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So. I spent months on this frakking Episode. First, I received Lysander’s episode. And guess who CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF HER, FIND THE NOTES TO ACCOMPANY THE SCREEN SHOTS.

In order to play, you need to purchase the purple swim suit from the clothing shop. And yes, you have to wear it the whole time. So go buy it and put it on. Feel free to accessorize. (and no, once you hit episode 10, there is no colorful variations of this outfit. boo.)

I am so mad right now. I had all of the Lysander details in the detailiest of details, and now they are disappeared and I want to punch something.
So let's just start this MONSTER.

The thing about this episode is that you are only going to run into one boy at a time. In order to choose the boy you want to be with, you have to actually PLAY THE WHOLE EPISODE ONCE and REPLAY if you didn’t get the man you wanted in your first attempt.

My first guy was Lysander. His episode was super adorable. The whole concept was attempting to trick him into taking his shirt off so that we could see his smexy tattoo!! I never did, but it was a cute episode.



UGAPIOUWPOERFA I wasted the most AP on his episode (frakking Amber). So instead I wrote the guide for Dakota – since I don’t like Nate one tinsy bit haha~

I’ve been getting so many messages regarding this mustache.

(Yes, I also realize that there are a LOT of hidden items that I haven’t gotten – chill, guys. I’m not a mod or a staff member, I’m a player, just like you! So if you have information on HOW TO FIND these hidden items (picture frame, pipe, floatie, etc.) just shoot me a quick email :D)

Here is the dialogue that you need to get from the vendor 🙂 Just tell him that you’re interested, and he’ll give this to you for FREE!


Anyway – this (AFTER SO LONG. SO LONG, GAIS) is the guide for Castiel :3

You hear voices…HOLY SHIET A GIANT DOG!!


“AH! You idiot, you couldn’t have caught him!? “

“That voice…”

“Oh man! You couldn’t have held on to him? I’ve been running after him forever! Demon! Come here!”


s your dog?”


“So what if I just want to rule the world with an iron fist? LOVE MEEEEEE”

“No, it’s my neighbors…of course it’s mine! You don’t remember? It’s Demon, my Belgian Shepherd…You really have a bad memory…”

(Oh yeah! Now that he’s said something I remember…)

“What a pest…I wanted to take off his collar to let him enjoy the beach and it looks like he’s enjoying watching me run after him more…”

“You understand what I felt like when I had to catch the principal’s dog then!”

“Yeah, except you can’t catch a rocket with a bowl of dog food. In any case, he doesn’t eat just anything, and I’ve got nothing on me.”


“And this guy, when he decides to disobey, it’s not easy to get him back. The solution is to catch him when he is close to you, but you weren’t even capable…”

Any answer you choose is negative. You won’t be able to help it. Castiel is just on his period. DON’T WORRY, There will be chances to raise it again.

“Hey! Don’t take your frustration out on me!”

“You’re useless, I’m wasting my time on you!” 


I find him again and he looks peaceful!


“Sexy, sexy…rub mah banana!”

“Why are you looking at me like that?!” Gee, maybe because you’re the only other person in the screen?! I’m sorry wait I didn’t mean that, please let me touch your face.

“You aren’t looking for Demon?”

“He’ll come back on his own. The call of food is louder than my voice.”

“Why are you waiting to give him his biscuits then?” (Like for the principal’s dog)”

“I didn’t bring any with me. I wasn’t planning on staying here this long.”


“You wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on him while i go get him something? There should be a store not too far away. Since you weren’t able to hold on to him before, you at least owe me this favor.”

“It’s easy to put the blame on someone else…”

“Are you going to keep an eye on him or not?”

“Yeah…but only because I have nothing better to do!”

“And actually…”


“I wouldn’t have thought, but bathing suits suit you nicely.”

“(Don’t blush, whatever you do, DON’T blush) Tha…”

“But in the end, you are still as flat as a cutting board. “

“…nks…(It was too good to be true…)”


I run around and see Iris twice.


“My bathing suit? Oh, I purchased it way back in the 1950s!”


/aight, guys, I really really really have to go to sleep (sickness blah) so I’ll be editing this with more of my comments and finishing the dialogue colors and explanations tomorrow, but I thought I’d just post this for now in case anyone had questions /


(Oh shoot! It’s just a dog! He won’t eat me!!)

I found him in the right corner of the ocean. I then clicked once to the left, and the dog followed kindly :3

I mostly found Castiel in the leftmost corner farthest from the beach.

“Did you catch him?”

“Yes…I mean, he came all by himself.”

“Not bad! You aren’t that useless after all. But I bought all of this for nothing.”

(You are never happy…)

“It’s odd that he is staying close to you. Usually he doesn’t like strangers.”

“Well, he growled quite a big in the beginning…I think he just doesn’t like nicknames.”

“Nicknames? What you called him doggypie? It’s not a grandma’s poodle!”

(It wasn’t doggypie, but almost…)

“Alright, well, thanks. It was nice of you to help. See you at school after the vacation.”

“You are leaving already?”

“I told you I wasn’t planning on staying very long.”

“Come on! Please! Stay a bit! I helped you find your dog, you could stay with me a while!”

“You need me, is that it?”

“No! But for once when we can see each other outside of school…”

“Come on…Admit that it’s just to look at me in my bathing suit longer.”

!!!(…what do I say to that?!)

“Well? No comeback? I was right then?”

“Are you kidding? That has nothing to do with it!”

“Stop looking at me like that, and I’ll believe you.”

“(T-Touchee…) So, you are staying?”

“Yeah. I think I’m going to have fun.”

(Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…)

(I clicked the bottom heart and found him again)

“Do you want to do something, cause I’m a little bored.”

“We could go swimming?”

“You dream of seeing me soaked from head to toe, don’t you?!”


“Idiot! We are at the beach, it’s normal that I thought to go swimming!”

“Right…Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t like to go swimming.”

“I only suggested it because we are at the beach!”

“Find something else, otherwise there is no reason for me to stay.”

“Yeah…I’m thinking…”


“(I may be able to find something to occupy the dog…)”

The dog needs a stick! I’ve found it in the ocean every time.

“We are having so much fun…”

(If you’d accepted to go swimming…)

I went to the right, once. Vendor MAn! WHAT’S UP!

“Did you find your boyfriend, miss?”

“Oh! N-no! He’s not my boyfriend!”

“I knew I’d have fun if I stayed.”

“Once more word and I’ll push you in the water!”

“Ha ha! Because with your 100 pounds soaking wet, you think you are going to be able to do something to me? You have high hopes!”

“Don’t underestimate my strength!”

“That’s it…seriously, I want to see.”

(close the discussion!)

Found the dog again. He’s all waggin’ his tail.

“He’s been eyeing that piece of wood since earlier.”

“Oh! He wants to play with it?”


“Throw it in the water.”


“Ok! (I’ll have to throw it as far away as possible!)”

(I threw the stick as far as I could into the water)

(Demon ran into the water and came back to us. He started shaking right next to us to dry off and got us all wet.)

“Ah ha! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to buy you toys…”

(He picked up the stick and threw it, even further than the first time. He continued to

do this until Demon had had enough and lied down at his feet, all wet, covered in sand.)

(It was fun to see Castiel act like a big kid with his dog.)

“My arm was starting to get sore.”

“Do you want to do something else now? I know you don’t like swimming, but it won’t cost you anything to go into the water with me…”


“I’m already wet enough because of Demon.”

“Too bad…”

“You could go with Iris, she is here too, I’m going to stay with my dog a bit.”

(Should I ask him if he came with her here? After all, he has spent a lot of time with me, and not Iris…)

“What is it?”

“No, nothing. I’m going to see Iris. Don’t hesitate if you want to join us!”

“Yeah, don’t count on it.”

(Playing with his dog seems to have put him in a good mood…it’s for the better!)



She lost her flippity-flip-flop and wants to look for it. Uhm. Iris. Are you for real right now. Those things are $2 at Wal-Mart. STFU!

Now we have to search high and low -_____________-“”

Okay, I found her flip flop in the ocean, but I clicked it before I realized that it was the flip flop. It looked white and I could hardly tell it was there :/

I give it back to Iris, who then decides that we need sunscreen. WTF. I RAN INTO MISTER SELL-THINGS-MAN LIKE 8 TIMES LOOKING FOR YOUR CHEAP FOOTWEAR. Watch. I bet someone $50 that I won’t find him for another 30 AP.



Walk around until your Candy decides her shoulders are red – you’ll meet Dake. (32 AP LATER RAAAAAAAWRGGG!!!)


He’ll say hi, and you’ll say you’re looking for a friend.

“Forget about your friend! Come with me!”

“Uh…No it’s ok, but thanks anyway…”

“Come on, don’t be shy! I don’t bite…At least not right away.”


“Hey! (He took me by the arm and forced me to follow him)”

He then tried to put sunscreen on me (UGH! WHERE HAVE THOSE HANDS BEEN, MISTER??!?)


“Hey! I think she asked you to leave her alone. So leave her alone!”


Dake gets cute, and I try to stand up for myself by claiming Castiel as my friend –

“By “friend,” she means the type of guy that could make you regret you were born if you touch me again. Got it?”

(Castiel you make no sense, foo.)

Dake throws out a super lame comeback, and then says “I thought you were here with a girlfriend, you should have said i was a boy, I wouldn’t have wasted my time…”


I try to say thanks to Castiel….but…

In true Castiel fashion, he finds a way to insult me.

“What was that? You just let any guy rub your back? If I hadn’t come, what would you have done?”

“(He is even angrier now…) I would have managed…worst case scenario, I know where to hit where it hurts…”

“Next time, start directly with that before trying to make an idiot like that understand you don’t want him. Gosh, I always have to keep an eye on you, you are unbelievable.”

You can choose B or C here because there are both neutral….hmmm let’s go with C!

“You’ve had your eye on me since the beginning?”

“I…I just saw that a weird guy was bothering you, anyone would have done the same thing.”

“(He wanted to protect me, then?)”


“Come on, give me that.”

“What?! (He took the sunscreen from me and forced me to sit down in the sand)”

“What? Are you going to give me your famous kick? Is that it?”

“N-No…(He started to put the sunscreen on my back.)”

“Pfff…You’ve already got a little sunburn.”

“Uh, I…(I didn’t say anything else, I think the redness is because I’m so embarrassed…)”

“There you go! You’re a big girl, you can do that rest.”

(Nu-uuuhhhh, I CANNOT DO THE REST, SIR…no matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to reach my boobies 😦 Can ju halp meee?)


“(He handed me the bottle of sunscreen) Thanks…b-but I could have done it myself, I didn’t ask you to do anything.”

“Well, at least now you won’t have to deal with weird surfers trying to touch you.”

“Ha ha, yeah…T-Thanks…”

I have to find the vendor and buy water for Demon.

I run into Castiel.

“Perfect! I bought a little something for Demon!”

“Oh yeah? What did you get him?”

“Nothing that special…just a bottle of water, I thought that with this heat me must be thirsty.”

“That’s nice, thanks. I was going to buy one, but you beat me to it.”

“Ah, well, good!”

Iris shows up after Demon drinks the water, and Iris invites Castiel to go along. Candy goes nutso bonkers because Castiel says to Iris….

“Yeah, why not. After all we are at the beach, it would be a shame not to go swimming.”

(Wh-what? What did he agree to go with her?!??!?!)

(All three of us went in the water and Castiel tried to dunk Iris several times)

(My head was totally in the clouds…It seems that Castiel is quite close to Iris, I never noticed that before.)

(Iris’ parents called and so she left. I stayed with Castiel and Demon a while without talking.)

“What is that face? Is something wrong?”

“No, no, it’s nothing…(I can’t talk about it…at least not with him)”

“You were nice today, so I’m going to offer you something.”

“Huh? Are you sure? Coming from you it’s surprising…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t make it a habit. Come here.”

“I’m coming…”

(We walked away from the beach, we passed in front of a few shops.)

“They make really great Italian ice cream here. You like ice cream right?”


“I’ll buy you one, choose what you want.”

“Thanks! That’s nice of you!”

(He got a scoop of mint chocolate chip and I got strawberry. I turned around right after the vendore handed me my ice cream.)

“Y-You already finished?”

“Of course, it melts so fast in the sun.”

“Well good, I hope you don’t mind if I eat mine a bit slower…”

“I’m sure that even for ice cream you have bad taste.”

(I was just about to taste my ice cream but Castiel leaned towards me and tasted it first. I was so surprised that I let it fall on the ground!)

“Ha ha! Don’t count on me to buy you another one.”

“It’s your fault! You surprised me!”

(We continued walking a bit, and Castiel poked fun of me a lot in his own way)


And now, since this is totally my blog and I




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Here are my favorite YouTube videos of last week! 🙂 


From MeekaKitty (MindGeek!), we have a SUPER AMAZING lip dub video that she loves to make. If you know nothing about editing, I will tell you why this is so brilliant.

1.) Each MeekaClone was edited FRAME BY FRAME into that video.

2.) Each MeekaClone is IN FRAME for the entirety of the video (meaning that she recorded each part the whole way through)

3.) At minute 0:48, all MeekaClones start slow motion, which means that she recorded to a click-track (basically a metronome) that was at least 1.5 times faster than the original tempo of the music in order to slow the footage down, and also EDITED FLAWLESSLY so that the clones sang IN TIME with the music.

4.) Also, at minute 0:38, the torse of the boy clone disappears :p

Now, enjoy this awesome video ^^


From the relatively-new YouTuber, LumberJacksFlannel, an adorable white boy talks about awkward moments. I completely related to the ELEVATOR AWKWARD TIMES.

Enjoy, and leave him a comment! He should have more subscribers!!


From SecretLifeofaBioNerd, a cute DIY!


Some of you may or may not know, (depending if you talk to me on MCL :p) but I studied music FOR.EV.ER. This beautiful work of art came out, and I get chills listening to it. My favorite verse starts at 1:27 . CHILLS, I TELL YOU! CHILLS!!


From DramaLovesMe, a short film about Silence.