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HI PEOPLE :3 As of right now, I have so many MCL friends!! SAY HI, YOU GUYS!!! I’m going through the list, and trying to have conversations but it takes so long D: Is there a way to have a giant forum conversation?? Hmmm…let me try that…aaand too much trouble and no way to make a private topic T______________T

Hi Leigh! He wants to talk to me. I wonder if he noticed that I have no shoes on.

“I saw your hairstyle and just HAD to have it.”

I ran into Melody in the courtyard. I was hoping for some Castiel action, but no such luck. She was all pathetic and sad looking because it’s her birthday and no one is throwing her a party! So I was all, “HEY! It’s yo BIIIIRFDAY! Invite allllll of them!” Except Peggy. She’s a bia. I go to the gym….ANNNDDD


“I be up in the gym just working on my fitness – she’s my witness”

“Did you know it was Melody’s birthday today?”

“No, why would I know that? That girl is always hanging around that idiot student body president. Aside from her name, I don’t know much about her. “

RUDE! “You should take an interest in others.” Stupid face.

“Yes, my eyes are naturally the color of toxic nuclear waste. Why do you ask?”

Invitation Kim: DENIED. I think she’s got a date with Dajan ;3 But she called me “little girl” again so I’ma punch her.

“I can be your hero baybeh!”

Invitation Violette: ACCEPTED! She’s so cute. I would date her if the game would let me 😀

I ran into Amber, but just ignored her – I don’t want my morale to drop. Also, Amber is smelly.

“maybe she’s born with it…NO. MAYBE IT’S JUST GARBAGE SMELL.”

Alright. This next part made me want to punch kittens. I ran into Cappuccine who said, “oh, I didn’t know you were going…I already said yes…” and then she is a bitch for no reason. 😦

“Want to borrow my outfit? It’s from the 1980’s.”

My objective is completed after this. Go to the garden and find Violette.
She looks sad and lonely. She’ll dismiss you, but just click out and back. She will confide that “Eh…well…because I’m so shy…my dad gave me something when I was little to give me more confidence in myself…and I lost it…”

She’ll tell you it’s a stuffed animal. :3 I understand. It’s now our misison to stealthily retrieve the missing stuffie!!

I ran into Lysander and LIED TO HIS FACE D:


“Poor stuffie…did someone leave you on the stairs??”

I find it, but run into Amber and her band of thugs. They make fun of me but I hold my ground.



After I lie about the stuffie being mine, Castiel shows up and says some super cryptic things to me. .__.



I return the stuffie with no issues.


“Do you have any ideas for a birthday gift?”

“That depends on who it’s for.”

“It’s for Melody.”

“No, no idea!”

“Argh!!! I absolutely have to find something!! If you know what’s good for you…!” (+6)

“Oh I’m shaking in my boots.” lol

Iris says that Melody likes this new band – so I buy it from the dollar shop.

“I always love amateur bands. You can hear their moms screaming in the background.”

I then went to the student council room. It unlocked the next objective: choose pyjamas!! It doesn’t matter which pair you choose – so choose the one you think is cuter :3 strawberries for meee~

“My favorite kind of berries!”

On my way out of the classroom, Violette says it would make her feel better if I brought a stuffie, also. Since I obviously do not care what people think of me, (ex: walking around school in pirate boots and a cape) I will buy it!!

“What?! An insecure high school student?? How convenient.”

Go to the Dollar Shop and choose one. Your doll choice also does not affect your affinity. I chose the ChiNoMiMi doll :3

“Have you seen Melody?”

“You’ve been talking about her all day today.”

“What, are you jealous?”

“Well, the way you look at me, I obviously have no reason to be jealous.”

“Dream on!”

“Why are you all red then?”

I found Melody and she took me to her bedroom ;3


The next objective is to walk around the house. In the middle of my Candy lying about how her apartment is the same size as Melody’s…

“Yeah, I totally have the same amount of space…”

Melody and Violette start talking loudly D: POLICE CHIEF SEMMA ON THE CASE!!

“What? You FORGOT something extremely important?! YOU ARE PERFECT FOR NATHANIEL!!”

Turns out Melody and Nathaniel are MADE FOR EACH OTHER. She has forgottten something at the school. Oh, sorry, not just something. THE ENTIRE PARTY-IN-A-BAG. Don’t worry! I’m a delinquent. I’ll sneak back in and save the day!

She tells me that the important things are in her locker.

(Melody actually says, “I never lock it – there are no thieves at this school.”)

We get to the school, and POOF. No stuff. Candy decides to investigate. Instead of going to the store and just buying more stuff. Like any normal person would have done.

“There is no room for logic!”

I find Nathaniel in the student council room. I heard laughter – it must be Amber!

I find Amber and her fat pig friends eating all of the snacks 😦 I’ma go to the Dollar Shop and buy some things. $25 later, I can return to Melody’s house.

“…are you SURE we can’t date girls?”


“LOL, whatever you say, Mister Sandman…your outfit is a TRAIN.tothemothafuckin.WRECK.”

So – the girls compliment my pyjamas and we have a brief pillow fight…and then Melody asks me which boy I like D: DUHHH CASTIEL.

*If you tell her that you like any of them, Cappuccine will tell Amber, who will tell your boy, who will then confront you in awwwkward conversation (or so I’ve read. I’ll find out once I start Episode 8!) To play it safe, say “I don’t know…I don’t have a preference.”

Since I’m a crazy person, I’m gonna profess my love. Cause I’m a badass. So now you get to see what happens without having deal with any consequences. You’re welcome ;3

I PROFESS MY UNDYING LOVE FOR CASTIEL, and Cappuccine gets all Children-Of-The-Corn on me.

“RUN. .________.”

 Then she tells me that Amber likes him too, for some reason…I SMELL AN INVESTIGATION!!

“…my I-HAVE-TO-KNOW-THE-DETAILS-OF-THE-DRAMA senses are tingling…”

Rosalya spilled the beans about Lysander having a smexy tattoo 🙂


“No one sleeps that sexily.”

(Five people in one small room, it was pretty fun. Capucine had to sleep with Melody in her bed, Violette and Rosalya slept on a big pile of blankets, and I got a little mattress, since I avoided us having to eat grilled endives) o___O

“In France, it’s a DELICACY. EAT IT.”

“Are you looking for Melody again today?”

“And are you looking for trouble?”

“Ha ha! “Trouble?” That’s my middle name!”

(He seems to be in a good mood today…I wonder why?”)

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing. By the way, last night I heard that there was a story between you and Amber?”

“A story? What, has someone started some stupid rumour?”

“I just heard that when you were both little, you did something for Amber and that’s why she fell in love with you.”

“Ah! That? Ha ha, what a joke. Girls really fall in love over nothing. “

“What happened then?”

“I felt sorry for her, that’s all. Even when she was little she was already bothering people and her “big brother” wasn’t like he is today. “

“Nathaniel? That’s surprising…”

“He wasn’t so perfect as a little kid. “

“But that doesn’t answer my question. What happened?”

“She was crying for something that her brother did to her. “

“And you consoled her?”

“Can you see me consoling a little girl?”

“You were a little kid too then…”

“Anyway, why are you poking your nose into it? That was a long time ago, I don’t even remember. “

“It might still be important to Amber…”

“That doesn’t concern me. “

(*I’d still like to know more…)

I holla’d at Lysander at the end of the hall and called him out on having a tattoo. I just checked my lov’o’meter with him. I’m accidentally at 55<3 oops. Time to be mean to him just in case .___.

After the slumber party, Risika says that you can get the PICTURE FRAME  by “Talk to Violette after the party and she’ll give it to you since you helped her out”

AMBER HI! I didn’t order a stripper, but thanks for coming :3

“Oops, I forgot my pole…”

PEGGY ambushes me and gets mad because we didn’t invite her to the party. UHM. PEGGY. IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE A BLABBER-MOUTH.

“YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAT??! IT GOT MURDERED BY CURIOSITY. I’m still not sure what the cat was doing on mars….but BE WARNED.”

So I’m looking for Melody, but can’t find her. Iris (in the classroom) tells me that she’s not here. She says to talk to Peggy to be let into the teacher’s lounge D: DUn dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I talk to her about 3 times (no answer you give will make her tell you faster), and I had to give her details of why I want to go in there…and she finally lets me in.

“Curiosity, bitch. Curiosity.

I break in and find all the juicy details that NATHANIEL WAS A DELINQUENT!!!

“Oh. REALLY?! Let’s count the ways you have allowed my confidential files into the hands of the enemy….”

Blah blah blah, CASTIEL TIME.

“STOP. I need to rub your abs for a second.”

“So, did he talk?”

“No, he wouldn’t tell em anything.”

“That must be aggravating…”

“You don’t have to rub it in…”

“Come on, don’t let it get to you, I’ll tell you myself what happened. “

“You couldn’t say so before?!”

“I though it was funny watching you looking all around and coming up with nothing. “

(He gets on my nerves!)

“It’s a pathetic story. Nathaniel picked on his sister all the time, who knows why. He would really go at her, and once, when they were in the park, he ripped her favorite doll apart. “


“Yeah, Nathaniel. I was at the park too and Amber wouldn’t stop crying, it was really annoying, you can’t imagine. So I fixed her doll just to have some peace and quiet. “

(I can imagine Castiel doing that…it was still nice, even if he had his own motive…)

“Since then she won’t leave me alone. Weird, huh? I wasn’t joking when I said girls fall in love at the drop of a hat. “

“It was her favorite doll…she must have been very happy that you repaired it!”

“Aww…look at the little monster :)”

“That’s what I said.”


((That was a nice little story, but I have a hard time imagining Nathaniel acting so bad to someone and Castiel being so nice… They have changed a lot growing up))

GAH my mouse spazzed and I didn’t get to read the next dialogue T___T SOMEONE TYPE IT PLEASE??

(also, I’m super nervous to start episode 8 .___. I haven’t found crazy fairy aunt at all, and and and :(….)


Did ju liek dis?!

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