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SO HERE WE GO! There is no guide up on the MCL episode guide forum, so I will be DETAILED! EPISODE 15 GO!

*gasp* omg Semma, is it possible for you to be detailed?!

Hey, hey, hey, now. Calm your faces you litt-

ANGELS you mean? Yes, we belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeve in youuuuuuuuuu~

…..eeerrrrmmmm…. *backs away so slowwwwly*

DEBRA FRAK go away no one likes you.



Send that cupcake in the WRONG DIRECTION. 🙂

OBJECTIVE: Go and quickly find Castiel before the girl realizes you’ve sent her in the wrong direction!

Find Castiel. Without the mcl guide, I am so lost. Most likely he will be in the basement? Fruck Trains. Okay. Less DU DIS TANG.

On my way to the dark rape basement, my Candy thinks about how Debra could possibly know Castiel, and runs into NATHANIEL. If you would like to cosy up to him, choose the option the strokes his ‘wil ego 😡


RUNNNN TO THE BASEMENT QUIC-oh, hey there good lookin’ 😉

“Ah, here you are.” (smooth, very smooth….maybe he didn’t see you RUN IN HERE LIKE A MAD WOMAN!?)

“What’s going on?” (guuuughhh not smooth enough. you’re as GRACEFUL AS AN ANTELOPEATROPS (see image for your worst nightmare))


“There is a WEIRD girl looking for you, I was a bit worried…” (LOOK AT ME, SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND….OR A STARBURST)


“Are you talking about yourself in the third person now?”

“Very funny! You have spoken to anyone besides me, then?”

“No, no one. Well, no one I know anyhow. There were quite a few girls after the concert, but I didn’t know any of them.”

(BECAUSE MY AFFINITY IS 100 WITH CASTIEL, I can pick A and it will be a positive outcome. If your affinity is LOW (less than, i dunno, 50?) it will be neutral.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not the only girl I impress. But don’t worry, you’re on my list.” (:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

*insert Daft Punk…”I’m up all night to get lucky~”*

“Don’t change the subject! What did they want?”

“To know my name and what I like… so many stupid questions that I thought they were you.” (REVERSE SMILEY COMMENCE DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

(Shoot…I should have stayed with him after the concert…)

“You still haven’t told me who is looking for me.”

“A girl with long brown hair, little braids, jeans with holes in them…well a pretty unforgettable style in my opinion.”

“It’s not ringing a bell. Are you sure she was looking for me?”

“…There aren’t a million hot hot hotties named Castiel, you goof ball.

“Yeah, true… Well, I guess if I see her before I leave, good for her, but I’m not going to hang out here too much longer.”

“Can I come with you?”

“You can’t get enough of me, huh?”

“NOPE (I’m mostly scared that the other girl will come…)”

NEW OBJECTIVE: Go to the courtyard to go home.

I leave…A SUDDENLY SMEXY CASTIEL APPEARS!! In my head, he is Mexican. His new nickname shall HENCEFORTH BE “Mi Smexican De Amor” ABBREVIATED AS M.S.D.A…..msdaahh…musudah? That is no bueno. Uhmmm. “Mi Amor De Smexican”… MADS!! MADS!!! YAAAAY!


“I said you could stay with me, but it wasn’t so we could stay here any longer.”

TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE – dirrty baaaybe! you see these shackles baybeh I’m your slaaaave! Oh, is this not a Justin Timberlake intro? Woops.

“Ah, sorry.”

“What are you thinking about?” (omg you guys, he can tell that I’ve nicknamed him The Smexican .__.)

“Nothing really, why?”

“I was just wondering.”

“You’re interested in me now?”


“Can’t I ask you what you are thinking about without you jumping to conclusions?”

NO And me, can’t I tease you a bit now and then?!”

“No, that’s MY domain.”


Walk to the courtyard... (I would like to talk to him about something before he goes home…)

“Did you like the dress that Rosalya made for me?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad.”

“And…do you think it looked good on me?”

“I dunno… You kinda looked like a little girl who was trying to look like a woman, so…”

“Hey! That’s not nice! (I shouldn’t have asked him…)”

“C’mon, don’t make that face, you looked pretty in that dress.” :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

“T-thanks! (I’m glad I asked!)” LIKE A PANCAKE. FLIPPITY FLOP.

“Too bad that you don’t have much up there to fill it out with.”

“…You always have to say something rude, don’t you…Always a pleasure to hear…”

(I was going to go home when someone GRABBITY SNATCHED me by the arm!)”

“I hope you’ll forgive me, I’d walk you home, but I don’t have the time.”

“Oh, it’s ok, I’ll try not to get bang draped on the way home it was already nice to think about it.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you!”

(Phew! I managed to keep that girl from talking to him…I hope she doesn’t come back tomorrow!)

New objective:Go inside the school.


Mr. Faraize gives this announcement “*Would all the students please go to Classroom B, the principal wants to talk with you… I mean, the teachers have an important message for you.” A sneak peak was found in the backgrounds of the website java lake. View here the announcement.


New objective:Go to the Classroom B.

(Phew! I’m not the last one here, Nathaniel and Castiel aren’t here yet)

CRAZY BATS tells me to sit, and I sit next to my girl crush, Violette. Violette asks if I’m alright, and I’m like YEeeeeeeeeeEAHH. BATS BATS says she has commonndeeeered the money towards a secret project. Oh. Joy. I feel like a thousand useless “RUN TO THE OPPOSITE END OF THE SCHOOL” Quests are about to drop on my head.

While I left the classroom, I fell. Armin helped me to my feets :3 he’s so nice. Except he is a jerkface sometimes. Whatevs man. If you want to cuddles with him in this episode (as there is no Castiel date, only Lysander and Armin), choose whatever you want because SIKE both answers are neutral 😀

New objective:Ask the students if they saw the girl from last night!.

I found Rosalya in the staircase who knew nothin’. (If you read that in the voice of Ygritte, you are my new bff)

Alexy (in the classroom A) is dreaming. Let him dream 🙂

Melody (in the student council room) also knows nothin’.

Armin (courtyard is where i found) says OMG LASERTAG. To gain affinity, tell him that’s THE COOLEST THING SINCE BEAN DIP.



Peggy wants me to come to the teacher’s lounge. Uhm. Noooo….

LYSANDER HI. (56 ap later guh)

“Hi, sorry to bother you, but have you seen Castiel today?”

“No, not yet…you haven’t seen him either?”

“No, I hope he isn’t sick.”

“He would have told you that, don’t you think?”

“That’s why I’m worried.”

“I actually wanted to ask you something too. Last night, there was a girl, with long brown hair and ripped jeans, who was looking for Castiel. Did you see her?”

“No, or I don’t remember…”

(That is quite possible with Lysander)

As I step into the hallway, BISHFACE comes out of the teacher’s lounge. Hummmm…. She thanks me for my “help” finding Castiel. She informs me that she used to be a student here. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNn.

Lysander conveniently remembers and suddenly must make a phone call.

New objective:Now that you know her name, talk about Deborah with the others!.

You’ll end up talking to someone almost every click. Eventually, A WILD LYSANDER APPEARS. He’s concerned that Deborah is going to ask Castiel to play in her band…

“Me neither…it would be horrible if he left school!”

You also speak with will be Amber, who is super jealous.

When you speak to Melody, you find out that you bought Deborah’s CD for Melody’s birthday present. D: LE GASP.

After this revelation, you must go buy the CD from the dollar shop. Alexy has a CD player, but it is at home. Wander the halls, you little wanderlust, you!

He comes back and puts the headphones on your head. Both options are neutral. I chose to sigh daintily.


“What’s wrong?”

“It’s too bad that you aren’t attracted to girls…”

“Ha ha, sorry. But I’m sure that if it was the case, you would be my type of girl!”

Awww typical gay boy answer<3

As you listen, you realize that the songs were pretty good, but Deborah has the voice of a boring teacher. You listen to the lecture once, but would never listen to them again.

The insert photos of the cover are seductive. Both answer are neutral, I chose

“It’s still weird…she gives off the impression that she is beautiful and she knows it.”

I walked to the courtyard and ran into Armin. If you want him, the correct answer is “You got her name wrong!”

“We can be like Ace Attorney, in investigation mode. We can go in a room where we can find clues. We’ll look, and when we find something we can go see Luna to confront her with the information until we learn something new!”

Choose either A or B – C is negative.

“Her name is DEBORAH!”

“You just need to know who I’m talking about! So, are you in?”

“Why not…but which room do you want to search in to find something about her?”

“The teachers’ lounge! She was a student here, so, they must have kept her old file!”

“Peggy, now you…everyone wants to take me there today!”

“Peggy wanted to go?”

“Yeah, to see what the teachers are up to.”

“We can look too!”

“(Armin could be her assistant, blah blah)”

“So are you ready?”

“Yeah except we can just walk up in the room like what up I gotta big co-“

“Don’t worry, I have a plan! We just need to find Mr. Faraize!”

Hmmm…I ran into Lysander who told us Mr. Faraize was in the classroom. Good thing there is only one classroom, and not two….let’s start with Classroom A…and he’s not there. When I leave the classroom, I get a notification that Lysander has bolted.


Then I run into Alexy who trades sneaky thief faces with Armin, and then Iris tells me Mr. Faraize was in Classroom B….hmmmmmmmmmmm………………..

“(Armin told me to let him take care of things this time…that’s what I’m going to do…)”

“Hello Mr. Faraize! Would it be possible to get something from the teachers’ lounge, please?”

“(THAT’S his idea?!)”

“Oh, um, I’m sorry but I cannot give you my keys like that… what do you need to get?”


“A game that was taken from me. I was supposed to get it before leaving, but seeing as no one is here, I can’t.”


“Oh yeah, I see what you are talking about… it’s on the coffee table. Here. But bring them back to me right away!”

“(He gives keys to Armin)”

Turns out that Armin was playing a game in class and it was confiscated…he didn’t care about Deborah at all 😦

He starts twirling the keys around his fingers. I tell him that he’s going to lose them. He says “nah bish calm down” right as they FLY OFF OF HIS FINGERS AND LAND BEHIND THE LOCKERS. AND THEN LAUGHS. IN MY FACE.

\o______o”/ waaaat.

“This isn’t the time to laugh! Help me get them back! It’s alright, we’ll just have to move the lockers.”

He moves them, but they are attached to the wall by a chain. There is a narrow area that I am small enough to fit in, so I have to change.

Objective: You gotta go change. 


  • a hat

  • a bag

  • any accessories

  • a jacket

This is what I wore and I was fine.


After I got the keys, I looked in my folder in the teacher’s lounge. Blah blah, you leave and don’t get in trouble. There is a chance for you to follow Armin. I did not because I don’t feel like wasting AP on him, and he’s not my hunky man noms anyway. If you get to start a conversation, ask him when his favorite color is, or what he thinks about you.

Objective: Go to the courtyard and find Ken!

“Alexy is always making fun of me, it’s getting on my nerves….”

“He’s just kidding around, that’s all! He likes you, I’m sure!”

“It’s still annoying… Are you still looking for information about that girl who just got here?”

“Deborah? I let her go…I was wrong about her.”

“And do you know why she is here?”

“That, however, remains a mystery…”

“I hope that she came to get Castiel, we won’t have to deal with him anymore!”

“It still wouldn’t please me very much…”

“You like that jerk?”

“Let’s just say that he is a part of the school…it would be weird without him here…I wonder what she wants…If only I had some information about her band, I could find out if her musicians still get along with her.”

“I think that Castiel had a magazine yesterday that mentions her… maybe it’s still in the basement? Or in the locker room.”

“You’re right! The article wasn’t very positive from what I can recall, it would be interesting to read.”

“Don’t get too excited, Castiel may have taken it with him… and he isn’t here today…”

“Don’t bring down my hopes with such an innocent smile!”

“I-Innocent? Not at all…”

“Are you coming with me?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

😦 okay.

Using Ken’s words, check the basement to unlock the objective, but the magazine won’t be there. To the locker….room…?

Run into Lysander!

“Anything new?”

“No… I wanted to get my mind off things by writing new song lyrics, but I lost my notebook…” SURPRISE, SURPRISE. YOU ARE SOMETIMES WORSE THAN NATHANIEL, BUT AT LEAST YOU AREN’T LOSING MY CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS SO DON’T WORRY, BOO, YOU COOL.

“Shoot…it I find it, I’ll bring it back to you!”

“Thanks… but I have no idea where it could be…”

“(Maybe it’s in the locker room…?)”

In the locker room, find Lysander’s notebook and the magazine.

Apparently, Deborah is a DIVA and the band needs to find a new musician that will meet her standards.

Objective: Find Deborah!

On the way, I meet Lysander and give his notebook back.

“Really? Thanks a lot!”

“Now, you can stamp my “lost notebook” member card, right?” wtf candy. so lame.

“Ha ha! I’ll end up creating one for sure!”


“Can I bug you for a minute?”

“Yes, of course. What’s up?”

“Deborah’s guitarist left…she wants Castiel to come with her.”


“I hope he’ll refuse…I don’t really want him to leave.”



“Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something. I hope you don’t mind, but I have to go. See you later.”



“Just the person I’ve been looking for! You are a difficult lady to find.”

“I walk around the halls a lot…”

“Me too! I don’t usually stay in the same place. One might think it would make it easier to meet people, but when both people are moving, it just makes it harder!”

“I guess.”

“People have said that you were asking a lot of questions about me, do I intrigue you?”

“A little…”

“And do I intimidate you? Because you could have just asked me directly you know.”

(Be frank)

“I didn’t want to talk to you simply because I don’t really trust you, and even with everything I’ve learned about you, I still feel the same.”

“Well, it pays to be frank… What have I done to merit this type of treatment? Because everyone says you are nice, except for our little Amber, but that’s for the best.”

“You’ve done research on me too?”

“…Let’s just say that your name came up quite a bit today… I wanted to know why.”

“Oh, and did I intrigue or intimidate you? Is that why you didn’t come ask me directly?”

“Ha ha… subtle.”

“Now, if you don’t mind, I have things to do.”

“What can I do to make a better impression? I’m not mean…far from it actually… people were even saying that we could really get along!”

“I heard that too…”

“So what? Why don’t you trust what other’s say? Because I want Castiel to come with me?”

“For that, yeah, but also because I haven’t heard the opinions of three people in this school…and their opinions count the most.”

“Three people?”

“Lysander didn’t tell me about you, well not specifically, at least. He just told me who your ex was.”

“He doesn’t say much, so he won’t be able to tell you much… I’m even shocked that he talks to you…”

“Castiel isn’t here today, I haven’t asked him either.”

“He’ll tell you I’m his ex-girlfriend, that we went through a bad breakup, but that it’s all in the past now!”

“…And I haven’t talked to Nathaniel either, because he’s also not here.”

“Ah… Nathaniel hmm… You listen to what he has to say, that square?”

“Yeah.” *cough*NO*cough*

“You shouldn’t. He’s just a liar.”

“We must not be talking about the same Nathaniel.”


(I started moving to leave)

“One minute.”

(She took me by the arm to keep me from leaving) What is it now?


(she seems to be thinking quickly)

“Ok…Ok… If that’s the case, I don’t have a choice… Do you want me to tell you a little story Semma?”

“I would really like you to let go of my arm!”

“Come with me to the basement, we’ll be able to talk there. You’ll like it, I’m sure.”


(I was right, I’m sure of it. Something BE WRONG WITH THIS BIA.)

“So… Are you coming?”


“C’mon Semma, don’t be afraid, I don’t want to hurt you!”



“Alright, here is good.”

“What did you want to talk to me about?”

“About me, Castiel, Nathaniel… After all, you weren’t here before I started my career. And someone as adorable as you deserves the truth!”

“(The worst part is that you can’t even sense the irony in her voice, as if she really thinks I’m ‘adorable)”

“Are you ready? Listen closely, because I won’t say it again…”

(close the discussion)

YOU ARE SUDDENLY KIDNAPPED FROM THE RAPSMENT and are taken to a time when lockers were painted a hideous shade of khaki. You are now Deborah, and are like, in her mind or something. OMG THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE YET. Freaking love it. The narrated bits are in bold.

We had just finished practice in the basement. We had been practicing there every night for the past two weeks.

“That was great! We make a great duo, don’t you think, Castiel?”

“With a voice like yours and a pro like me at the guitar, it couldn’t be anything but perfect!”

Am almost positive that the two choices will be neutral, as it is the past. And. Duh-durr. So I chose the one that I would use, personally.


“Ha ha, how modest, kitten!”

“D-Don’t call me that at school…”

“Oh, sorry…but so many girls are after you, I want them to know that you are mine!”

-“As you see Semma, Castiel and I were the perfect couple. Something you will never have, at least with him, believe you me…” BISH.

“Don’t forget to meet up with me later, okay? I have something for you!”

“Oh, yeah? You can be nice when you think about it! I won’t forget…in one hour in the classroom, right?”

“Don’t be late!”

“Yes, of course! See you later, kitten!”

“Pfff… you’re hopeless.”

“I know!”

-“What I didn’t tell you is that at the time, if we were practicing so much, it was because a scouter had contacted us in hopes of starting a professional group together. He had high hopes for us, and he was right to have had them… I had everything I needed to succeed after all! …The only problem was that… I saw myself taking on a brilliant career as a singer… ALONE.”

Objective:Find a quiet room to make a phone call.

Apparantly I’m Deborah, now? I don’t know what the beach is going on. Okay wait no I get it. I’m me, acting as her. Okay, I can dig it.

Click classroom B. 

Deborah is on the phone with her manager, trying to convince him that she would be more successful on her own.

-“I really liked Castiel, more than I could show, you know? Except, between a high school relationship and a brilliant singing career, the choice was easy… In some way, I was merely a victim of circumstance.”

“He doesn’t want to practice with me anymore… he just keeps telling me that it’s already in the bag… he even started signing autographs for other students… I… I think it would be best if we left him out of the project, even though it will be really- THEY ARGUE FOREVER OMG.

The manager agrees to call Castiel and fire him. BUT NATHANIEL HEARD EVERYTHING!!!

“Love is a beautiful thing…”

“N-N-N-N-NATH’?! Y-Y-You heard that?!?”

Okay, PROBLEM TIMES. Nathaniel runs away.

1.) Too many stutters for someone who is “confident,” and

2.) “Nath'” is not an acceptable nickname for “Nathaniel.” Nate, Nat, or even Natty would all make sense. Nath’ just sounds like you’re trying to say “That’s” with a horrible lisp. (Not hating on you ‘Lispers, my boyfriend has one, and it is so darn adorkable<3 I love it when he tries to say the word ‘Thunderstorms…’ it comes out as “TUNDERTHTORMTHS”)

New objective:Find Nathaniel before he says something.


“Castiel? What happened to ‘kitten’?”

“Ha ha…oh, right…kitten…you…you haven’t seen nathaniel, have you?”

“Him? I saw him earlier, he wanted to ask me to make less noise during our practices.”

“Ugh he’s so boring.”

“Well… He’s got mommy and daddy behind him, he has to make a good impression!”

“That’s not making a good impression…he stays at school late to get good grades, it’s crazy!”

“With a sister like Amber, I would stay away from home as long as possible too!”


*It’s pretty weird hearing him take Nathaniel’s side, right? Are you starting to understand what happened yet little Semma?*

“You’re pale all of a sudden. Are you alright?”

“(he put his hand on my forehead) Yeah of course…I have to go!”

I EVENTUALLY find Nathaniel in the student council room.


“Don’t waste your breath, you won’t be able to make me think I misunderstood you.”

"The best time to wear a striped sweater...oh, wrong song."

“The best time to wear a striped sweater…oh, wrong song.”

“But look…I like Castiel, I would never do that to him…”

“And stop calling me that. We aren’t friends, you know?”

“No…but we could have become much more, I’m sure of it…”

“What are you talking about?”

“(I smiled and moved closer to him) You’ve always had your eyes on me, Nath’…You wanted to go out with me, right?”

“Nonsense. You aren’t at all my type.” Because high school students say words like, “nonsense…”

“I’m sure of just the opposite…(I put my hands on his waist and pushed him gently against a desk.)”

“You’re overestimating yourself Deborah. You think you can get anything you want by batting your eyes… but that won’t work with me.”

“C’mon…it’ll be our little secret…I can even fire my manager and take you in his place in a few months, alright? You are really organized and trustworthy…you’ll be perfect for the job!”

“Just drop it, alright before I have to get angry…”

“Nath’…please…it will break Castiel’s heart, he doesn’t deserve that.”

“You’re right, he doesn’t deserve this… no one merits to go out with someone like you. Let me go right away!”

“No. (I took his hands to place them around my waist).”

“W-What is…” OMg Castiel be looking at us from the doorway like O___________________O

“Castiel?!?!??!?!! (Is this a joke, or are we in some kind of B movie?)”

"I think I can fit a few more necklaces on..."

“I think I can fit a few more necklaces on…”

(Nathaniel immediately removed his hands from my waist.)

“W-What do you think you’re…”

“Kitten, it’s not what you think…”

“Don’t take his side!!”

“(Huh?! His side? Oooohhh…Castiel thought that Nathaniel was hitting on me?! Ha ha! Luck is really on my side!!!)”

“Calm down! As this little pest just said, it’s not what you think Castiel… If you would just listen to me… OUCH!!”

(SUDDENLY Castiel punched Nathaniel in the FACE so hard that Nathaniel died.

JK he fell.)

“Deborah, get out of here! I’m going to get him! OUCH!!!”

(Nathaniel raised from the dead like sweet zombie Jesus and hit back)

“Jerk! Listen to what I have to say before jumping to conclusions! You don’t have the slightest idea about what this girl thinks of you!”


“And that’s how the first fight between Castiel and Nathaniel went down… It’s Lysander, Kim, Amber and Iris who had to split them up. I just watched, slightly fascinated by the whole thing. I was just the poor little Deborah, on whom the student president tried to place the blame…

Pretty cool, huh?”


New objective: Go talk to Castiel about what happened.

Head to the courtyard. You’ll see Amber. I guess they didn’t care enough to give her some older clothing?

“I will never forgive you.”

“Forgive me for what?”

“To have started a fight between Castiel and my brother.”

“They didn’t really like each other anyway, and I had nothing to do with it.”

“They didn’t hate each other either! They could have become friends, and I could have gotten closer to Castiel!”

“(You have so much to learn about manipulation, Amber…so much…)”

I think there a lot of dialogues in the courtyard. Click the garden then the courtyard to activate. I talked to Kim and Lysander.

(Castiel was being taken care of by Iris)

“Kitten…You shouldn’t have…”


“I’m so sorry…you liked him, too…”


“If I can do anything…let me know.”

“Iris, can you leave us alone please?”

“(What’s going on? Why is he so distant all of a sudden?)”

“… I just got a call from the manager.”


“That’s why you were so pale, right? Because you knew…”

“I…I’m sorry Kitten, I really tried to convince him to keep you, but he thinks that I’ll have a bigger chance on my own…if you only knew how sad that makes me..”

“What a crappy day… I catch my girl being harassed by another guy, and now she’s leaving without me… I can imagine that we won’t be seeing much of each other now.”

“C’mon Kitten…stay realistic…it’s not worth it for us to continue…”

“E-Excuse me?”

“I’m leaving to record an album and tour in other cities…I won’t have enough time for a relationship. It’s for the best if we stop now and leave on a positive note rather than dragging it out just to go through months of fighting…”

“”A positive note” ? Are you kidding me?”

“Bllaaahhhh useless lies and sorrinesssss”

That’s when I broke up with Castiel. He didn’t get all whiny, and didn’t ask me to stay either… it was almost insulting, actually! But, in the end, it was just one less thing to worry about, and things ended up quite nicely for me!

Objective: Head back to the basement.

I’m going to change because I want to be normal. No more competing with stupid birchface Deborah.

“So? Did you like my little story?”

“…why did you tell me that?! Do you really think I’m going to keep that to myself?”

“I told you about my discussion with the others too… Even you should understand the message I was trying to give you.”

“I don’t, actually.”

“Well… everyone trusted me, and if you try to make them think the opposite, just remember what happened to Nathaniel. No one listened to what he had to say. They just saw him as the jealous guy who wanted to steal a classmate’s girlfriend… You’ll just be seen as a jealous little girl… no one will believe you, ever.


“It was really nice talking to you about this!”

(She pat me on the back as she left.)

“See you later Semma! And don’t forget: everyone thinks you’re nice and seems to like you. It would be such a shame to lose that affection just to discredit me… I’m already way ahead of you.”

(I don’t know what to do…I was right to be worried about her, but I can’t talk to anyone about it…even when I was investigating, they all thought that I was paranoid…and I still don’t even know why Castiel and Nathaniel were not in school today…)

“Are you there, Semma?”

The game then prompts you to choose an outfit…since my Affinity is highest with Lysander, I will choose the outfit with RUFFLES. IF you don’t know what this means, check out the MCL For Beginners Page! IT MEANS CHECK YOUR AFFINITY PAGE BEFORE BLAMING ME THAT YOU MISSED THE DATE. THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS. If your affinity is higher with Ken or Armin, choose their outfits. Geeeeez, guys. I love you all but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

Hello, Lysander 🙂

“Is everything all right?”

“Yeah, I’m just tired…”

“Today was long, right?”

“Yeah, really long…(he isn’t doing so well…)

“I tried to contact Castiel again, but he isn’t answering… I don’t know what Deborah told him, and what his decision will be… I’m almost stressed about this…”

“Imagine, Castiel leaves…we wouldn’t see him at all…”


(Ugh, I shouldn’t have said that! I need to find something else) But you know, Lysander, even if he leaves, I’m sure that he will still come and see us!”

“Yeah, but it won’t be the same…”

“But if it’s to start a brilliant career, we can only be happy for him, right?”

“I know that I’m acting selfish, if that’s what you are getting at…”

“No! I just wanted to say that in any case everything will be okay! I’m sure that we are worried about nothing!”


"Now, about that mid 16th centuye Opera we've been writing..."

“Now, about that mid 16th century Opera we’ve been writing…”


Did ju liek dis?!

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