’s feelings, and instead of Castiel crying, it’s Castiel….crying….wait…BASICALLY DRAMA. I need a new keyboard. The “backspace” is too small and i\ keee\p hilt\\ing the “\” key. \


\wards MARCH


WHATEVER I’m crying in a hallway, and Rosalya is all “ey gurl, let’s go someone more…private…”

Rosalya: “We should go someplace more secluded, right? We shouldn’t talk in the hallway after all.”

“Where do you want to go? Someone could catch (our love) us anywhere.”

Rosalya: “Yeah, we should talk outside of school.”

“We could go to my place. Since everyone hates me, no one will visit.”

Rosalya: “Oh yeah! I’ve never been, I’m so curious to see your room!”

“Let’s ;)”

Rosalya: “Wait! We have to tell Lysander before we go, so he can come, too.”

“Lysander? In my room?”

Rosalya: “Is that a problem?”

“No! not at all…(it will just be the first time in my life that a boy comes into my room…)”

Rosalya: “Alright, let’s do that then! We can meet in front of the school once Lysander knows, then we can go to your place!”

“Okay. (Let’s go find Lysander.)”

New objective:Ask Lysander to join you at your place.


(Oh no! It’s Castiel…I really don’t want to talk to him.)

Castiel: “Semma, about what I said before…”

(I ignored him, turned and walked away.)


(For someone who never wanted to talk to me again, he changed his mind pretty quickly. Jerk.)

I went to the classroom and ran into Armin.

Armin: “I just saw Lysander. He told me what happened with Deborah… He said you weren’t doing too well.”

“He didn’t have to say anything about that…”

Armin: “He didn’t do it to be mean, I’m sure, he seemed a bit bothered.”

(Bothered? I wonder why…maybe because he took me in his arms…) “You believe us then? About Deborah?”

Armin: “Yeah… I wasn’t too smart before, I should have listened to what you had to say before assuming anything… Well, I didn’t hate you or anything, so I guess it’s not that big a deal… Right?”

So at this point, I have options to increase Armin’s affinity for me. Right now, here are my stats:

Castiel: 83
Lysander: 55
Nathaniel: 30
Alexy: 35
Armin: 38
Kentin: -5

I like to keep everyone’s above 40 because that’s usually when you are eligible to see illustrations. Since Castiel is my #1 and Lysander is my #2, I need Castiel’s to be higher than everyone’s, Lysander’s to be higher than everyone else’s, but less than Castiel’s.

So ideally:

Castiel: 100
Lysander: 85
Nathaniel: 45
Alexy: 45
Armin: 45
Kentin: 45



“I did think that you would trust me, so I was a bit disappointed…”

Armin: “I’ll find a way to make you forgive me!”

“Oh yeah? How’s that?”

Armin: “I don’t know yet, give me the time to find some ideas!”


“I’m still happy you finally opened your eyes!”

Armin: “Good! What are you going to do now?”

“Uh, well…Rosalya has a plan, we are going to meet at my place to talk about it. Do you want to come?”

Armin: “Go to your place to talk about an attack plan? Of course I’m in! This will be fun!”

“Of course, if you want! (With Lysander, that will make two boys in my room…good thing my mom isn’t he suspicious type.)”

Armin: “Should I go now, or do I have the time to talk to Alexy beforehand? I still haven’t told him what happened with Deborah, and seeing as he seemed to be on her side, I should really let him know.”

“You can go tell him, I still haven’t told Lysander. Here, take my address in case. (I gave him my street and number).”

Armin: “Okay, see you later! I’ll hurry!”



Deborah: “So, you had a nice little talk with Castiel from what I’ve heard?”

“That seems funny to you, I guess?”

Deborah: “I’ll have to admit that your little quarrel made me laugh just a bit, I would have given anything to be there.”

“Did he tell you about it?”

Deborah: “Yes. He was a bit reticent to share, but he spit out the story in the end, yeah, something was bothering him”

“Bothering him? (Maybe he felt stupid afterwards…)”

Deborah: “Yeah, I mean… Not too much though. Don’t go thinking that fighting with you affected him or anything.”


Went to the stairwell, and she followed me.

“(Ugh her again…) Oh, actually, did you change your clothes?”

Deborah: “No, I took a shower in the locker room.”

“Oh, that’s why it still smells like toilet water when you talk…”

Deborah: “I won’t even take the time to answer that… you’re not worth it.”

(Too bad for the hour of detention, but I’m glad she thinks I’m responsible for the bucket of water that fell on her!)

(I found Kentin in the classroom.)

Kentin: “I just ran into Armin… Do you have something to tell me?”

“Uhm…not that I know of.”

Kentin: “Really? Nothing about Deborah?”

“Oh, that…It’s useless to talk about it, you didn’t even listen to me up until now, I don’t see why you would change…”

Kentin: “Because Lysander talked about it too… And he was quite bothered by the whole thing.”

“And me? I was bothered since the beginning!”

Kentin: “That’s not what I said. So, will you tell me?”

“What were you told exactly?”

Kentin: “That something happened to you and that you needed as much support as possible.”

(That’s too sweet…I told Kentin what happened with Deborah.)

Kentin: “Oh man! She is that bad?!”

“You’d better believe it…”

Kentin: “I’m going to show her a few things I learned at military school… She’ll see.”

“Don’t worry yourself with that, Rosalya has a plan. We are going to talk about it at my place. Do you want to come?”

Kentin: “Sure! You never know, I could be helpful.”

“Okay! I’ll give you my address again, in case! (I gave him mah numbuhs.)”

Kentin: “What time should I come?”

“There isn’t really a time, I haven’t told everyone yet…”

Kentin: “Ah, ok. At worse, I’ll just wait in front of your place!”


Went down that hall again and Nathaniel was there.

Nathaniel: “Semma, listen… I’m… I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

Nathaniel: “You know what I’m talking about…”

“Oh, you mean, ‘sorry for having acted like a big loser and abandoning you just to maintain my pride?'”

Nathaniel: “…”

“If that’s what you wanted to say, then I forgive you.”

Nathaniel: “Are you saying that I’m a jerk?”

“No, I’m sorry, I got a little carried away…”

Nathaniel: “But, you know, that’s what I was… a real jerk.”

“The most important is that you realize it.”

Nathaniel: “But, you know, that’s what I was… a real jerk.”

“We’ll just say that it was your mistake for the year!”

Nathaniel: “If only that was the first one…”

(He seems really sorry…)

“Actually, Rosa wants to talk about a plan to catch Deborah, and we are meeting at my place, do you want to come?”

Nathaniel: “Why not. It’ll always be better than waiting around for something to happen!”

“Great! I’ll give you my address just in case.”

Nathaniel: “Thanks, should I join you directly?”

“As you like! You can wait in front of the school. I just have to see Lysander and then we can go.”



Peggy: “There was a fight in the hallways! Do you know anything about it?!”

“Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you!”

Peggy: “Chill out… I didn’t attack you!”

“S-sorry…(It’s because I was the one to fight with Castiel…)”



“Ah! Here you are!”

Lysander: “You look like you’re feeling better.”

“Yeah! I just ran into the others who belive me now! They are even coming to my place!”

Lysander: “At your place? Are you organizing a party?”

“No, no! Rosalya has an idea to catch Deborah, do you remember? She wanted to talk to me about it when you left us.”

Lysander: “…Yes, it was. And you are meeting as your place to talk about it?”

“Right now, actually! Do you want to come too?”

Lysander: “Of course. It would be my pleasure.”

(I have a feeling that everyone thinks that I’m having a party at my house or something.) Are you coming? I told everyone to meet at my place, they’re going to be waiting for us!”


Depending on who you want extra affinit/dialogue with, you can lay different things on your dresser.

Ken – lay the stuffed bear that he gave to you.

Lysander – lay the picture (needs the frame from episode 7)

Nathaniel – lay the picture (need the frame from episode 7)

Castiel – lay the picture (need the frame from episode 7)

“I have something to do before I come, can I meet you later?”

“Oh, yeah, if you want…here is my address!”

New objective:Go to the courtyard to leave the school.

ROSALYA at the busstop.

Rosalya: “Ah, finally! Lysander isn’t with you?”

“No, he had to do something before coming.”

Rosalya: “Alright, well let’s go then!”

“Wait! Other students are meeting us.”

Rosalya: “Really? Spies?”

“Uh, no. I don’t see Armin in the role of a spy, except for his games.”

Rosalya: “Yeah, me neither! Are we meeting them here then?”

“Nah, I gave them the address. Let’s go!”

Rosalya: “Ok! Off we go! How do we get to your place?”

“We can go through the city and the park, or take the bus. It will drop us right next to my place, but we have to pay for a ticket, it’s kind of expensive.”

Rosalya: “We should walk through the city, don’t you think? Maybe we’ll run into some boys!”

“As you like!”

New objective:Bring Rosalya in front of your apartment to meet everyone.


*Seeing as Rosalya wants to go to your place on foot, the bus stop isn’t available for the moment. You’ll be notified when it becomes available*

BOO. I have like $1k I wouldn’t mind riding the bus -___-

ARMIN at the Cafe

Armin: “Pssssh…”

“Armin! You’re here!”

Armin: “I was getting ready to go to your place…”

Is something wrong? You seem angry.”

Armin: “I just talked to my brother and that CREEP didn’t want to listen! He told me the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard him say! This, even after his Kim Possible stage!”

“You don’t like Kim Possible? I like it…”

Armin: “No, I was obligated to watch it every morning before I could play my game. It was horrible!”

(His games are going to end up being my rival…)

Armin: “I just told you that my brother doesn’t believe me, and that’s all you got out of the conversation?”

“No, of course not. I was just trying to change the subject because it seemed to be making you angry…”

Armin: “Well, it didn’t work! He’s really annoyed me this time. Just wait until tonight, we are going to have a little conversation him and I.”


Rosalya: “No way! If he shares my plan with Deborah, we’ll be in bad shape!”

Armin: “Who do you take Alexy for? He would help his greatest enemy, but even if he doesn’t believe me, he would never share the things I tell him.”

“But he hasn’t been himslef lately…it’s not normal that he believe Deborah and not his friend or brother…”

Armin: “Yeah… I don’t know what’s up with him. Tonight, I won’t let him go before he tells me what is going on!”

(I hope that he won’t stay angry with me much longer…I miss him.)

Armin: “Well, seeing as I ran into you, I’ll finish the walk with you too!”

“Ok! (At least we are sure that Armin will be there!)”

Click to go to the park entrance.

Rosalya: “Here?”

“We could pass through the park, there is a little exit that goes straight to my place that can only be opened from the inside. We could also pass in front of the stores. It’s the same in the end.”

Rosalya: “Stores, a park… You live in a great area!”

“Yeah, I’m pretty lucky!”

Rosalya: “You know, if people are coming over, don’t you think it would be nice to have some snacks?”

“You think? Are your explanations going to be that long?”

Rosalya: “Actually,they might last a while, I have an idea, but not a plan of attack!”

“Ok, I’ll go buy some chips and something to drink, then.”

Rosalya: “I can’t come with you? You always go buy what you need alone…”

*You can go to the Dollar Shop on the city map, as usual, or you can go ‘by foot’. If you choose to go by foot you may meet a character and unlock a dialogue with them (and raise your LoM with them if it is a boy).*


*To show you, this time you must go by foot because Rosalya and Armin are with you, then you can choose the other times!*

New objective:Go to the Dollar Shop in the game (not in the city) to buy something to eat.

Click to go to the shops, then to your apartment.

Rosalya: “Is this your apartment?”

“Yes! But we should go to the Dollar Shop first! Plus, no one is waiting for us here yet, we have the time!”

Rosalya: “Ok!”


At the Dollar Shop with Armin

Armin: “I’ll wait for you guys out here. If I go in there I’ll just be frustrated.”

“Why’s that?”

Armin: “I don’t have any more pocket money and there are new games out this week. I won’t be able to buy anything, it will just make me mad.”

“Ok, ok, I won’t insist! (Rosalya came with me)”

Rosalya: “Are you going to buy everything here too?”

“Yes! I always find everything that I need here.”

Rosalya: “Yeah! It’s great for that! I’m going to look and see if my perfume is here! I’ll be right back!”


OMG NINA ._____________________. run run devil run run

Nina: “Oh! I didn’t expect to see you here!”


“Nina? You are far from your home, what are you doing here?”

Nina: “I saw Lysander around, he was in the school supplies aisle.”

“(Ah, so that’s what he had to do before coming over!) Are you still following him?”

Nina: “Whenever I can!”

(she is too adorable!)

“Well, you might not see him tonight, he’s coming to my place!”

Nina: “…Your place?”

“(Ooooooooooooops…Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything…) I’ve got to go, I’m in a hurry!”


(I went to buy some chips and candy. There were also some packages of cookies, so I grabbed one before heading to the checkout counter.)

“That will be 35 dollars please!”


“Rosalya? I’ve got everything I need, are you coming?”

Rosalya: “Coming! I didn’t have enough money for the perfume so I’ll come back another time!”

(We left the store to join Armin.)

Click to go back to the couldesac.

(Kentin and Nathaniel are here!)

Nathaniel: “There are a few of us now, I hope that your room is big enough!”

“Don’t worry!”

Kentin: “If you were looking for Lysander, wasn’t it so that he would come too? I don’t see him…”

“He had something to do before coming here. He shouldn’t be too much longer! (I opened the door.) Come on in!”

(I had everyone come up to my room. It seemed much smaller to me all of the sudden.)

Rosalya: “Your room is so cute!”


Armin: “You have a portable game too! It’s not the same brand as mine, but, at least you play!”

(I get the feeling that he is relieved.) My Armin Affinity is 45%, so I’m going to alternate nice/mean things from now on.

Nathaniel: “Yeah, a game… But you don’t have many books here.”

“They aren’t all in my room, that’s why!”

Nathaniel: “Ha ha! Well, that’s not really a place for books!”

“It’s so I can read before I go to sleep!”

“They are too far from your bed for you to reach them, liar!”

“Yeah, ok…I try to justify my mess like I can…”

Kentin: “And to think, I would have done just about anything not long ago for you to invite me here…”


Rosalya: “Oh my gosh! How horrible! What is this closet?!”

“But…don’t open my closet without asking for permission!”

Rosalya: “You should take better care of your clothes! And these underwear… You will never get a guy wearing these!”

“ROSALYA!!! (Oh my gosh…please tell me that she didn’t just say that…I must be hallucinating…right?!??!)”

(She said it…she talked about my underwear in front of the boys…I’m mortified…)

Armin: “That sounds just like Alexy when he takes care of my closet… Funny!!”

(No, that is not at all the same! I don’t think that Alexy talks about your boxers in public!!)

Nathaniel: “D-Do you want us to leave you alone?”

“No! (I closed my closet and forced Rosalya to stop the inspection.)”

Rosalya: “We are going to have to go do some shopping together!”

(Why me?)

“Lysander isn’t here yet, I hope that nothing happened to him. (And NO that was not just a desperate attempt to try and change the subject.)”

Kentin: “Maybe he got lost?”

“I don’t think so…It’s really easy to get to where I live.”

Rosalya: “Don’t forget we are talking about Lysander here”

“…Well, ok, yeah, he probably got lost. I’m going to go get him. Don’t ruin everything in my room while I’m gone!”

Armin: “Don’t worry, we’ll keep Rosalya from organizing your underwear!”

(How can he talk of my underwear so flippantly T_T)


Rosalya: “Hmm… I got a little carried away with the blatant absence of lace in your lingerie… Maybe I should have contained myself”

“Yes, please do contain yourself!”

New objective:Lysander hasn’t arrived at your place yet. Go in front of the school to see if he isn’t waiting there..

(I ran down in a hurry, and when I arrived at the sidewalk I ran into someone.)

“Ouch! I know I’m small, but still! You could have paid attention!”

“Nina? Did you follow me or what?”

“So what? I can follow who I want!”

“Is it because Lysander is coming to my place?”

“Is he already here?”

“No, he must have gotten lost.”

“Oh! Or he just didn’t want to come! I’m sure that’s why he’s not here!”

“(How can she go from one emotion to another so quickly?) Nina, have you ever been diagnosed with STALKING BI-POLAR DISORDER But you know, we aren’t going to be alone…Rosalya and other friends are with us.”


“Of course! (My parents wouldn’t let me be alone with a boy in my room…)”

“Can I come too then?”

“Well we’re going to talk about something that happened at school, and since you don’t go to our school, I don’t think you will be interested.”

“Something is happening at your school?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Since you don’t want to tell me, I’ll just go ask Lysander! I’ll find him first and he will tell me everything, and I’ll give him a hug to thank him!”

“Okay weirdo. If that makes you happy.”

“He doesn’t interest you?”

“No, not really…he’s just a friend.”

“Hee hee! I like you, you know?”

(she ran like a banshee)

New Objective: Go in front of the school to see if he isn’t waiting there.

THIS PART. So you have to go back to the bus stop for this: “(I traced the path backwards, but I didn’t find any traces of Lysander…Maybe he is still in the school?)”

New objective:He isn’t in front of the school, try to find him around your apartment.

Head back the way you came. When you reach the park, you should get the monologue: “If I was Lysander and I was lost, where would I hide…? Oh, what’s that? Conveniently the paper with my address on it! That explains so much. He lost the paper!”
Now, just imagine that you’re taking a walk in a park, and you overhear someone saying that entire paragraph. Nutso.

Go into the park and meet Lysander 🙂

“I’m sorry I got lost…”

“I noticed! I’ve been looking for you for a while! (I found him before Nina! Muahaha.)”

“I walked around the neighborhood before I remembered that the best way to be found when you’re lost is to stop moving and wait.”

“That did save us some time, yes!”

“Sorry… I couldn’t find the paper you gave me with your address on it.”

“That’s normal, you dropped it. I found it earlier.”

“You seem to find everything I lose.”

“It must be a sign!”

“A sign?”

“Yes! A sign that we complete each other! You lose things, and I find them!”

“If it makes you happy to think that…”

(He doesn’t seem convinced because you are sounding totally desperate.)

“In any case, I know what to get you for your birthday.”


“A GPS!”

“You could do a joint gift with my brother then, he wanted to get me one too!”

“Ha! We’ll see! Are you coming? The others are waiting for us!”

New objective:Now that you are with Lysander, return in front of your apartment .

“Here we are!”

New objective:Don’t waste anymore time and go to your room in the game!.


Lysander: “That voice…”

“It’s Nina!”

“Lysander! You’re here! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”


(Take Lysander by the arm and move him away.) *ONLY DO THIS IF YOU LOVE IS HIGH WITH HIM. I tried it with a 55% affinity and he reacted poorly to my touches.

Lysander: “Nina… Please, we are in the middle of the street…”

“Let him go right away! (I took Lysander by the arm.)”

Lysander: “…”

“Can’t you see that you’re bothering him?”

Lysander: “You aren’t going to start too are you”

(He moved away and we both had to let go of him.)

Lysander: “T-That’s enough, we need to hurry, I think. We need to go now, we’ll come back later Nina”


Rosalya: “Finally! Where were you Lysander, on the other side of town?”

“No, he was close by, but seeing as we were looking for each other, we missed each other several times.”

Lysander: “I’m sorry I’m late, I lost the address on the way here.”

Armin: “Too bad for you, you missed the inspection of the underwear of ….”

(I stepped on Armin’s foot before he had time to say anything else.)

Kentin: “I-I just noticed… You put my Teddy Bear on your dresser?”

“Huh? Oh yeah…I like it a lot, it’s cute!”

Kentin: “I didn’t know that it pleased you!”

“But of course it pleased me! It’s a great Teddy Bear!”

Kentin: “I’m… I’m touched…” +12!!! YAY! Progress lol.

(Yeah, I’m glad I put it on my dresser.)

Rosalya: “Alright, now that everyone is here, let’s get down to business – to defeat – – THE HUNNNSS”

“Do you guys want a snack? I have chips, drinks, candy, cookies…”

Rosalya: “I meant serious business…”

Kentin: Cookies, awesome. I’d like some please!”


Rosalya: “So, where should we start… Semma, why don’t you tell everyone what’s happened up until now, so we’ll all be on the same page.”


Armin: “Times like these make me wish I could karate chop her to pieces, like in my games.”

“Well that’s excessive…”

Rosalya: “Calm down Armin… We should never lose our cool. Look at me, I hate her, but she has no idea, and I would never get mad in front of her. She could use my anger to her advantage, and that’s the last thing we want her to do. Semma has already proved that to us.”

Kentin: “Right, but karate isn’t such a bad idea. Anything to bring her down is fine by me.”

(Their attitudes are scaring me!)

Lysander: “Contine please, Rosa.”

(He’s the only calm person here.)

Rosalya: “Yes. So… I looked for a way to make her pay for everything she has done, without resorting to anything childish, vulgar or violent. *Glares at Kentin and Armin.*”

Kentin: “If you had let me settle things with her, things would have gone a lot faster.”

(*dream* Me: Kentin, what did I tell you about going to prison?
Kentin: …to not to…
Me: Tooooo NOT to. Exactly.)

Rosalya: “She isn’t delicate, but she is subtle, so, I had to find something up to her level!”

Nathaniel: “How are you going to do that?”

“Yeah, I don’t see how to convince her to leave anything or…any…one….*dramatic faint*”

Armin: “Wouldn’t the opposite be better? Convince her manager to drop her?”

“The problem is that we don’t have their phone number…we don’t even know their name…”

Nathaniel: “We could always do some research… Maybe his name is somewhere on her album.”

“We could look, I bought one not that long ago…”

Rosalya: “Are you guys going to let me finish or what?!”


Rosalya: “To make her want to leave everything here, we’ll have to present her with something way better, like a manager with more influence who is capable of launching her to stardom.”

“Wait, I thought the aim was to punish her! Not help her…”

Rosalya: “Don’t interrupt me! I’m talking about what we need to make her believe! The manager we are going to propose is Leigh!”

(I heard someone spit out their juice behind me. *my carpet noooo*)

Lysander: “L-Leigh?! But he doesn’t look like a manager! Plus he is timid, he doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t have the right attitude to be a… He just can’t do it!”

“I agree…”

Rosalya: “Stop it, alright… He needs a little makeover, but after that it will be a piece of cake!”

“I’m not sure…”

Armin: “Um… Sorry, but, who is Leigh?”

“(Oh yeah, they’ve never met.) It’s Rosalya’s boyfriend, and Lysander’s older brother. He owns the clothes shop.”

Armin: “Oh, okay! And has Deborah ever seen him?”

“I don’t know…”

Rosalya: “I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t already know! She’s never seen him. Besides him, who could play that role.”

(Dake, but I think he is already back in Australia…)

Lysander: “Let’s do it then. We can try to make Leigh the perfect manager.”

New objective:Go in front of your apartment building to say goodbye to your friends.

“We can meet up tomorrow then?”

Rosalya: “No, not all of us, we’ll make small groups!”

“Groups? Why?”

Rosalya: “We will be faster, that’s all! We need a group to find the clothes for Leigh, and another to find some information about managers!”

Armin: “Uh, did you say that Lysander’s brother owns a clothing shop? Why can’t he take care of that on his own?”

Rosalya: “He needs to start getting into character tonight! He won’t have the time to find a suit! So Semma, what do you want to do tomorrow?”

This is where you choose who you’d like to be closer with! Since my affinity is practically ZEERO with Kentin, I will choose the option of “help find Leigh’s suit!” 🙂

Rosalya: “OK! Who else wants to go to the clothes shop tomorrow?”

(If Alexy weren’t angry with me, he would have said ‘yes’ right away…)

Nathaniel: “It doesn’t bother me to go. It will get me out of spending another day at school.”

Kentin: “Me neither, I can do it tomorrow.”

(So we are three! I’m excited, I’m sure it will be great!)

“And Rosalya, what will you do?”

Rosalya: “I’m going to go see Leigh and tell him what he has to do tonight, then we will start training him to be the perfect manager… Pompous and superficial, just like Deborah likes them!”

“Wait, you still haven’t told him?!”

Rosalya: “See you tomorrow and good luck! Ah, and another thing! Don’t forget to be discreet during the next few days!”

(Everyone went home. The next day, after classes, I waited for the boys in front of the school.)

New objective:Take a walk in town while waiting for everyone to join you..

I walk towards the Cafe, and Iris says herrooooo!

Iris: “You were discreet today…”

“I couldn’t wait for classes to end (and half the class hates me, sooo….)”

Iris: “You…what are you doing in town?”

“I’m waiting for someone in front of the school.”

Iris: “But we aren’t in front of the school…”

“REALLY OMG IRIS YOU ARE LIKE A GENIUS OR SOMETHING I know…(I should probably go back there.)”


Nathaniel: “Did you get lost on your way?”

“No, I took a little walk while waiting for you!”

Kentin: “Normally when you wait for someone you should wait in one place.”

(Sounds like he took a page from the Book of Lysander)

Let’s Go!

New objective:Find the clothes shop, buy a costume for Leigh..

Head towards the shops. You will get a notification by the park. That tree sure does find you sexy.

(We advanced, each of us on our own…) CHOOSE YO MAYUN!!! KENTIN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Kentin: “Is something wrong?”

“No, everything is fine! I just wanted to be with you a while! It would be a shame to walk the whole way without saying a word.”

Kentin: “Yeah… Well, a bit of calm isn’t bad either.”

IF YOUR AFFINITY IS HIGH, you can choose C. Mine is dirt. So I chose A.

“Do you want me to leave you alone?”

Kentin: “No, it’s alright now that you are here…”

“You seem thrilled about it..”

Kentin: “I was lost in my thoughts, that’s all!”

“What were you thinking about?”

Kentin: “Actually, that I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.”

(I should have brought some cookies with me!)

Kentin: “Since we are here.. I wanted to ask you a question. “

“Yes? What is it?”

Kentin: “Did you miss me, you know, while I was at military school?”

“No, not really.”

Kentin: “Oh…”

“I had your stuffed animal! When I thought of you I just had to look at it and everything was alright!”

Kentin: “Oh! I wasn’t expecting that…”


(What I said seems to have really pleased him!)

Head to the shops after the D’AWWW moment.

“Here we are.”

Nathaniel: “We need a three piece suit, something classy.”

“With sun glasses to give him a cool look!”

Kentin: “Won’t that be a bit cliché?”

“Maybe, but it will work!”

Nathaniel: “Here, the black one over there, it looks good…”


Kentin: “The grey one is nice too.”


(“I don’t know…We’ll have to try them on!” for those of you who couldn’t translate my squealies…)

Boys: “Try them on?!”

“Yes! You don’t want to try them on and see?”

Kentin: “I-If you want… I’m going to try the grey one then…”

Nathaniel: “A-And I’ll try the black one…”

(Oh man! I just said that on a whim! I never thought they would actually do it!)

(After a few minutes, they came out….TOGETHER MAYBE?!?!?)

Boys: “Don’t…Don’t make fun of us alright?”

“Of course not! I promise!”

“Wow! You guys look classy!”

(We debated for a few minutes on which suit to take. The boys were more than embarrassed and they went to change clothes.)


Kentin: “What won’t you make us do…”

“Ha ha! Sorry, but you looked so nice in those suits!”

Kentin: “If you say so…”

Nathaniel: “I feel more at ease in my clothes! I hope that Leigh will be able to wear a suit like this one without any problems…”

“Sure! Don’t worry.”

Kentin: “Let’s take the black suit with a white shirt, alright? Nathaniel was right, it’s classier.”


New objective:Unlock a new dialogue.

Go to the Park Entrance.

“And now?”

Nathaniel: “Who wants to go give the suit to Rosalya?”

“Me! I’ll go!”

Nathaniel: “If Deborah sees you with it, she might find it weird. It’s better to be too cautious than not enough!”

(We are getting a bit paranoid…)

Kentin: “If we want it to be believable, it’s got to be Nathaniel.”

“Why’s that?”

Kentin: “Rosalya seems to like giving people makeovers, and he really needs one!”

Nathaniel: “Excuse me?”

Kentin: “Well yeah. The whole ‘uniform’ look was in when my parents were in school, and even then… You are the only one who comes to school wearing a tie!”

Nathaniel: “I like this outfit and it’s not at all out of style! It’s rather your military pants from the 1940’s that are out of style!”


Kentin: “They are always better than your badly-tied tie!”


“You guys really don’t want me to take care of it?”

Boys: “NO!”

(I’m…going to just go home…..)

New objective:Go in front of your apartment to finish the day.

It’s quicker to cut through the park!

(I’m home! In order to be a spy spy, I should wear something EXTREMELY different from my regular style, in order to draw more less attention to myself.)

(Perfect! I will blend in to the scenery! Since our lockers are sky blue and our walls are hot pink, wearing dark sketchy colors is the BEST IDEA EVER!!!)


(I went to school.)

New objective:Ask Rosalya if she has everything she needs.

Nathaniel: “What are you doing?”


Nathaniel: “I saw her in the halls earlier.”


Nathaniel: “I finished a book yesterday and know I don’t know what read now… Could you suggest something to me?”

“ROSAL-oh, Uhm, I don’t know, I don’t really have time to read. (BECAUSE HIS AFFINITY IS TOO HIGH FOR MY LIKING. if you want hugs and kisses, tell him to read a police novel.)”

Armin: “So? Is everything going well? Are we going to attack soon?”

“I don’t know yet, I’m looking for Rosalya actually.”

Armin: “I haven’t seen her… Sorry.”

“It’s alright, lovebug!”

I ran into Lysander.

Lysander: “…”

(He is writing something in his notebook.)

YOU NEED 70 AFFINITY TO LOOK OVER HIS SHOLDER. I only have 55, so I’ma let it goooo~



Peggy: “Here, do you want a copy of the new paper? Today’s edition talks about all your achievements since Deborah has come back! “


Peggy: “Eh! If you didn’t want to see it on paper, for everyone to see, you should have behaved correctly!”

“I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about coming to show me your paper on purpose…”

Peggy: “Yeah, so… I… I wasn’t thinking about being mean, it just came out like that…”


Peggy: “And if you didn’t want to hear people’s comments, you shouldn’t have done anything!”

(She left irritated. Muahahaa.)

I found Castiel :3

Castiel: “Are you going to stop avoiding me already?”


“I didn’t do it on purpose today, I didn’t see you before…”

Castiel: “Because that was the case before?”

“Of course. You told me not to come near you anymore, that’s just what I’m doing.”

(I LEFT his pansy butt before he coudld SNARK AT ME.)

Then Amber. She says: “Totally! You gave me a solid alibi! I told myself that a detention was the price to pay for soaking Deborah with toilet water, and in the end, you are the one that got the detention that I was expecting! I should do that sort of thing more often!”

“I’m a murder you bia. Look at dees CRAZY EYES. @______________@”

Kentin: “♪ ♫ ♪”

(He is whistling while organizing his bag.)

Violette: “I heard you…”

“What?! (Does she know of our sneakyplan? How does she even know that it’s me?! I’m wearing the best disguise.)”

Violette: “Amber and you… I heard you. Why didn’t you say that you didn’t do anything? It’s not fair…”

“Oh…because at the moment, no one believes anything that I say. So it really doesn’t matter.”

Violette: “But you have an hour of detention because of that.”

“Yeah, it makes me angry…”

“Rose! Do you have everything you need?”

Rosalya: “Yes, now it’s just a question of time! In the mean time, I’m begging you to not get yourself into any sticky situations… Actually, no, it’s an order! Don’t do anything stupid until Leigh is ready!”


New objective:Go walk around the school until something happens.

I RAN INTO CASTIEL: OMG I HAD TO ILLUSTRATE THIS PART. EXCEPT minus the arms above her head. I’m not that good of an artist. .__. It’s so intense.

Castiel: “Can we talk for a bit, please?”

“Uh, ‘please?’ Are you feeling alright?”

Castiel: “Yes…and no?”

“I think the answer is clear…”

(In the snap of a finger, I found myself pinned against the wall with Castiel’s arms above my head.)


“I found myself pinned against the wall.”

Castiel: “Listen to me already! I-I, I’m sorry. I got carried away, I should never have told you that.”

“That’s too easy, I will never forgive you!”

Castiel: “I’m not asking for forgiveness, I’m just asking for you to understand!”

“But I understood! You hate me, you don’t want to have anything to do with me, I got the message loud and clear!”

Castiel: “Do I look like someone that hates you?”

“You look like a jerk, that’s enough!”

(My comeback surprised him. He moved and I managed to get away.)

Castiel: “This is the chance of a lifetime, someone I know made their own album and wants me to play with them, as a professional. If you want the best for me, like you said, you should understand… This opportunity won’t come up again! And you are trying to ruin everything by pushing Deborah to leave again! By lying!”


Castiel: “You have been acting out in the worst way possible recently, and it’s against a person who didn’t do anything to you! I think that’s enough of a reason make me mad!”

“I didn’t lie. And no, I don’t understand why you are placing your hopes in a girl that has already made you suffer.”

Castiel: “She just placed her career before me, I would have done the same!”

“No. I know you, you wouldn’t let anyone down.”

Castiel: “…”

(I walked away ignoring him, before stopping. I turned around towards him, and I looked at him with the most contemptuous look I could make.)

“Oh, and actually, Rosalya was right. Those clothes don’t suit you at all. You had a certain class before, and now there is nothing special about you. (I walked away at that.)”

(I really wish he would understand…)

(I couldn’t resist turning aruond to look at him…and he never took is eyes off me.)

Castiel: “…pfff!”

(He expected it! I’m sure he was just waiting for me to turn around!)

Castiel: “And you should wear more flattering clothes… So we at least have an impression that there is something to look at…”


Castiel: “I mean… It would still be useless, I can imagine that even the most plunging of necklines wouldn’t help much.”

“You’ve already used that joke a few too many times! Change the record already!”

(Oh man, how does he do it?! I was so mad, and now I can’t help but smile!!)

That reminds me of my boy. I can be so so so mad, but then laughing two seconds later because of his goofy smile.

Walk to the second hallway!

(I felt a hand grab onto my arm and pull me into the classroom. At first I thought it was Castiel again, but OMG ALEXY YAY!! BEST FRAAAN!!)

Alexy: “SHHH!!!”

“What are you doing?!”

Alexy: “Armin came to see me two days ago, he must have told you. But because he came to see me in the middle of the hall, I had to continue lying to him. I had to wait until we were home, alone, to explain things to him.”

“Lying? Explain what? I don’t understand.”

Alexy: “Quiet! I don’t want anyone to hear us! I’m not at all mad at you Semma, and I know that you didn’t do anything wrong. I began to doubt Deborah when she started crying, and then I knew for sure that she was faking when Violette and I took her away to calm down she… went a little overboard.”

“You believe me?!”

Alexy: “But of course! Violette has known her for longer, so she lets herself be convinced more easily, except crying like she did because someone she had known for less than a week didn’t like her, well… It was a bit too much.”

“But you said you didn’t want to talk to me! You seemed so disappointed…”

Alexy: “I knoooow, I’m sorry, but you saw me in the hallway and Deborah wasn’t very far away. I had to!”

“Had to what? You couldn’t tell her right away that you didn’t believe her? Instead you let me think you were mad at me?”

Alexy: “She refused to talk to Nathaniel when Violette tried to reassure her by saying that the student president could help her. And the day after, she didn’t want to see Lysander and Rosalya because we saw them talking to you in the halls. I thought that staying on her good side wouldn’t be so bad. You were skeptical of her from the beginning, I ended up following your lead!”

“But why didn’t you tell me before?”

Alexy: “We never ran into each other after that. I mean after our conversation in the hallway.”

“Uh…I guess…”

Alexy: “Well, I can tell you for sure: I didn’t have the occasion to be alone with you until now, and even now, I had to pull you in here by force! The only time you were free was when you were looking for Amber and you didn’t see me! It was really frustrating!”

“But…and Armin…why didn’t you tell him before?! You had the occasion with him!”

Alexy: “But I told him! Two days ago, at home. Not before because he didn’t care about the whole thing. He doesn’t really judge others. “

“He hasn’t said anything to me about it…He could have reassured me.”

Alexy: “Well… He told me what happened with Castiel… He didn’t really go into detail, but I can imagine that you felt horrible, so, I wanted to talk to you myself. Because if I let him talk for me, he could never have done it!”


Alexy: *smile*

(He made a huge smile, then advanced towards me)


(We giggled a little too loudly!)

“Shhh! I thought we weren’t supposed to make any noise!”

Alexy: “Sorry! I’ve wanted to do that for days!”

“It’s really not fair! Why do you like boys…?”

Alexy: “Because they are less annoying than girls!”

“Really? Just for that? I’m not that annoying!”

Alexy: “Ha ha, no, not “just for that”. It’s the kind of thing you just can’t explain. It’s like the fact that you like boys! You just can’t say why!”

“I can make you a whole list of reasons why I don’t like Deborah…”

Alexy: “I don’t doubt it!…Alright, I’m leaving! If someone saw me come in here, I’ll be in trouble!”

“Okay, I just wanted to know…did you learn anything about Deborah by talking to her?”

“Nothing that you don’t already know, according to Armin, if what she told me is the truth.”

(He left the room…phew! Alexy isn’t mad at me, and he never was! In some way, this is a great story…we now have a spy, and Deborah knows nothing!)

New objective:Talk to Armin.

Armin: “I just saw Alexy leave the room, were you with him?”

“Yes! But don’t say anything, no one should know…”

Armin: “It’s alright, almost everyone left. Shoot, I forgot to tell you that he doesn’t really believe Deborah… I’m such an idiot!”

“Yup. I thought he told you not to say anything?”

Armin: “Yeah, but he was mean to make me think that he was such a creep, I wanted to get back at him!”

(haha poor guy, when he just wanted to help in his way.)

Armin: “Otherwise, Rosalya said to meet her at the city park. She thinks that the ‘you-know-what’ is ready.”

“Oh yeah?! That’s great! Let’s go!”

Armin: “Uh… No. I’ll wait for you tomorrow in the halls to see how it goes with Deborah, but it’s out of the question that I go to the park. It’s worse than the Gardening Club!”

“Ah, okay. See you tomorrow then!”

New objective:Go back to the courtyard to leave the school.

I left the school.

New objective:Go to the park to join Rosalya and Leigh.

Leigh: “Hello Semma, I hope that you are well.”


“Hi Leigh! Oh man, you look classy!”

Leigh: “Thanks. I had a hard time getting used to it.”

Rosalya: “See? He’s perfect! We just have to introduce him to Deborah tomorrow!”

“But…how will we do that?”

Rosalya: “Well, he is going to say he wants to see her because he has something to say to her, and he was in the neighborhood so he’s taking the chance!”

“Don’t you think Deborah will be sketpical?”

Leigh: “One of her friends couldn’t just introduce me to her, and say that he offered to take me to her when I asked? If it’s one of her friends, then she won’t necessarily think that we are trying to trick her.”

“Oh, that’s not a bad idea! I’m sure that Alexy will be thrilled!”

Rosalya: “I thought he was mad at you?”

“It’s more complicated than that, I’ll explain later!”

Rosalya: “Ok. Let’s meet up tomorrow to put the plan into action! Armin will be there too. We’ll be hiding in a corner to make sure that things go well. Do you want to come with us?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss this one for the world!”

New objective:Go to your bedroom in the game to go to the next day.

My parents were none to thrilled with my Detention slip…I can’t wait for this drama to be over!

New objective: Tell Alexy about your plan!.

Find Alexy and then nab him to Classroom A!

Alexy: “What’s up? Did something happen to you other than you’re wearing yesterday’s clothing?”

“No, no, and they are still clean! We have a plan to catch Deborah but we need you right away!”

Alexy: “Really? My brother is really dumb sometimes, he didn’t say anything to me…”

“Maybe he’s still mad at you for the lying? Anyway, I’ll explain the plan.”

Alexy: “Yeah, I would never have thought about doing something like that! Rosalya is a genius!”

“You can help us, then?”

Alexy: “Yes, of course! As soon as I see Rosalya’s boyfriend, I’ll bring him to Deborah!”

“Great! I’m counting on you.”

New objective:Join Armin and Rosalya in the hallway.

Armin: “Psst! Semma! Come here! “

They’re all behind the lockers.

“What are ya’ll doing?”

Armin: “We are waiting for you! Leigh and Deborah are a little further down the hall. Wanna go see?”

“Shoot, really? They are already here?”

Rosalya: “I was wondering if it was really necessary that I come with you.”


Rosalya: “Uh, well, two people hiding is more discreet than three.”

“Come with us anyway!”

Rosalya: “Okay! I’ll come!”

(I didnt’ have to ask her twice!)

Go to second hallway.

(Deborah and Leigh were both at the end of the hall. Leigh was against the lockers in a very relaxed stance. Deborah was in front of him, with her hands behind her back.)

Deborah: “And you came all this way just for me?”

Leigh: “No, not really. I was in the neighborhood, and seeing as I heard you were at this school now, I said to myself “Hey, why not?”.”

Deborah: “Oh… “

Leigh: “Look, I don’t have any time to lose here. I’m here to make you a proposition and I want to know if you are in or not.”

Deborah: “What do I win by coming to you? The record company that provided my manager is perfectly adapted for young artists, and my percentage on sales with him is much more reasonable!”

Leigh: “What does a big percentage matter when you are only selling locally? What am I proposing here? Listen to this: A contract that will take you further than this podunk town, a larger distribution network, a better managed advertising campaign, and a smaller percentage, of course, but one that will bring you way more than your ridiculous current sales.”

Deborah: “Ridiculous? If they are ridiculous, why are you interested in me?”

Leigh: “Because I’ve got flair, darlin’. And the creep who is organizing your life right now doesn’t even realize what he has in his hands. I’d prefer to outdo him before it’s too late.”

She fell silent, obviously contemplating.

Leigh: “I told you, I don’t have all day here. If you aren’t interested, tell me now.”

Deborah: “Wait, wait… Don’t be in such a rush… This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.”

SHE got all up on him, trying to flirt her way into it. STATUTORY! STATUTORRYYYY!!!

Rosalya: “What’s going on?”

“Uhm, Deborah got a little…closer…”

Rosalya: “Let me see!”

(Move over to let her see.)

“Sh! Move slowly or they’ll see us!”

Rosalya: “Yes, yes, of course! Who do you take me…f-!!!”

“Shiz! Armin, do somehting!”

(Armin grabbed Rosalya by the arm just as she was about to rush at Deborah!)


Rosalya: “Let me go! How dare she flirt with MY Leigh?”

We left ASAP before Deborah saw us.

Armin: “”I’d never get mad at her.” Whatever?! Oh man Rosalya, you almost ruined everything!”

(He is still holding her to keep her from going back to Leigh and Deborah.)

Rosalya: “I’m going to get her! Let me go!”

“I’m going to head back and see what’s going on…Armin, just try to calm her down, please?”

Armin: “If you could bring me some ether to put her to sleep, that would be much easier!”

Armin, drugging people is never the answer…

New objective:Go back to the hallway to continue listening to Deborah.

Deborah: “So, you really think I’m worth it?”

Leigh: “I won’t repeat myself… Yes or no?”

Deborah: “Let me call my manager to talk to him about it, alright? Just wait a little moment… You can give me that, right?”

Leigh: “Very well… You have 5 minutes. Is that enough?”

Deborah: “Thanks! I won’t be long!”

(I need to follow her! I want to be there when she leaves her manager!)

New objective:Follow Deborah to overhear her phone conversation.

“Have you seen Deborah?”

Nathaniel: “She was in one of the classrooms. Is everything alright?”

“We’ll know soon enough! She is calling her manager!”

Nathaniel: “Perfect! I’ve prepared something in the teacher’s lounge, as soon as she figures out that we’ve tricked her, go hide there. Okay?”

“But it’s always closed…”

Nathaniel: “Not always, no.”

(He was spinning the keys to the teacher’s lounge around his finger.) Careful, the last time Armin did that, they ended up behind the lockers!”

Nathaniel: “Don’t worry, I know how to be careful…”

(He said that too…)


Deborah: “Hey, Steven? I’m sorry to call you like this in the middle of the day, but it’s pretty important… Yes…Uh, well, someone else has spotted me… And you see, he treats me like I deserve. He thinks I’ve got a real potential and that I can go far… Do you understand? So… You know, I love you a lot, and I don’t want to leave you for someone else… But I need a little more consideration to go further with my career. If you could just reconsider the way you handle my career, you would be a doll. And I will stay, of course… Uh… Yes, why? Wait… No… That’s not what I mean…W-What?! That’s not… You don’t know what you are losing!… So? My sales would have picked up if you had done your job a little better! That’s it! Right! Fine! See you later loser!”

She turned and saw me.

Deborah: “What are you doing here?”

“I came in here by accident and saw you…It’s not going well with this…uh, Steven?”

Deborah: “It was my manager. That idiot has been thinking about ending my contract for a couple months now, because my sales are too low and my atti-… I mean, stuff that you couldn’t understand.”

“You don’t have a manager then?”

Deborah: “Wipe that smile off your face, I’ve found better. I haven’t lost anything.”

“Oh, okay…”

New objective:Leave the room.

(Now that that is done, I wonder how we are going to make her realize that we’ve tricked her…?)

Deborah: “Hey, watch out! Don’t stay in front of a door like that! I almost knocked you over.”

“Shoot. (I moved to let her pass.)”

Rosalya: “YOU!!”


Deborah: “What’s wrong with you?”

Rosalya: “How dare you put your hands on my boyfriend! I’m warning you! If you touch him again I’ll make you regret the day you were born!”

Deborah: “Your boyfriend? But I’ve never met your boyfriend. I didn’t even know you had one!”

Rosalya: “I saw you do it! Don’t lie to me!”

Deborah: “You are crazy Rosalya. I would never… B-But what the…”

(She took a step back after looking behind Rosalya.)

Leigh: “Rosa, please, calm down… She didn’t know.”

Deborah: “Y-You know him?”

(Oh, she is starting to understand!)

Rosalya: “Of course I know him! He is my boyfriend!”

Deborah: “Your boyfriend is a manager?”

Rosalya: “No! He owns a clothing shop!”

Deborah: “W-What? B-But You said that…”

Leigh: “I’m sorry to have lied to you miss, but from what the people I love told me, you deserved a little lesson.

Deborah: “A lesson, is that it?”

New objective:RUN!

Click to Hall 2

(The door to the teacher’s lounge was open)

Deborah: “At last, we are alone… Just the two of us…”

(She closed the door menacingly)

Deborah: “Did you have fun? Making me lose my contract like that… Do you realize what you’ve done?”

“I wasn’t alone.”

Deborah: “Do you think you’ve won something? Even if my manager has left me, another one will come along soon enough.”

“If the first one didn’t want you anymore because of your sales, no one will.”

Deborah: “But now, I have Castiel… The situation has changed.”

“You don’t have anyone yet, he hasn’t decided.”

Deborah: “It’s only a question of time. That idiot believes anything you tell him as long as you look him straight in the eye. He is the worst one out of all the idiots at this school. He will come with me, he will help boost my career with his talent and style. And when that is done, I’ll just have to play the same scenario as last time!”

“The same…you mean you’ll drop him again?”

Debora: “Of course, two is a crowd under the spotlight. So, my dear, don’t cry victory yet. I’ve got the whole school in my pocket, and it’s not you and your idiot friends that are going to bring me down. I haven’t lost anything and will never lose.”

“You didn’t need to trap me to tell me that…why did you follow me?”

Deborah: “Because you are a little too stubborn for my taste. Since the day I met you, you haven’t stopped trying to trick me. And this time you almost did. If I didn’t have a backup plan you would have succeeded, so… I want to be sure that you won’t go against me ever again.”

“How’s that?”

Deborah: “I’ve never had to turn to force, but too bad, you have left me without a choice.”

“Force?! You want to hit me?! Don’t do it, this time, if you hit me, no one will believe you!”

Deborah: “Not if I hurt myself too. I’ll just say that I defended myself. After all, everyone believes that you are already tried to attack me…”


Deborah: “What is this?!”

(On the desk behind the chairs, there was a little red light…next to the microphone that the principal uses to make her announcements at school.)

Deborah: “N-No… Tell me it’s not true… Tell me it’s not true!!”

(I ran.)

Kentin: “What are you doing?”

“The plan worked! But now Deborah is going to kill me. I’m running for my life here, man.”

Kentin: “Oh yeah? Try to lead her to the teachers’ lounge, Nathaniel has a little surprise for her!”

….didn’t this just happen already? wut.

She caught up to me and yanked my arm. Law. Suit.

Deborah: “You little PEST! You knew!”

“Let me go! You are hurting me!”

Deborah: “How dare you?!”

(She raised her hand to hit ething. But when she called me names, she had a real reason to.”

Deborah: “W-Wait… I was kidding… She wanted so much to make me look mean that I wanted to joke around as if it was real…”

Rosalya: “That’s enough now, Deborah. We heard everything.”

Violette: “Y-You really think that we are a school of… Idiots?”

Deborah: “B-But no! Of course not! It was a joke! You know that I love you Violette! You don’t know.. Why doesn’t anyone believe me? After all that we’ve done together, you won’t take my word because of a tiny little joke?”

Iris: “I doubted Semma for a reason far less important than this one…”

Deborah: “Castiel… Believe me, please… Kitten…”

Castiel: “I think that it’s time you leave Deborah. Definitively.”

(His voice was so icy that even I got the chills.)

She ran away crying real tears.

(All the students were there. They didn’t stop talking about Deborah. I tried to make eye contact with Castiel.)

Castiel: “…”

(He looked at me sadly and then left.)

New objective:It’s better not to leave Castiel alone, go talk to him..

Amber: “That wasn’t as fun as the bucket of water on that girl’s head, but I have to admit that the loud speaker was quite genius!

Don’t go crazy, I’m telling you that because my brother told me that he was the one who had the idea. It’s great when he puts his mind towards things like this, you know what I mean?”

“I agree.”

Lysander: “That’s a good thing done, right?”
“If only you knew how happy I am!”
Lysander: “I can imagine. Did you get the apology you deserved?”
“No..actually, everyone is avoiding me…I thought that Iris, and the others would come and talk to me, but they all just…scattered…”
Lysander: “Or it’s a whole other problem… I’ve got to go, I have something to do.”
“kay bye.”
I found him again.
“Are you still busy?”
Lysander: “Yeah, but we will have time to talk later, don’t worry.”
(Why is he smilling like that…)
I found Castiel 😀
“Castiel, wait!”
Castiel: “Can you leave me alone, please. I don’t feel like talking.”
“But…you shouldn’t be alone.”
Castiel: “On the contrary. That’s exactly what I need.”
“Oh, sorry, didn’t realize that you were suddenly British.”
Castiel: *Walks away degectedly*
Castiel: “What are you doing?”
“Don’t go…It’s not good to be alone when you’re sad!”
(Castiel didn’t move. I stayed close to him for a moment, before letting him breathe.)

Castiel: “No. Stay.”
(He squeezed my hand a little harder and held me against him.)
Castiel: “I’m sorry… For this whole mess…”
“It’s not your fault…”
(He let go of my hand and left without saying another word. He has been trying to apologize to me for days, and finally…he did it. Tomorrow, he should feel better.)
(Oh no! I didn’t see the time! My detention starts in five minutes!)
New objective:Find where your hour of detention will take place.
(I don’t see anyone else in the hallways, I must be the last person here…I forgot my letter at home and I have no idea which room to go to…)
John Lennon: “Ah! Here you are! I was sure I saw you in the halls. You weren’t thinking of skipping your detention, right?”
“No! I couldn’t remember which room it was in.”
John Lennon: “It’s in Classroom A! I’ll meet you there, alright? I’m supposed to watch you.”
New objective:Go to Classroom A to finish the episode!
I sat down, and the door opened and Lysander shows his face.
Lysander: “What are you doing?”
“I’ve been punished, remember? I got a detention because of the bucket of water that fell on Deborah.”
Lysander: “And you are alone?”
“No, there are obviously other people in this tiny classroom.”
Lysander: “I see, we have to act quickly then.”
Lysander: “Someone wanted to tell you something, but didn’t really have the courage.”
They all apologized, and Violette “TOOK ME IN HER ARMS.” 😀 OMG YAAAY!


Did ju liek dis?!

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