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SO. I go back to school (after being nom’d on by a hot ancient vampire) and see the salesman from the clothing shop lurking around in the hallway! He had a fight with his underage girlfriend and wants help finding her 😦

“I cut my hair with a blender…”

I talk to her, and she says he’s basically a cold, unexpressive partner who isn’t very romantic. D: I WILL FIX IT.

“It’s not trashy – it’s Stripper Chic!”

So, with my new mission to save the world, I run into Castiel in the courtyard! HI BUDDY!

“I was late this morning. I only got to eat half of my bowl of thumbtacks.”

HOMAHGLOB. CASTIEL. “Did you know that Rosalya was going out with the guy from the clothes shop?”

“Because you really think that kind of stuff interests me?”

“It’s always a pleasure talking with you.” (+6!!)

“The pleasure’s mine.”

I find Leigh and tell him to be more romantic. His answer is to make me think of something. He’s totally not someone I’d want to date…I run into Castiel in the hallway.

“Rosalya and Leigh had a fight. If you had a fight with your girlfriend, what would you do?”

“I’d move on to the next one.”

“I see…if you ever have anything more serious to say, let me know.”

I step into the hallway, and LYSANDER HIII! I tell him that I saw the salesman from the clothing store, and he was having an argument with Rosalya. 😦 He immediately uses nicknames and tells me that it’s his brother. Dun dun dunnn. I see that sexy runs in the family…

I see Leigh again in the courtyard, and he asks if I thought of a way for him to fix his relationship. Uhm. Because it’s suddenly MY relationship..? I tell him to STFU and move on.

I run into Castiel.

“So…did you fix all of my problems for me!?”

“I told you. He should find a new girlfriend.”

“Oh, so you mean that I should be his new girlfriend. Remind me never to bring up any subjects like this with you.”

“You’ve finally said something smart.”

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Captain Snarky Pants!”

I see Lysander again. (I have to see him three times before he gives me an idea) He eventually tells me that a poem from Leigh might soften her heart. I tell him to use a pen, and that it’s school – just grab one from the desk. But no. This school ain’t got no pens.

Luckily, the DOLLAR shop sells them for SIX DOLLARS. Logic.

About this time, I run into a newly remodeled (and bustier) Auntie. She looks so bad…those proportions…guh… apparently, since I found her early on, I won’t get cool angel/devil horns -_-” an episode replay is in my future…

“No headband for you!!”

Lysander writes a beautiful poem (I have the choice to give it to Leigh or give a terrible fake poem to Rosalya and murder their love), and when I give it to Leigh, he says he can’t go into the school 😦 Sad. I give Lysander’s poem to her. She doesn’t love it, and thinks Leigh had nothing to do with it. She’s the smartest cookie that I’ve ever met.

“I’ve got the nose of a basset hound!”

I see Castiel.

“I know you want meh – EH!”

“By the way, do you have a girlfriend?”

“I was wondering why you were single, that’s all.” None of these answers will affect your relationship…so I is passive aggressive. He’s been pissing me off lately 😡 it’s nice to feel justice.

“Do I ask you questions?”

“You know I want you – UH!”

I tell Leigh that he’s a douche for not even trying to save his relationship other than standing around helplessly in the courtyard. 😦 However, since I think Rosalya is a basket case who could easily do strange things to me while I slept, I agree to continue helping him.

“Bow ties are cool.”

Go to the Gardening Club, and your Candy will decide to make a bouquet! Buy the ribbon from the Dollar Shop, and Voila! Show it to Leigh.

He okay’s the idea, and Rosalya looooooves them!

Castiel, “What’s wrong, is everything ok?! D:

“Of course, everything’s fine. I just look like this because it suits me. “

Liar! Seriously, what’s wrong?”

“I broke two strings on my guitar. Do you feel better now that you know?”

“So buy new ones!”

“You’re a real genius. Such a shame I don’t have the money for that right now.”

“I understand, coincidentally, my nutso aunt just gave me $20! I’ll go and get you some…(Go buy the strings)”

“… No one is forcing you.”

“Obvious brands are obvious.”



“Here are your strings.”

“Thanks… What brand did you get?”

“Butterfly Quality strings.”

“You even got the right ones? You’re not so dumb after all.”

Awwww….you’re an asshole, but you’re MY asshole<3 Would it hurt you to say “thank you” once in a while?”


“You’re welcome, mister Blushy Pants!”

I ran into Nathaniel who was pouting. I know Melody is all up on his radar, so I try to find her, but all I got was drained APs. 😦

“I wear a back brace to keep my spine in place!”

Eventually I find her in the Student Council room. She says that he likes cats, and that I should hand-stitch a stuffed animal for him. Ummm.



I think Melody likes him…why doesn’t she just jump on this opportunity and get her lov’o’meter up, too?!!

So I head on over to the Dollar Shop and buy supplies 🙂

Since I have the coordination of a reanimated corpse, I find the most artsy person I know of…VIOLETTE! I find her in the courtyard, and she takes me back into the classroom.

“Hey baaaaby~”

It’s kind of awful, but at least he’ll laugh at it.

“It’s my only friend, now. Thanks!”


“Don’t mind me. I just crawled out of a sewer :3”


“I knew I should have gotten it resized!!”

Whatever. She asks me to help her find her missing ring – the ring that Leigh has given to her D: Back out one screen, and GO BACK TO TALK TO HER. Your Candy will ask if she has any idea where it might be. THEN you can go look for the ring :3

I find it in the courtyard, sort of near the edge of the grass and concrete on the left side.

It’s so pretty! NOW there IS a way to KEEP THIS RING – BEFORE you find her ring in the courtyard, you can BUY it from the jewelry store for $420.00.

The perks to this ring is that it gives you 1 extra AP per day. If you feel that $420.00 is a decent amount to exchange for extra AP, go right ahead and buy it. You’ll lose it temporarily when you give it to her, but at the start of the next episode, she will tell you that she has found her original ring, and you can keep the one you previously bought for her.


BEFORE I COULD SEE CASTIEL AGAIN, THE EPISODE ENDED D: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to raise my affinity….GUH. I get so impatient and want to finish the episodes without exploring…after I get through episode 10, I’ll save up AP and do some hardcore replays 😄 Max out all of the dialogue for all the characters. MUAHA.

Castiel answers found on the internet because I knew that couldn’t have been the end of Castiel banter…

I don’t know why you’re always asking questions.


Nobody forces you to come talk to me.
Do not answer.

I don’t know, what food do you like?
B + 28

EDIT: Since this episode was super duper LAME SAUCE, I am submitting my own drawing for the date. Lame narrations and all!!

After Rosalya gave you her hand-me-down-fat-clothes, you walk down the hallway and throw the frilly mess into your locker.

“Who needs her,” you think to yourself – these clothes were obviously too BIG for her, not too SMALL. You sigh and open your wallet. “After all the things I had to buy today…looks like I only have about $40 – even counting Auntie’s gift…” Thinking back, the look on Castiel’s face when he realized that you had not only purchased guitar strings for him, but also the correct brand had been totally worth it.

You head to the courtyard – there’s still about 30 minutes until the bus arrives to take you home. You sit down in the grass and wait. A shadow blocks the sunlight you were so contentedly basking in. A masculine voice whispers into your ear from behind.

“I don’t say this often, so don’t make me repeat myself…”

You look up, making eye contact with the man of your dreams and smile at him. He crouches down behind you and hands you his precious guitar.

“Thank you for what you did today. I really appreciate it.”

You look at the newly-strung guitar in your hands and tentatively stroke a few of the strings. 

“Oh, God. That’s awful!” He says, laughing and wrapping his fingers around yours. He holds your fingers down and you can tell that he’s trying to hide a smile.

“He holds your fingers down and you can tell that he’s trying to hide a smile.”

He teaches you a few other chords and even after all of his coaching, the noise emanating from the instrument is painful.

“Well, I can’t say that I didn’t try…” He stands and takes the guitar from you, offering his other hand to help you up. You realize that the bus is just about to arrive. 

“See you tomorrow!” He calls out, already walking away. You blush, thankful that he can’t see it, and hurry home.

Did ju liek dis?!

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