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Hey guys, I won’t be able to edit this until next week (if tomorrow pans out to be as busy as it seems)

I don’t have time to color/explain/upload screen shots until next week, but heeeeeeeere since you guys get so whiny :p

13 – THIS EPISODE IS SO BORING. OMG. You’re just trying to convince Castiel to join the concert and clean up a frapebasement. AS ALWAYS, follow the objectives in the episode guide posted on the forum for directions. LINK

FIRST, You see the whole Kenneth/Amber fiasco happen. OMG MAN THAT WAS MY PHONE WTF.

"RORY, SHE'S HAVING AN EMOTION! ...it's your turn..."

“RORY, SHE’S HAVING AN EMOTION! …it’s your turn…”

Run into Kenneth again, and omg his panties are so twisted.



“Oh, hey Castiel, I was just talking about you.”

“You can’t do without me, right!”

“That has nothing to do with it! We wanted to talk to you about something.”

“…with Lysander? And what did you want to talk to me about?”

(Lysander must not have asked him yet, he left in the other direction…now I’m going to have to ask him first.)

“We were wonder with Lysander if you wanted to play a concert for the school…to make some money, you know.”

“Do I look like someone who wants to do a favor for the school?”

“No, it was silly of me to ask…”

“Good answer, now leave me alone.”

(I hope that Lysander will have better luck than me…)


ANYWAY You have to like, beg Castiel to be in the band. If your lov’o’meter is high enough, you can just ask him. Whatever follow the episode guide on the forum. Eventually he tells you that you’ll need an AMP. And teases you. You then have to run around asking everyone for donations.

"You spin my head right round, right round"

“You spin my head right round, right round”

“Did you talk to Lysander?”

“Yeah. What I like about him is that he doesn’t insist…you should do the same.”

“As you like…(Shoot, I guess Lysander didn’t do any better than me.)”

“You left like a thief earlier, I didn’t have time to give you what I had put aside.”

“I hope you have a lot to give because otherwise we aren’t going to manage…”

“Chill out, I already had half of it. Here, $100”

“Wow, thanks a lot!”

“You’d better not buy a cheap brand, otherwise, we won’t get very far.”

(I think I’ll ask someoneoneoneone who knows shit)

“Were you counting on buying your amp? Because I don’t know where to go…”

“I need to be home soon, I can only give you the address, sorry.”

“It’s ok, I’ll figure it out!”

You go to the town with Alexy, and if you want the interesting outfit, go to the store. I totally did. You get a super…uhm….outfit….and by the time you’re done shopping, you’ve spent the class’ money on clothes and the amp shop is closed.

Uhm. Inconsistency. Why couldn’t my Candy just use her own money. I mean. Look at this.



BLAH BLAH BLAH everyone is mad at you. Your next objective is to find Rosalya. She is at the end of the hallway. Once you get there, a secret basement is discovered. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but the last time I saw a basement like that…..yikes. Can you say TORTURE CHAMBER?! No one even knew it was down there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found a desiccated corpse.

"I only have this one outfit."

“I only have this one outfit.”

I walk out. Ohhh Castiel hai.

“We need your help in the basement, can you come help?”

“You want to clean up that trash pile? You are motivated!”

“Yeah, that’s why we need everyone’s help, it’ll go faster!”

“And what do I get out of this?”

This part was confusing to me. I have l’o’m of 88 with Castiel right now (lost a bit due to buying an outfit) so I have the option to choose the (Smile like Rosalya suggested). If your l’o’m is UNDER 70, you should choose “The pleasure of doing something nice.” Check your number with Castiel before choosing.

“If you try to convince with me a half-seductive smile you are far from getting my help! You aren’t good at those kinds of things.”


“Pff…Alright, if it will make you happy, I would like to come help out.”

“Really?! Thanks!”

“We can work on your seduction techniques at the same time, because you don’t really have it down yet!”

“…we’ll see…”

“To the basement then?”

“Yes! I’m not going with you though, I’m going to ask the other boys if they’ll help out too.”

“I can let you go alone, you’re sure? Because if you try to convince the others like you did me, you’re not going to be very lucky!”

“It worked for you!”

“I’m in a charitable mood!”


THESE are answers to the guys’ brains to get them to help out.

ARMIN: “No, not really, but we’ll be faster if you are there!”

NATHANIEL: “For once, stop thinking about your studies and help us!”

With Nathaniel on your arm, go to the basement!

Ohhhh you made Castiel mad by being all touchy feely with Nathaniel. :d *lick*

“Are you going to hold his arm much longer?”

“S-sorry! (I let go of Nathaniel)”


“(He…he is angry?)”


“Do you want to empty the room with me, Castiel?”

“Yeah, if that makes you happy.”


By having over 50 affinity with the other guys, they are super jealous that I’m all up on Castiel…

Since it’s close to the end…I guess I’ll put on this weird outfit…bleh.

“What a mess…”

“I couldn’t agree with you more…”

“We could almost hide behind those boxes there and get down to business without anyone seeing us!”



“E-enough of your jokes!”

“Who says I’m joking?”

Since my l’o’m is over 70 (it’s back to 100 lol) I can say “…are you?” if your l’o’m is low, what have you got to lose haha

“…are you?”

“What’s sad is that you’ll never know!”

“(I hate when he does that!)”

“Let’s take the box in front there. It’s the closest.”

“Ok, where do we put it?”

“There are basketballs inside, let’s take it to the gym.”


“(he took the box without asking for my help…I feel useless)” THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD PICK UP ANOTHER BOX SO THAT WE DON’T HAVE TO WASTE AP RUNNING AROUND THE SCHOOL?!?!

“Well, are you coming or not?”

“Wait, I’m going to take a few things at the same time…(I picked up some small things that were lying around)”

“Good idea! That way we won’t have to make any extra trips! You can be pretty intelligent when you put your mind to it!”

“…because I’m not usually?”

“Well, sometimes you go a little overboard! Like that one time you hid in the boys’ locker room.”

“(How did he hear about that?!)”

“Ok, put everything here, they can deal with the rest!”

“(I put down the stuff that I had in my hands)”

“Are you ok? Not too tired from all the lifting?”

“I couldn’t take anything else on my own! I’m not as strong as you…”

“Yeah, with your size, you aren’t going to get very far… If you had some curves, maybe it would be alright, but right now, you can’t really say you were blessed by mother nature.”

“…I hate you.”

“Ha ha! Yeah! I really believe that…”

(close) ass.

Go back to the basement…


“Still happy?! I came to help out, not to do all the work! Let’s take the rug and the chair in the corner over there.”

“Wait! This time I’ll choose what we take!”

“As you want Miss, just make sure not to take anything that will break a nail…”

“Who do you think I am? Amber?”

“Let’s take the desk. It needs to go to the classroom, right?”


“…  Ok.”

“(He took the desk with one arm and the chair with the other)”

“Alright, make yourself useful, open the doors!”

“(He is getting on my nerves!!)”


So go to Classroom A.

I made a face, I guess.

“Don’t make that face, you’re not a monster! I mean, not too much of one anyhow…”

“(Another comment like that and I’ll make him eat the boxes that are left!)”

Go back to the basement.

“Cool! It’s almost empty! Can I choose what we carry this time Miss-gives-orders-all-the-time?”

“Choose what you want…”

“C’mon, we can take a few boxes, that way I can see how much you can lift.”

“Ok! I’ll take as many boxes as I can!”

“You asked for it.”

“(I held out my arms so he would give me the boxes to carry. He piled on quite a few, I couldn’t even see in front of me!)”

“How many fingers am I holding up?”

“I don’t know, I can’t see anything with these boxes in front of me!”


“Ahh! (He poked me and I dropped all the boxes)”

“Ha ha! Leave it to the pros, it’s the best way to avoid disasters like this!”


“(He picked up what I had dropped…good thing things weren’t too scattered)”

“Let’s go! And be careful where you put your feet. Don’t count on me to pick up the next box that falls!”

“Ok. (Oh man it’s so heavy!)”

Bring to Classroom B

“You can breathe! We have arrived.”

“(I put the boxes on the first desk I found)”

“It’s a good thing that I came, I wouldn’t have missed that for the world!”

“Don’t make fun of me…”

“C’mon, you can do it! Maybe if we go back to the basement, we will find it empty!”

“I hope, because right now, I don’t do anything else!”

“Weakling… I’ve carried I don’t know how many boxes, a desk and a chair and I’m still going strong!”

“(He must put something in his cereal…it’s not possible)”

Go back to the basement – it looks bigger. D’duh.

“It was hard to tell with all that stuff lying around.”

“At least we won’t be tight for space during the concert!”

“Ah…some company.”


‘ERRRRYBODY IN DA CLUB GETTIN’ TIPSEH! (‘errbodeh in da club ‘errbodeh in da club)


“And you Castiel? Do you want to?”

“… If I say no, I’m going to pass for the kill joy of the group, so, yeah, I’ll stay, why not…”

“(You don’t have to say no for that)”





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