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As the walkthough for Episodes 15, 16, and 17  are STILL not up on the mcl website, I guess I’ll be super detailed for Episode 16 as well. You’re welcome.

*rant rant time* I replayed Episode 6 in order to get Rosalya’s ring (as stated by ChiNoMiko in the very beginning that it is possible to receive) and I didn’t get it. Apparantly you have to do an ENTIRE STORY REPLAY to get the ring. I wish they had stated that somewhere before I wasted 200 AP. At least I got the hideous cat plush that Violette made. But still. Mods be trippin’.*end rant*

WARNING: This episode is DIALOGUE HEAVY. I didn’t really get anything “funny” out of this episode. It was really dramatic. I think the plotline definitely needed something REAL like this, instead of OMG CHASE THAT DOG and OMG ANOTHER DOG CHASE IT.

For clarification they are color-coded (because I’m lazy to do this with other episodes)














Deborah, Candy

“I’m excited to see you! We had fun yesterday, didn’t we?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t have a very good memory… We had fun yesterday in the basement. Don’t you remember?”


“Ha ha! Now you must be kidding with me! You are really funny! I’m really happy that we are friends now! “

“‘Friends?’ YOU have got to be kidding with me, now!”

“Calm down, you are going to scare Violette and Iris… I know you are kidding, but they might wonder what is going on! You are a really good actress, you know?! One might even think that you really hate me!”


“Is something wrong Semma? You have a funny look on your face.”

FOR THIS PART, you have the option to Play Along With The Sataness, eventually she gets aggravated with your friendliness and creates a dramatic lie about you in the hallway. Any choices you make regarding this first plot line lead to the same outcome. So call her out or play along, she bites you anyway.

“(Tell her the truth)” BISH.

“Cut that out! I’m not going to make it easy on you by pretending that we are best friends.”

“Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today…”

“Don’t act surprised!”

“I can’t even tell if you are kidding or not. If I’ve done something wrong, I hope you’ll forgive me, it wasn’t my intention… I’ll come back when you are feeling better, ok?”


Iris says ‘oh no, baby bear, calm down!’ but AM NOT IN THE MOOD.

(What am I going to do now? Deborah has clearly decided to continue acting as if nothing happened yesterday. She told me to keep quiet about it, but if I tell the others, I’m sure they will believe me…)

“Tell the others.”

(I can’t do anything alone this time, and I need to tell the others. I don’t want her to use them like she used Castiel!)

New objective:Go try and warn the other students.

So I try to talk to Melody, but she is so blind, I could have run her over with a truck. (Found her in the courtyard.)

Next, I find Alexy, also in the courtyard.


Candy, Alexy

“Hey Semma! Are you feeling better?”

“Pfffff, not really…”

“What’s going on?”

“I had a bad feeling about Deborah, do you remember?”

“Yeah, and we proved that you were just imagining things!”

“I thought so too, but…”


“She told me how she became a singer, and it’s horrible…she manipulated everyone to be the only one to make it as a professional…” GIRL work on your story skills. This sounds ridic.

“And she told you all of this?”


“And you never thought that she was just playing a little joke on you?”

“No, she was serious!”

“Who would divulge their wrongdoings to a little gossip like you?”

“The bad guys in movies to it all the time!”

“Ha ha! Yeah, but when they are about to kill the hero! She wasn’t about to do anything to you was she?”

“No, but…”

“If you want to avoid passing for a liar, you should stop worrying about her so much. I know, you have your doubts, it’s your feminine intuition or whatever, but we spent a whole day proving that she was cool! Anyone can make a mistake!”

“But she really told me everything!”

“She found out that you were gullible and she wanted to make fun of you a bit!”

(It’s useless to keep insisting…it’s a lost cause.)

I saw Violette, and normally I’d be all DEBORAH SUCKS, but then I saw cute lil’ Violette and <3<3<3 so I asked how her day was. She likes sewing cats, apparantly.

I ran into Lysander next.


Lysander, Candy

“Hello Semma. I finally got a hold of Castiel last night. He isn’t going to leave for now, but… he isn’t sure about a few things. I have to admit that I didn’t really understand him.”

“Oh yeah? Is he here today? Did he say why he was absent yesterday?”

“He was just a little tired after the concert. He is going to be here later today. The longer you stay in bed, the harder it is to get out!”

“Maybe his bed is overly possessive…”

“It seems to be that way for lots of people.”

“Not you?”

“No, I always forget to turn off my alarm on the weekends, so, no matter what, I’m always up before 8 am! “

“Ha ha, that’s unlucky!”

I ran into Kim, who told me that Deborah is so nice. Lies, Kim. Lies.

I went down the hallway near the stairs (I think that Deborah is mostly found here.)


Deborah, Violette, Alexy, Candy


(Now what?)

“They told me everything Semma… I… You can’t even imagine how I feel right now!”

“What did who tell you? That I, unlike others, am not a liar?” BAM! IN YO FACE!

“You keep doing it! In front of everyone! Ooooohhh…”

(OH, LORD JESUS ITS A FIRE! Oh, wait. No, she can cry on command?! WHAT BLASPHEMY IS THIS)

“You are horrible! I thought we were friends! You said such horrible things about me behind my back… I would rather not talk to you!”

“Cut the act, Deborah! You are ridiculous!”

Violette: “Semma, please stop… you aren’t helping anything.”

“But OMG she is just pretending! Look!”

Alexy: “What’s going on?”

(I’ve got to stop this, everyone is going to think I’m a monster!)

(Get the truth out there once and for all)

“And if we go and talk to Nathaniel about this? What would he say?”

“N-Nathaniel is on his sister’s side… And she hates me even more than you!”

(That’s all she’s got?)

Alexy: “Semma, stop it now. Can’t you see that you are hurting her?”

“But I’m just trying to tell you the truth!”


“Don’t look at me like that, Alexy! You know me, you know very well that I wouldn’t lie about something like this…”

Alexy: “… Come on Deborah, let’s go sit down.”


(Everyone left, glaring at me. Deborah smiled at me, but no one else noticed.)

(I turned and ran to the courtyard)

New objective:Go to the locker room to unlock a dialogue..


Lysander, Candy

(I laid down on a bench. I want to cry. Why is this happening to me?)

“I’ve never seen you this pale… Something happened to you, right?”

“No, don’t worry, everything is alright.”

“Are you sure?”

(Tell him everything)

“I knew something was wrong… And everyone is on Deborah’s side?”

“Yeah, even Violette and Alexy…”

“She managed to play the situation to her advantage… I can imagine that even I would have gotten pulled in.”

“I doubt it, you are someone who thinks before they act.”


(He smiled at me :D)

“You should go home and rest… Tomorrow this whole thing will just be another story from the past, I’m sure of it.”

“Not me…if I go, she is going to continue lying to people about me…”

“And you think you are going to stop her by hiding in the locker room?”

“…I can never go back into that school…”

“So, go home and rest. Come back tomorrow feeling all better. Okay?”


“Glad to hear it.”

“Thanks, Lysander…I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“You would have just stayed here until the end of class. I’ve saved you from an afternoon of sad thoughts in the company of empty lockers.”

“And that’s a lot, trust me!”

New objective:Return to the courtyard.


Rosalya, Candy

Rosalya: “You know, I heard some stuff about you that doesn’t make you look very good!”

“No, Rosalya, it’s not waht you think…”

“You helped me get through a rough patch with Leigh… among other things, so I have my doubts. I would like to hear your version of the story.”

“Thanks… (tell the story…again…)”

“What a little pest!”

“Do you still believe me?”

“That’s so crazy that you couldn’t have made it up!”

FINALLY someone believes me.

“You’ll have to be delicate with this one… To get her good, you will have to figure out her weak spot.”

“You want to hurt her?”

“No, just beat her at her own game… But we need to find out which cards she has in her hands… I’ll have to lead a little investigation!”

“I already did that, and trust me, there’s nothing to say…”

“You weren’t looking in the right places, that’s all! Leave it to the expert! Do you want to come with me?”

“Lysander suggested that I go home and rest…”

“Ah, he isn’t wrong… Alright then, see you tomorrow!”

“Yeah, see you.”

RETAIL THERAPY! This clothes are super cute (except for those ferocious looking booties) and super cheap!! YAY! I hope they are customisable with the color scheme after this episode ^^ That’s always my favorite part of starting a new episode….*SPOILERS they are not available in different colors after the episode 😦

So, get up the next day in your way-out-of-dresscode-leggings and OMG everyone is staring at you 😦

New objective:Find Rosalya to find out if she found anymore information about Deborah..


Armin, Candy

“There’s the little torturer!”


“Are you going to torture anyone else today?”


“C’mon! Say something! Anything, even a comeback! I don’t know… defend yourself!”

“I don’t really feel like arguing about that…”

“So, you were really mean with Diala?”

“…Are you doing that on purpose?”

“So, you were really mean with Diala?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit…irritated”

“For sure, it must be nice to have half of the school angry at you!”

“You are really comforting me here, Armin, thanks…why aren’t you angry with me? You don’t believe Deborah?”

“Huh? Of course. We had fights like this all the time in our old school. So I know that even the nicest girls can go crazy one day or another… Yesterday was your day, that’s all! You were in furious mode!”

(I’m not sure if I like that…)


Deborah, Candy


“So… Are you regretting not having kept quiet yet?”

“You aren’t going to win this, ho!”

“I’m pretty far ahead though.”

(If I didn’t manage to unmask you, Rosalya will, I’m sure of it…)


Kentin, Candy

“I didn’t hear anything good about you today.”

“I don’t really want to talk about it…”

“Me neither, I just wanted to let you know that I know.”

“I could have done without that…”

“…You’re not doing so well then?”

“How could I be doing well, everyone is ignoring me?”

“You shouldn’t have created the situation then.”

(I never tried to!!)


I then met Iris. And Violette. And Alexy. Once everyone tells you that you suck, go to classroom B (well, I met Rosalya in here so maybe?) and YAY PLOT.

Rosalya, Candy

“Ah, Rosalya, here you are! So, did you find something? Do you know what to do?”

“…I was concentrated on something else this morning, sorry.”

“Something else?”

“Did you see Castiel this morning?”

“Not yet..”

“Wait to see him, then you’ll understand…”

“What do you mean? (Someone came into the classroom at that very moment)”


HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“What are you looking at?”

“Don’t tell me that you changed your look to please your ex? You aren’t that stupid, right?!” (LOL You missed a spot…your whole head is still red, you goof)

“I can change my style when I want, and it has nothing to do with that girl at school.” LIES.

“Oh, right, of course…”

“I don’t see why I’m talking to the both of you. Just stop bothering me, okay?”

“Bothering you?”


“Or just get lost…” LOOK AT THAT SMILE. He’s blushing lol. CUTE.

“‘Get lost,’ sir?”


“I’m not going anywhere! If you don’t want to see us, you can ‘get lost’ in another room!”

“I’m meeting someone here…”

(‘someone? OH GOD IS IT DEBORAH?!)

“Normally I’m not against your little jokes, but now is not the time, I need to talk business. Get out of here. The school is big, go whine somewhere else.”


“Just get out, alright!”

(woah, I really made him angry…) but my affinity is still 100 😉

I left and found him again.

I guess they met? Anyway, hello, Castiel!

“So, what did she want?”

“And how is that your business?”

“I’m worried, that’s all…I know that Deborah already hurt you.”

“I can handle it myself, unlike others, don’t worry about me.”

“But…you are my friend.”

“I can still take care of myself. And I didn’t appreciate what I heard about you yesterday.”

“It’s not what you think…”


(He doesn’t believe me…)

I found Rosalya.

Rosalya, Candy

“That was a nice little fight!”

“You see, he’s not his normal self!”

“It’s not hard to miss… He’s wearing his clothes from when Deborah was here.”

“Those clothes?”

“Yeah. But they looked much better with his black hair!”

(What are you doing, Castiel…?)

“So, did you find anything about Deborah the Shewitch?”

“I found the blog of her former guitarist, and he doesn’t talk about Deborah in a very positive light. He wrote a detailed article about her, but she got it censored. I had to ask him through a private message what happened.”

“Ask them what?”

“He said that she went out with the drummer and him at the same time, in order to ask them the same thing and take advantage of them both.”

“We have to get him here! To testify against her!”

“It’s not that easy… He is abroad now and I don’t think he’ll take a plane to solve a little fight between high school students…”

“‘Little?’ It should that you aren’t the one being ignored by everyone…”

“And with the concert, she saw that Castiel got better…but her manager must have contacts with other guitarists, don’t you think?”

“Or she thought that she could take advantage of him and then get rid of him when she was done, like the first time…”

“She is really horrible…”

“You don’t have to tell me that! For now, that’s all I’ve got on her, but I’m going to find a way to get her talking. Don’t get into any trouble in the meantime!”


(Thank goodness Rosalya is here…I feel less alone. But I’m not going to stay here with my arms crossed while she does all the work for me…) OMG NO, CANDY!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO…..

(If the old guitarist can’t come, there is someone else that can reveal the real Deborah to everyone: NATHANIEL!)

New objective:Talk to Nathaniel.


(I clickety click and overhear Iris and Violette talking about MOI)

Iris: “Who would have thought that about her…?”

Violette: “And poor Deborah is still under the shock… Alexy and I had a hard time consoling her…”

Iris: “It was really mean… I was disappointed in her, and to think I considered her as a friend.”

Violette: “And I thought she was so nice… It’s just not possible.

Iris: “Maybe Deborah misunderstood something?”

Violette: “Alexy said that she spent a whole day trying to convince everyone that Deb was mean…”

(I was right! I should have talked to Alexy when I had the chance…)


Lysander, Candy

BLAH. I run to the stairwell and bump into the fahbulous Lysander

“Have you seen Castiel today?”

“Yeah…he changed his look.”

“He doesn’t look too at ease. I think that seeing that girl bothered him more than he thought it would.”

“As long as he doesn’t fall back into her arms…”

“That would be stupid of him… He was in really bad shape when she left. If I were him, I wouldn’t try it again. But enough about him. What’s going on with you? Are you feeling better? Less stressed?”

“How could anything have changed…”

“Well, you aren’t alone. Rosalya and I are here.”

“Oh, she told you.”

“Leigh talked about it last night. She told him.”

“Oh, okay….it’s try that having you on my side is comforting, but it still worries me that Deborah can do anything she wants without the slightest care…”

“If you want to beat her, you’ll have to be as sure of yourself as she is. Or just ignore her… I would do the latter without hesitation.”

“But you don’t really care too much about what other people think…”

“And when I see in what state it puts you, I’m reassured of my choices!”



Kentin, Candy

“Say, Kentin…would you get back with your ex if she came to ask you?”

“My ex? But I don’t have an ex…I’ve never had an…”

“You’ve never had a girlfriend?”

“…B-Because I didn’t want one!”

“I can imagine…you are hot now, girls must ask you out all the time…Like with Amber.”

“That was just revenge, I didn’t go out with her…”


Armin, Candy

“What happened to Castiel? He wanted to pull a “Kentin”? If that’s the case, his level-up is a total fail!”

“He wanted to change his look for…someone.”

“He has a brother that forces him to go shopping too?”

“No, it’s for something else. And he is an only child.”

“That’s unlucky. He must be bored to death alone with his parents.”

“He isn’t with his parent either. They are abroad.”

“Seriously? He lives alone?”

“Not exactly, he has a dog.”

“Ha ha! That explains everything now! That’s why he isn’t so good with people.”

“Don’t make fun, it’s not his fault.”

“You don’t disagree with me, so you must think the same, ha ha!”



Nathaniel, Candy

“Finally! I’ve been looking for you for hours!”

“Oh? Do you need my help?”

“How did you guess?”

“If you’ve been looking for me for a while, it’s usually because you have something to ask me.”

“I could have just wanted to see you…plus you have been out for a few days”

“Everyone can get sick, even me.”

“Was it serious?”

“I wasn’t away too long, so no. I think I put too much energy into the concert.”

“Ha ha, I bet.”

“What did you want to ask me?”

“I don’t know if you know, but Deborah is back…”

“Melody let me know. She also told me to steer clear of you.”

“People don’t like me now, yeah. Deborah lied to everyone about me.”

“…And why are you talking to me about it?”

“She told me what happened before she left the school last time.”

“Why did she do that?”

“I didn’t trust her, and she wanted to play it straight.”

“That way, your story is so big that no one would believe you… She is still up to the same tricks from what I can see.”

“Yeah! So I was thinking that you could help me to expose the truth.”

“Do you know what I had to go through because of her? Do you know what it feels like to be truly hated by someone when you didn’t do anything to them?”

“Yeah, since yesterday…”

“So, here’s my advice: if you want to avoid a catastrophe, ignore her. And ignore the jerks who believed her. If they want to believe that little pest, that is their problem, not yours.”

“But I can’t ignore that! It would mean that she has won!”

“But she already did win.”

“Nathaniel, please, I can’t do this alone…”

“Even with my help you couldn’t change anything. Forget this whole story and just play it cool. See it as an occasion to concentrate a bit more on your studies.”

“But…Castiel…we can’t let him get tricked again!”

“That would be the only thing positive that can come from the return of that pest… He’ll get whats coming to him again. Hopefully, it will teach him a lesson.”


“And don’t try to get me involved in anything having to do with that girl again. I’ve already had enough of her.”


(If I want to get any further, I’m going to need to find another ally…but who else could have a reason to hate Deborah? She didn’t hurt anyone on purpose besides Nathaniel and I…OH MAN AMBER! She hates EVERYONE! There’s my Ally!….wow, for about half of a second, I thought Amber was nice…)

New objective:Talk to Amber.


Kentin, Candy

“Have you seen Amber?”

“Amber? You are looking for Amber?”


“You are like her now, so you want to become her friend?”

“No, that’s not what it’s about!”

“Then why?”

“It’s…it’s my business!”

“Careful… Lots of people are watching you. If they see you being nice to Amber, you’re done for.”


Lysander, Candy

“Have you seen Amber?

“Amber? What is going on?”

“I have something to ask her.”

“… What are you up to?”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

“I don’t think that that applies to Amber…”

“Now that I’ve seen the real Deborah, Amber isn’t so bad anymore…”

“But she is still a girl who is obsessed with her looks and is intolerable. Deborah seems nice and she is quite crafty, something that Amber hasn’t yet mastered, but they are quite similar in the end.

“I’m still going to try!”



Castiel, Candy

“Have you seen Amber?”

“I don’t ever pay attention to her. Why do you want to see her?”

“Do I ask you questions?”

“That’s my comeback.”

“I know! I’m joking with you.”

“… You didn’t say what you wanted from that pest.”

“Nothing too important.”

“Be careful what you ask for, you may really regret it.”


Amber, Candy

“Oh no, not you… I haven’t seen you all day and you had to come and ruin it!”

“For once, I’m happy to see you!”

“Oh yeah? What did you think, that because you were a little pest with Deborah that I would suddenly like you? I know that you didn’t do anything.”

“You believe me?”

“That has nothing to do with it. She wasn’t really crying earlier, and it wasn’t hard to see that.”

“How do you know that she was faking?”

“I know how to recognize fake tears when I see them. I basically invented them.”

(I wouldn’t brag about that…)

“So? Why are you looking for me?”

“I need your help to get back at Deborah, once and for all.”

“And what do I get out of it?”

“The satisfaction of seeing Deborah getting beat at her own game?”

“I already have a plan for that.”

“Oh yeah?”

“It doesn’t concern you! It’s my vengeance, not yours.”

“But together we will be stronger!”

“Did you understand what I was saying or not? I don’t need you to get things done. I don’t have a whole school against me. I have friends who are going to help me and I don’t need a little pest like you around. Plus, everyone is talking about you for the wrong reasons, and I’m going to take advantage of that!”

“…and I thought we could make a truce.”

“When I really need you, we can reconsider, but I would prefer wearing my mother’s clothes than ask you for help!”

(It wouldn’t be that hard to torture her…)

“Hee hee…”


“You must have fallen pretty far to come crawling to me for help… It’s great!”

(That’s the longest conversation I’ve ever had with her, yet it finished like all the others…)

New objective:Try to find another idea by going to the school.


Nathaniel, Candy



“What did I ask you earlier?!”

“To not get you involved in my stories with Deborah?”

“And just after you go see my sister to ask her for help!?”

“But it concerns your sister, not you…”

“Yes is does! It concerns me too! It’s my sister! And she also had to pay for what happened too!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know!”

“You don’t think about anything! Just stay calm and don’t go looking for justice or whatever! You’ve already lost! Do yourself a favor and give up!”



“No! I won’t give in. You’ve decided to give up and be a coward, but not me! I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m going to prove it to everyone. If that’s what you are going to do, fine, but you can’t force me to react like you.”

(I left before he could answer me. That felt good to get all that out in the open…I can imagine that he won’t be very happy. I’m making one mistake after another…)


Kim says something foreshadow-y, and Iris looks like a kicked puppy. Hmmm….FIND PEGGY.

Peggy, Candy

“Do you want a school paper?”

“What’s it about?”

“Stars at the school during the concert! I mean the boys and Deborah! When you start reading it, you won’t be able to stop!”

“You didn’t mention Iris?”

“Why would I talk about her?”

“She was in the concert, too! She played the bass!”

“No one cares! People want the sensational, and all eyes were on the guys!”

“But without her, there wouldn’t have been a concert!”

“Don’t look at me like that. I write what the people want to read! Iris will understand.”

(poor girl.)

“Say, Peggy…when you want someone to admit something to you, how do you go about it?”

“I make sure that they don’t realize that I’m leading them towards something. Why?”

“Just because…”

“But if you want a real piece of information, good and in true form, you can record a conversation with the person in question.”

“Record? Like in spy movies? With a microphone hidden in your collar?”

“Getting information is spying!”

“And do you have something like that?”

“Yeah, can’t you see it? I always have it with me.” Gee, no, didn’t notice that giant box strapped to your body…

“Can I borrow it from you?”


“Okay…(she looks mad, too…I’ll have to buy one myself…)”

New objective:Talk to Iris and buy a voice recorder at the Dollar Shop.

Is only $20. Buy dat shiet.

New objective:Find Deborah and try to trap her. #mayday

ARMIN: “he is too sensitive”


Castiel, Candy

“Did you read Peggy’s article?”

“Yes, why?”

“It’s the first time since her article about Amber and I that I’m mentioned in the paper. It’s weird.”

“She often writes about my “adventures…”

“At the same time, there’s enough information there to write a book. You can’t hate her for that.”


Deborah, Candy

“Hey Deborah! It’s been a while since we’ve been alone together…”

“Are you here to insult me again?”

“(She’s talking with her soft voice) It’s useless to play the martyr, we are alone.”

“That’s what scares me… You aren’t violent, right?”

“You know very well that I’m not violent!”

“N-No, I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything about you. What I thought I knew, you proved to me that I was wrong.”

(Shoot! Does she know I’m up to something?)

“What are you doing?”

“I’m look at you, that’s all…(How does she fake such a sad voice while at the same time keeping that silly grin on her face?!)”

“Don’t get close to me!”

“No way, you won’t get me this time! I won’t let you!”

(I was going to leave when she jumped on me. We both fell backwards. She managed to take the recorder from my pocket and stop it.)

“What do you take me for? An idiot?”


“If you only knew how many idiots like you have tried to catch me with one of these… I know how to take advantage of that now.”

(She rewound the cassette and played it for me…the tape sounded like I jumped her…)

“If I wanted to push this further, I could have hit myself hard enough to leave a mark. But you distracted me, so we’ll just leave it with a little push.”

“You are horrible…”

“If you had kept quiet like our dear Nathaniel, you wouldn’t have these problems… Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a tape to show to Peggy…”

“No! Give it back to me!”

(She pushed me down and left before I could get back up)

New objective:Find Deborah, quick!.

I can already tell that this is going to be a horrible, horrible ending. I can feel it in my bones.


Castiel, Candy

“Have you seen Deborah?!”

“No, why?”

“She has something of mine!”

“Are you going to leave her alone or what?”

(I need to keep her from playing that tape to anyone else, and fast!)


Kentin, Candy

“Have you seen Deborah??!!?!?”

“She was with Peggy by the staircase, why?”



Deborah, Peggy, Candy

(Deborah and Peggy are talking by the stairs)

“Wait, Peggy! It’s not what you think!”

Deborah: You’ve been saying that quite a bit lately..

“Because it’s the truth!”

Peggy “Did she hurt you? Because if something happened and you don’t talk to the principal before I publish an article about it, she will take away my privileges to write for the school paper.”


Deborah: “No, everything is fine, I defended myself.”

Peggy: “Great! Thanks Semma, what would I do without your mistakes and low blows?”

“No, please! That’s not what happened! She knew I was recording her and she turned it against me!”

Peggy: “How can you turn a recording against anyone? It records, that’s all.”

“She…she is really good…”

Peggy: “I hope you don’t become a lawyer someday, you’ll never save your clients.”

(She left me alone with Deborah)

Deborah: “I always liked Peggy! Not you?”

“You are horrible…(What am I going to do now…I wanted to fix things, and I’ve just made them worse…)”


Amber, Candy

(Amber and her friends just came out of the bathrooms giggling. They had a bucket of water in their hands.)

“What are you all doing?”

“It’s not your business.”

“Why are you carrying a bucket of water around the school?”

“I told you that it’s not your business, get out of the way!”

(They are preparing a prank, I’m sure of it…)


New objective:Try to see what Amber and her friends are preparing. Head to the main hallway.

(Ah…Nathaniel. The last time I talked to him, I totally ignored him…) *Talking to Nathaniel now gets you negative points, if you like him. So. Yeah just ignore him.

(It’s not my fault if he reacts like a jerk…It wouldn’t be the first time.)


Castiel, Candy

“You don’t look too good…”

“”I’m gone for two days and when I get back everything is a mess… Normal I guess.”

“I would like everything to go back to normal…”

“You shouldn’t have gone looking for trouble with others.”

“How many times am I going to have to say this!? I didn’t do anything!”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t here… I regret it actually. I feel like everything would have gone smoother if I had been here when Deborah came back.”

“Why’s that?”

“She seems to think that everything is like before because everyone was happy to see her. But…”

(There must really be a big mess inside Castiel’s head. I feel bad for him…)

“As long as you don’t fall back into her arms, everything will be okay.”

“”Fall in her arms”? Is that all you can spit out? I’m not getting back with anyone, things are way more complicated than that! Too complicated for your little head!”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“… I don’t know.”

Objective: Walk to the stairs…

(I followed Amber & Co. trying to be as discrete as possible.)

(There they are! Near the window!)


“Wait until she passes below and aim well!”

(They brought the bucket of water to the edge of the window and are waiting until someone goes out to the courtyard to dump it.)

“There she is! Dump the water!”

*Because I’d rather cut her with my words, I will stop the ferocious Amber Beast.*

(Stop them!)

“Oh man, when are you going to leave us alone?!”

“Who are you dumping water on?!”

“The little pest that made the mistake of coming back. And you aren’t going to stop me.”

(She threw the water out the window. There was a noise and then a scream. I ran to the window to see what happened.)


(Deborah was soaked from head to toe) “No! It wasn’t me, I swear! It was Amber that…” (But they all left)

*mysterious voices from below*

“What is going on?”

“Why are you all wet Deborah?”

“Yuck, it stinks! It smells like toilet water!”

“Hey, look! There’s someone upstairs!”

(And….everyone looked at me. I should really get out of here…)
*Miss Semma, please report to the teacher’s lounge. Miss Semma, please report to the teacher’s lounge RIGHT NOW* THE LOUDSPEAKER OMG.


(That was the principal’s voice…)

New objective:Go to the hallways to go to the teachers’ lounge.

(The principal is tapping her foot…next to a soaking wet Deborah…*snickers*)



Debbydebdebbs: “Do you think this is funny?”

Yes It wasn’t me. (BUT OMG YOU HO)”

Mc.Crazy: “Do you have an explanation for what happened Miss?”

“It wasn’t me, Ma’am. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

DEBBBBB: “Whatever, she is lying! She hasn’t stopped harassing me since I’ve come back to school…”

“That’s not true! It’s just the opposite!”

Mc.Griddles: “Harassed? Are you serious Miss Deborah?”

“No! Don’t listen to her!”

Mc.FRIESWITDAT: “I am not talking to you!”

“But….(Debbra repeated everything that “happened” today.)”

Mc.LOSTMAHDOG: “I would have NEVER expected this from you… I’m going to have to call your parents. And you will have a detention Miss! Get out now!”

(I really should have stayed in bed today…)

New objective:Go back to the hallway.

(I think I am going to break down…)




“C-Castiel? What is-“

“You have the mentality of a three year old to pull off a prank like that! You could have hurt her! What is going on in that head of yours?”


“So the water fell on Deborah all by itself then? Are you kidding me?”

“It was Amber and her friends that-” OBVIOUSLY.

“This is my last warning. You need to calm down or I swear that I will make you really regret it! Just leave everyone alone! If Deborah is here, it’s because she has a great offer for me! With all the trouble you’ve been causing I can’t think about what I want! I didn’t think you were capable of stooping so low just to oust a girl you think to be a rival or whatever!”

“But wait! Just…”

(No! I didn’t do anything…I need to explain this to him!)

New objective:Find Castiel near the staircase.

“Castiel, wait, I swear I didn’t do anything. If you would only listen to me, you would understand…Deborah manipulated you, and she wants to do it again! She wanted me out of the picture to be able to do what she wants!”


“I like you, Castiel. I like you a lot, and I don’t want her to use you again…I beg you, you have to believe me.”

“…Go away.”


“Go away now, stop talking to me, just forget that I exist and don’t get close to anyone I like.”

“But…but…I just wanted to help…I just wanted everyone to understand…So that people don’t hate me anymore for something I didn’t do…I just wanted to get the truth out in the open…and you, you…




(I ran away.)

New objective:Go to the school to unlock the final dialogue!.


(There was a loud noise behind me, but I didn’t turn around to see what it was.)



(And I swore to myself that I wouldn’t cry…*sniff*)



“Semma? Is everything okay?”

“N-no…Not at all! Castiel just…He told me to never come near him again…he…”

“Maybe he was just angry…”

“No, he was serious…Everything has gone wrong, and it’s only getting worse and worse today. And I just wanted…I just wanted for everyone to see who the real Deborah is…”

“C-Calm down… Don’t put yourself in such a state…”

“But Castiel…”

“Come here.”

(He opened his arm and held me close to him.)

“We will find a solution, I promise.”


Woah. Not sexy. Uhm. Not sexy at all…

(He let me cry against him until I calmed down. I could hear his heart beating.)

"that does not look comfortable..."

“that does not look comfortable…”

“Do you feel better?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“Alright. I’m glad to hear you say it. Now, I would like for you to tell me about this story with the bucket of water thrown from the classroom…”

“Oh…Amber wanted to drench Deborah, but I didn’t do anything, I even tried to stop them.”

“I see.. Again, it did look like it was your fault.”

“I’m really unlucky…”

“That will all change, don’t worry. But you will have to promise that you will stop crying. I don’t like to see you like this. You have such a nice smile…”


Rosalya shows up.

Rosalya: “The next time I tell you “stay out of trouble”, will you stay out of trouble? Because that’s what I told you!”

“Oh, Rosalya…I just wanted to help…and everything fell apart.”

“I can see that! A detention, and an anti-Semma clan that’s formed in the hallways… Not bad!”

“I know…”

Lysander: “Is there really a group like that?”


Rosalya: “I’m not exaggerating… that much. But, I have news that is going to make you smile! I had a great idea to catch Deborah. Even she won’t see this plan coming!”

“What is it?”

Rosalya: “Let’s go somewhere a little more… um… secluded. We shouldn’t talk about this in the hallway.”

“Ok, let’s go!”


The following objective has been completed:Go to the school to unlock the final dialogue!.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Episode 16!