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Firstly, I have been so lazy to start Episode 8. So lazy, in fact, that I accumulated over 450AP points…So here’s Episode 8! 🙂

Second, something funky is up with the WordPress picture files. For now, right click and select ‘OPEN IMAGE URL IN NEW TAB.’ 😦 SORRIES!

Peggy tells me about an orienteering event. That isn’t even a word, Peggy. No wonder no one likes you.

 What tiiime is it?! CASTIEL TIME! Find him!

“You’ll never guess!”


“Try to guess…”

“No. Come on, spit it out!”

“The high school is going to have an orienteering event!”

“Oh yeah? Try not to get lost, I don’t want to have to come looking for you.”

“The same goes for you!”

“Me? I have nothing to worry about, I might not even go to this stupid competition.”

“Really? Why not, I’m sure it’ll be great!”

“I said I might not. I’ll decide when the moment comes.”


“I’m going home.”


“Haven’t you noticed how weird everyone has been acting?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ha ha! I feel that I’m going to be quite amused tomorrow…”

(I have a bad feeling about this…)

 I leave and go back.

“You still haven’t noticed anything weird?”

(Now, I have a REALLY bad feeling…)

Iris asks for my notes, and I give them to her. So, we have to talk to Castiel, Lysander (gym), and Nathaniel (staircase) 🙂

Nathaniel, the pessimist?!? OH GOD, I THINK A PIG JUST FLEW BY!!

Nathaniel, the pessimist?!? OH GOD, I THINK A PIG JUST FLEW BY!!

Nathaniel informs me that Peggy is a loudmouth twit and the event was supposed to be a secret D: Then he tells me that EXAMS ARE TOMORROW. WTF. I just talked to Castiel and he made fun of me. Apparently. Only I don’t remember talking to him…BUT OMG EXAMS ARE TOMORROW AND I JUST GAVE MY NOTES TO IRIS AND EVEN THOUGH THERE’S ONLY ONE APARTMENT COMPLEX IN THE CITY, I CAN’T GO TO IRIS’S HOUSE AND VISIT HER 😦

“So, are you ready for the exams?”


“It’s not my fault if you have a memory like a sieve.”

“you are supposed to be supportive of me 😦 You think that’s funny huh? You’re lucky Nathaniel told me!”

“It was pretty funny, yeah. But it would have been funnier if you hadn’t studied at all. “

“You’re really mean.” D:

“Come on, I’m just kidding.”


“You didn’t answer my question, are you ready or not? “

“Yeah…I guess so.”

“Relax, it’s only a quarter exam, it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t do great on it.”

(all of the answers here are neutral) “Shhh! Stop talking. I need to concentrate on what I studied yesterday!”

“Ha ha, you’re so funny. Don’t stress out like that. “

(close discussion)

At some point, the Principal sends me home or something. CRAZY PANTS.



I find Lysander in the hallway who informs me that he also forgot about exams…and that Castiel told him about them D: OMG. MY LOVE. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

"Secret looo-ooovers!"

“Secret looo-ooovers!”

Also, my Candy may have a mental disorder.

"The square roots are fruits like carrots and sunshine."

“The square roots are fruits like carrots and sunshine.”

On my way to find Iris, the principal warns me not to cheat, and that cheaters will be expelled. Uhhhmmm, why is Amber still here then?!? HUH!?!? HUUUUHHHHH!?!??!?!?

I ran into Lysander again – Iris is down the hall. I had to be mean to him D: his affinity was like 80 lol. Can’t risk him passing Castiel…

Amber is a buttface who was nice to me for five seconds…she though I had the answers. LOL NOPE.

I found Iris who I never realized had FUR on her shorts. THAT IS FUR. IRIS. WHY.

"I had to murder a polar bear for these shorts."

“I had to murder a polar bear for these shorts.”

Amber told Castiel EVERYTHING. Ohhhh he looks mad 😡

"I will burn your soul."

“I will burn your soul.”

BECAUSE you guys are watching my answers, and because some of you may have chosen to not blurt out your true feelings at the party, (((I’ll talk to him about it.)))

“Say, about what Amber told you…”

“Ah, that joke, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. What ever made her say that? “

“You mean you didn’t believe her?”

“She didn’t tell me anything new, I already knew you liked me, I’m not blind. “

“You must be confusing your dreams with reality.”

“Talk about who’s dreaming!”

“You have no idea what I dream about!”

“Seeing how you get carried away over the smallest thing, I have an idea, yeah. “

(close the discussion)

I left to the hallway to find an empty room, but backed out to talk to Castiel because I didn’t want to waste APs talking to people. CASTIEL HIII.

“Darn, this is just typical, I can’t find an epty room anywhere.”

“I’m happy to see you too, a real pleasure. “

“I’m fed up! Normally I never run into anybody, and now that I want to be alone, I can’t find a single spot!”

“You’re never happy, huh?”

“Yes I am, but I’d like to study in quiet!”

“Well this is not the place. “

“Could you leave? So I can have some room?”

“No, I like watching you struggle. You’re pretty funny.”

(close the discussion)

I unlocked the next objective by talking to Nathaniel in the student council room. He was reading a book. I was then able to talk to Castiel in el courtyardo.

“Listen, I saw Nathaniel reading a book, and that made me wonder if you like reading too?”

“Haven’t you already noticed that I don’t like the same things as that guy?”

“Well from what I heard yesterday, it doesn’t seem like you guys are all that different!”


“Nathaniel was as rowdy as you were before…”

“Ah, you’re not wrong there, I wonder how he handles it now. You never see him letting off steam…”

“How do you let off steam?”

“I play guitar. A friend of mine used to bang his against the ground during concerts, but that started to get expensive…”

(Ah… I’m not sure why, but I don’t particularly want to meet that friend…)

I went out and then back.

“I can’t believe it…”

“You’re looking for some place quiet to concentrate?”


“Ok, I’ll take pity on you, you can stay here, I’ll go somewhere else.”

“Really? Thanks!!”

“Humpf… you really lose it over nothing.”


“Finally at peace! Now, let’s have a look at these notes…”

I went through them…but there were still some parts that I didn’t understand!! 😦

I have to find my boo. BUT FIRST, let’s buy some snackage :d

I buy some water and a power bar from the Dollar Shop. I go to the hallway and OMG A COW! Oh, no, just Amber.

"I'm too poor to buy my own water."

“I’m too poor to buy my own water.”

She takes my stuff, and I follow her to the end of the hallway. They don’t see me. They plan on CHEATING?! Oh my!! Since I don’t give a…….(ugh. you guys. you’re making me censor myself..) I will not do anything.


Last week, I put up a poll asking if I should calm down on the F-Bombs. When I put this poll, I told myself that if 10% of my audience wanted me to cater to 11 year olds that can’t spell to save their lives, I would. Ughhghghgh. You guys T______________________T You let me down. I was hoping you’d just want me to tone it down…not eliminate all of my dramatic intentions!!

"you guys are too nice lol"

“you guys are too nice lol”


“It looks like you’re about to kill someone. “

“That’s right!”

“Oh yeah? Let me guess, it wouldn’t be a brainless blond that’s making you feel that way would it? “

“Are you any good at karate?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“I want to learn, so next time she tries to steal from me, I can give her a kick in the stomach!”

“Her and her two friends!”

“I don’t know if I should laugh or take you to a psychiatrist.”

“I’m not joking! I mean it!”

“That’s why I’m not sure what I should do with you…”

“You won’t think that once I become a martial art expert!”

“That’s why I’m laughing. “

(close the discussion)

I met Lysander who offered to spear Amber in the face for me 🙂

"Fear not, fair maiden!"

“Fear not, fair maiden!”

I head to the end of the hallway and try to snatchity snatch my stuff back. I’m as slow as a turtle stuck in sand.

“I wonder why Amber is so out to get you. “

“Ken got picked on by her a lot too, you know.”

“Ken? Oh yeah, the guy with glasses.”

“You didn’t remember him?”

“He was afraid of me, he never came up to me to talk, so no, I don’t have any particular memories of him. “

(close the discussion)

Find Violette in the garden~

"Let's make out in this green house ;)"

“Let’s make out in this green house ;)”

We concoct an awesome revenge plan!!! Here, read from left to right 🙂


“Even if it’s not your thing, can’t you help me study please?”

“You answered your own quesiton. Studying for exams, not really me. “

(I tried…)

Annnd Auntie just gave me a piece of toast…? Okay.

"I've been carrying this toast for days~"

“I’ve been carrying this toast for days~”

Back in the Hallway, Castiel’s Date Outfit pops up. CHOOOOSE THE HO OUTFIT! You guys. I keep getting messages and comments asking if we HAVE to choose the ho outfit. The answer is…

YES! That’s a huge part of MCL. Choosing the answers and dialogues that will make your Affinity go UP is what it’s all about! If you want Castiel, you have to cater to Castiel. If you choose not to wear the outfit he picked out, you WILL MISS OUT ON THE DATES! It even says it in the outfit choice box: GET READY FOR YOUR DATE AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT OUTFIT.

"Sailor at Treasures? Why, yes, I am!"

“Sailor at Treasures? Why, yes, I am!”

“Why don’t you drop it, that’s all you’ve done all day, don’t you want to do something else for a change?”

“No, I’d really rather study…”

“As you like…”

(He walked off.)






Now, since I’m on a tangent, I found THIS by ChiNoMiko.

Below are my answers! 🙂 AND LOOK. MR. FARAZIE MADE MY LIST! Aaaaaand creepy story time!!! Feel free to skip this part. If you’re under the age of 18 you might be weirded out lol.

"Awwww yeah!"

“Awwww yeah!”

“It had been a weeks since I had come to this school. My parents had sent me to live with my Auntie, but at some point, she cracked. I called them almost everyday, begging them to let me come home, but no matter how many times I told them that she was not safe to be around, they insisted that it was all in my head. So I lived at the apartment, only seeing my Auntie when she was bored.

I was so alone. The girls at school didn’t care for me, and the boys only wanted one thing. I had gotten a boyfriend, a tall guitar player named Castiel. He was difficult to get along with at times, but he was the only thing I had to look forward to everyday. I had been called “new girl” so many times, I started responding to it, as if it were my name.

One day, a new teacher arrived at the school. He was by far the youngest teacher I had ever met. He asked me to show him around, and at the time, it seemed like an innocent request. I took him to the student council room, the courtyard, and a few other places. He was very easy to get along with, and had witty remarks about almost every place in the school. He told me that this would be his first time as a teacher – he had graduated only a semester ago, and was planning to save up enough to celebrate his 23rd birthday in New York.

When we got to the end of the hallway, I couldn’t help but feel a strange connection. When he laughed, I felt like I wasn’t so very, very alone.

I couldn’t help it. I felt a tear fall down my cheek before I realized that my eyes had started to water.

Forgetting his place in that instant, he wiped my cheek with his thumb. It felt like my world had stopped spinning. We stood still in that moment for longer than we should have. For those few seconds, I felt like everything would work out. That I would be okay.

He kissed my cheek, now dry, and walked silently away.”

BACK TO MCL. 🙂 Hope I didn’t weird you guys out!!

"Good, you're already on your knees."

“Good, you’re already on your knees.”

“Studying on an empty stomach is not a good idea. “

“Thanks! (I took the packet he was handing me.)

(He sat next to me and started eating while I continued to study.)

(I had a hard time concentrating.)

“Alright? Finished?”

“Yes! It’s about that time!”

“Good luck then, even if you crammed all day, I’m sure you’ll do fine. “

“I hope so…”

The exam is a new door in hallway 2!



New test! Here is the scene, and the answers (I think.)

"LOL. That's not my real affinity with Mr. Farazie. But after my imaginary story, I couldn't help it..."

“LOL. That’s not my real affinity with Mr. Farazie. But after my imaginary story, I couldn’t help it…”

And that, my PRETTIES, is Episode 8 🙂

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