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This Episode. HOMAHGLOB. I hope you guys are READY for this. It’s huge. SO.MANY.SCREENSHOTS. Also, my candy’s name is Semma. Add me, I love talking to people πŸ˜€

“Woman is the…”

John Lennon shows up as a new teacher and asks me to show him around the school. I take him to every area, and return to the main hallway.

We run into Castiel in the courtyard, and tease him.

“Good Glob! It’s John Lennon!”

“So here’s the schoolyard, I’d be careful about coming here, not everyone is that nice.” (+?)

“Ah, what are you talking about, huh?”


When I’m done clicking around for my famous teacher (WHO, btw, has no reason to have been in this episode except to waste 16 AP…)

When I went back to the schoolyard, I bumped into this attention whore who has fake extensions and needs a bath.

“My Sugar Daddy buys my school outfits.”

Finally getting back to MR. CASTIEL:

“Phew, finally done showing that teacher around the school.” (+6)

“Why were you doing that?”

“I don’t know, it’s always me they ask some kind of favor from.”

“Ah, that’s because you look like the nice girl.”

“Prostitution just ain’t pays my bills no mo.”

I told her, “No, BISH, you can’t have none mah moneys.”

And she took it anyway D: OMG. Well, with the $10 she stole, at least her family will be able to eat for a week…

Eventually, I see Castiel, and he teases me about it ._____.”

“So young lady, do you have any pocket money for me too?”


“Ah come on, I was joking.”

“I don’t find that very funny…”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to find a way to get revenge!”

“Ah, any ideas?”

“Not really…” (Plotting to use him as bait will lead to all negative options.)

Then I found Whatserface and she convinces me to spend a whole bunch of money trying to copy Amber’s Middleschool style. (Do you guys remember those shirts with the ruffled sleeves? Soooo ten years ago!

“Float like a butterfly…”

“Look Ma, I’m 12 again!”

“Apparently, I’m also…Native American…?”

“Perfect for a ho-on-the-go!”

Bought all this stuff. TIME TO FIND AMBER!

“You shop at Wal-Mart, too?!”

However, it does not work. Whatserface has the worst ideas…BACK TO SQUARE 1.

I find Nathaniel and am like, finally, someone to punish her thieving grabby no-no hands!

So I had to click back and forth a few times, but this is all I get.

“Hi, my nickname is Flacid.”

THANKS. After a few harsh words, he hands me $15. So I guess that’s okay…but some people just want to get revenge, so HERE I GO.

I found Castiel.

“So, did you get revenge on those snobs?”

“No, I don’t have a good idea yet.”

“But it’s not that hard to figure out…”

“If you have an idea, I’m all ears!”

“I don’t know…I haven’t given it any thought…”

“Not even a little idea?” (I’m not sure if this is the correct answer to BUILD your affinity…but it didn’t lessen mine.)

“Pffft! You should graffiti her locker and put something she hates in it, that’s all!” *fist of fury*


“Ok, graffiti her locker! And for the something that she hates?”

“Pfff! I don’t know Amber, and I don’t really care so figure something out yourself.”

“Oh, ok. Thanks.” Rude.

Hmmmm…who would know about things that she hates?! HER LITTLE OR OLDER BROTHER I’M NOT SURE THEY MIGHT BE TWINS. Talk to Nathaniel, he’ll pussyfoot around because he’s a pansy and can’t tell his sister to jump off of a bridge. But eventually he will tell you that she haaates spiders. TIME TO GIVE AMBER A PRESENT. BUT you have to unlock the dialogue with Castiel, so buy the spray paint and plastic spiders from the Dollar Shop, and let’s get this party started!

“Oh, What can I graffiti her locker with?”

“With your fingers?”

“Well, I’ve never done it before.”

“Ah, miss goodie two shoes…With a can of spray paint maybe, does that ring a bell?”

“Ok, ok, I get the message.”

“It’s the EYE OF THE TIGER…..”

So when there’s no one in the hallway, I decide to spray paint Amber’s locker! However, the friend that always munches on lipstick catches me D:

“This isn’t lipstick, it’s my dinner.”

Of course, she’s not used to talking at a normal level (all the fake moaning from the prostitution, most likely) and the principal catches us D: MY BAD LUCK JUST KEEPS ON ROLLING.

“Whaaaat?! You’re acting out because someone stole your money?! YOU must be the problem! If you weren’t so nice, and if the administration did their jobs, YOU would never have gotten into the messDETENTIONS!”

Because it’s totally MYYY fault…sheesh. So as the last person leaves school, Castiel is a dick.

“No, no, this is how I show my affection, really.”

So we go after school to the stairwell (because apparently Amber changed lockers after the necklace she stole got stolen…) and Charlotte abandons me like a pansy!

“I’m going to go service a few clients. Let me know when you’re done.”

I go to leave and HOMAHGLOB I’m alone 😦

“Dun dun…”


“A Living Shadow! Data Ghost? Oh, nevermind. Just a real ghost.”

OMG! A FREAKING GHOST! First, why do I have affinity options with this ghost? Look at that heart. This ghost thinks I’m sexy already.

My bff Nathaniel in the classroom sugests that I only saw a night watchman. Biash, my school cannot afford the payroll for an administrator to keep track of my paperwork, security to keep people from stealing my shiz in BROAD DAYLIGHT, John Lennon from attacking me with “I have to see every area of a building before I let you out of my sight” syndrome, or sane principals on staff. You reeeally think they can afford a night watchman? Get. Real.

CASTIEL! Why are you in the garden? I mean, uh, “You won’t believe what happened to me!”

“You finally found Kiki?”

“You’re so funny! You’re an episode behind, though!”

“Are you going to tell me your big news or what?”

“I was in the staircase withΒ CharlotteΒ Li when I saw a ghost!”

“Hahaha, tell me another one.”

“I’m telling you, I we had just finished cleaning the graffiti when it appeared! We ran away.”

“Ah…that’s right, you were in the staircase after school, I forgot…”

“Oh yeah? Have you seen something strange there before?”

“Now that you mention it…”


“I remember a rumor. A couple of years ago, a teacher fell down those stairs and died, and his ghost haunts the place ever since…”

“Are you serious?!”

“You are so gullible sometimes! Of course not, ghosts don’t exist little girl.”

“I don’t know, but something was there in that staircase.”

“It was your imagination, just forget about it.” Oh, why so angry?!

“I’m going to find some proof! If it wasn’t a ghost, then someone was there, you’ll see!”

“Seriously, why bother with all of that, who cares? You’re really going to go look into this?”

“Yes! I’ll come and show you as soon as I find something.”

“You really are stubborn…”

I scurry back to the stairs and find useless bits of normal scrap clues.

AFTER WASTING AROUND 4 DAYS and 50 AP POINTS, Castiel FINALLY decides to mozy on over to the courtyard. FRAKKIN’ A, MAN. 😑 Guh. This game.


“Now exactly, but look at what I did find!”

“Woah! Some plastic and some cigarette butts! You’re right, everything is clear now!”

“Uh…well it wasn’t yesterday…”

“And so? Ghosts eat plastic and smoke now, is that it?”

“Someone was smoking there.” Duh-duh.

“Ok, so someone was smoking, so what? Besides telling our dear student body president, what else can you do? You realize you don’t have any real proof don’t you?”

“I’m going to wait after school, I’ll see if something happens.” NOT BEFORE I FIND MY MENTAL-FAIRY-GOD-MOTHER!

“Just forget about it, or don’t come crying to me if you get attacked by a ghost.”

Rrraaaiiioww. Claws are OUT.

Then I wasted about 40 more AP looking for the fairy and decided to give up on psycho aunt and just finish the episode because it has been weeks now, and I’m frustrated. πŸ˜€

After you gain the objective “wait until everyone is gone,” go to the stairwell. The screen will turn black, and it’ll say to make sure no one else is lurking. GUESS WHO IS LURKING GUYS.


“I have no life.”

TO THE STAIRWELL!!! On the way, I decide to stop by all of the rooms. We must be in a rural area because there are more than one star in the sky. Preeetty~



“I’ma raaaapiiiisssttt~”

There is a “scary noise” and my candy gets scared. DUH. THERE IS PROBABLY A RAPIST GHOST IN THERE. WHY DIDN’T YOU CONVINCE SOMEONE TO STAY WITH YOU. Or call the police. Why doesn’t anyone ever call the police?

Aaaaaand she ran away. Good. Now I have to waste even MORE AP again. Gaaah.

She checks out the stairwell, and omg, normal objects you would find in any school hallway! D: MUST BE A RAPIST GHOST.

I leave and find Castiel.

“He appeared again!”

“I can’t believe it, you’re hanging around after school again?”

“Yes, and I saw it again!”

“Hmmm…I’d be surprised if you saw anything at all.”

“Well, I didn’t see anything, I ran away…” (I think this one may have been neutral.)

“You didn’t see anything, you got freaked out all on your own again.”

“No, I’m telling you!”

I went back to the stariwell and find a guitar pick and lyrics. I found Castiel and rubbed the stuff in his face!

“*le gasp!* Normal items?! MUST BE THE WORK OF A GHOST!”

“Look what I found!”

“Hey, that’s my pick!”

“Your what?”

“You don’t know what this is?”

“Something for the guitar.”

“Yep, come on, give it to me.”

“Wait a second! It was in the staircase! With a new notepad too. Are you the one who’s been hanging out in the staircase?”

…as if nooooobody goes into the staircase in a GIANT PUBLIC SCHOOL. Good Lord, absolute worst plot ever.

“Of course not, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I must have lost it in the beginning of the day.”

“Hmm…yeah, I’ll keep it for now, just to see what turns up…” AM A Thief D:

I bought a $57 camera to prove…that people hang out in the hallways…

So I wait til after school and see Nathaniel and Castiel being SUSPICIOUSLY NON-VIOLENT.

“Secret Loooo~vers.”

So it’s dark, and I’m off to the stairwell…AND TAKE A PICTURE BECAUSE THERE’S A DARK FIGURE IN FRONT OF ME D:

But then the ghost TALKS!

“Are you trying to blind me or what?!”


“I’m a marshmallow on the inside.”

“Castiel?! What are you doing here in the stairwell built for humans? Are you a regual student just like the rest of us who use this stairwell every day ghost?!”

“Not really no, but since your curiosity knows no bounds I’m going to explain it all to you…”


“But afterwards, I’ll have to kill you, you do realize?”

“Ha ha! Come on, tell me!”

“Well, I come here with a friend to practice our music. There’s a room behind the staircase, it’s like a basement and the acoustics are great. That’s what you heard.”

“Oh, I understand…but isn’t there a music club in this high school?”

“Of course, but we can’t play what we want.”

“And is Nathaniel with you? Because he was being weird too.”

“Nathaniel has known about it since he found out that I stole the keys. He’s keeping it a secret too because if it gets out, we’ll both be in serious trouble.”


“That’s what we were talking about in the hall. Since you wouldn’t leave us alone, we had to decide if it wouldn’t be better to let you in on it. Anyway, you won’t say anything right?” D: You weren’t going to trust me?! You only told me because I blinded you with my new camera D:

“No, no of course not!”

“Cool, come on, I’ll introduce you to Lysander.”


“Why, hello~ I’m not an asshole like my friend. Would you mind terribly if I stole your heart for a lifetime or two?”

“Hello, pleased to make your aquaintance.”

“Uh…HERE, TAKE MY HEART. TAKE IT. TAKE IT WITH YOUR BEUTIFUL GRABBY HANDSΒ Hi, nice to meet you too, my name is Semma.”

“And my apologies, I’m afraid it was me who frightened you and your friend the other evening.”

IT’S OKAY, YOUR GORGEOUS MAN-BEAST Oh, no problem, and she’s not really my friend. And I think she was more frightened than me, haha.”

SEE, I HAVEN’T USED THE WORD FRIGHTENED SINCE I WAS BORN AS AN AMERICAN. YOU ARE NOW A PART OF MY WOOOORLD. (There were no little mermaid screen shots that made sense.)

“A new fantastic point of view!”

(He had a pretty particular style, that boy… We talked for awhile longer and that’s how I found out that the pieces of plastic were from a broken CD case, the cigarette butts, Castiel smokes from time to time, GROSS. I THINK I MAY HAVE TO CHOOSE A NEW LOVER WHO WON’T POISON HIS LUNGS the pick was his too. And finally, the notepad is Lysander’s, he writes his ideas for songs in it. I gave it back to him with the pick.)

(I’m pretty happy to finally shed some light on this whole thing even if I bought a camera for nothing in the end, and I can’t say anything to Iris or Amber and her friends…)

Because I live alone, I’m not sure why I needed to be home before my mother found out. I think she’s either dead or out of the country. Since I don’t want anyone to know that I’m an orphan, I tell him I need to be home ASAP.

We walked out of the building, he took my hand a bit roughly and didn’t say a word the whole way.

“Lysander would have called a cab for me D:”


Lysander took me on a magic carpet ride, and this is all I get?! OMG. I WILL RIP THAT GANGSTA CHAIN OFFA YO NECK!

“I hate girls.”

(I’m not sure but maybe it annoyed him to walk me home..?)

GUH. You guys. You have no idea how LONG AND FRUSTRATING THIS EPISODE WAS. 😦

So in the end, I didn’t get revenge on Amber, I didn’t get a fun date, I got a shirt with awful programming that won’t stay under my jacket, and I may be cheating on Castiel with Lysander :/

Also, anyone else notice the bullshizz game programming? Seriously, when’s the last time you got to level 8 on breakball? It’s more difficult than climbing the back of an irate velociraptor. And ALL I GET ARE 3 AP?! 😑




Did ju liek dis?!

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