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I have a confession to make: I didn’t really believe that anyone would read the first walkthrough I posted (OMG, A COMMENT?!? WHAAAAT?!?! LEAVE ME A COMMENT 😀 AND I’LL CONTINUE THESE RIDICULOUS SLEEP-DEPRIVED NONSENSES)…so this time, I didn’t take that many screen shots.

To make up for this heinous crime, I have inserted various pictures of my own creation 😀

ALRIGHT! So it’s the second episode. I’m going to call them “2nd week” and not “2nd day” because nobody has this exciting of a day at highschool. Nobody.

It’s the second week of school, and first thing Monday morning, Nathaniel’s inexperienced handling of my confidential documents strikes again. 

“Really, I only turned my back for a moment…”

THAT’S RIGHT, Amber and her beasties (I’m talking about Li and Charlotte. Don’t be racist! Charlotte is the asian one) get hold of your photo with their nasty nasty fingernails while Nathaniel is neglecting your paperwork AND THEY DRAW a mustache on it D:

How rude! They also text Ken and tell him “glad you’re gone looooser – signed that girl you like.”

Instead of showing you the scene, I tried to make elouai dolls of them. This is what happened:

“BJs in the locker room, anyone?”

Not that good, right? You’d be surprised how hard it is to make characters on that thing. So instead I made their “evening” look.

“BJs for sale, anyone?”

This one was much more convincing. And oh, geez, horrible quality. Sorry about that. MS Paint, you have failed me.


We see him. Say hi! 😀

“Yo Semma, nice picture!” He says. All suave and tweeny, rockstar that he is.

“So you saw it too?”

“Of course, just like half of the school.” D: Jerk.

“It’s not funny! It wasn’t your picture being put up all around school.” (+6)

“Well, I’d be very surprised if someone tried that on me.” He didn’t say this outloud, but what he MEANT to say was that he would probably murder them in the face with his wolverine dog. Picture below. Don’t hit me, please.

“With my trusty husky, we can conquer the world…through SONG!”

“If you’re so tough, defend me!”

“Just like that? And anyway, I don’t even know who’s responsible.” It’s true. Your earlier outburst was unnecessary, you realize. However you are a teenage girl! Scream some more!

“It was those three stupid girls!”  Yeah. 

“There are a lot of stupid girls around here.” He says this just as he would say “the sky is blue” or “I’ve popped over 78 bra straps this year.”

“Well, they’re always together. Two brunettes and a blonde, Amber I think. Just got here and already they’re hassling me.”

“Ah ha, you’re talking about Nathaniel’s sister and her friends? If there was an award for being stuck up pains, they would win it.” He’s laughing at you, but his laugh is like sunlight; it can shine on you all day, but if you stay bask for too long, you’ll get burned. Time to say goodbye.

“I’ll find a way to get back at them someday.” (+6)

“I’d be interested in seeing that.” I bet he would also be interested in seeing a shirtless cage match between Nathaniel and Dajan.

When you head back to the school, your beloved principal will ambush you, requiring you to join a club. If you join the gardening club, KEN WILL BE THERE, but you’ll get to play that plant mini game for free everyday. If you join the basketball club, you get chances to raise your affinity with Castiel and play the brick smasher game for free everyday.


“Castiel, I have to go to the basketball club, do you know where it is?”

“Maybe.” He says this so mysteriously, you feel your heart skip a beat. Oooh la la~

“Or maybe not?” (+6)

“Ah, yeah I know. So what? What do I get out of showing you where it is?” Aaaand back to being a tough guy, huh? I’m losing interest in your bipolar answers, mister…

“The pleasure of my company?” (+6) Successful flirting! WOO!

“Ah, is that all?” 


Walk to the SCHOOL, and then back to the COURTYARD, he has more dialogue available. Or maybe it continues…I didn’t take notes very well at this point… Whatever, the next part is this:

“And why are you looking for that club exactly?” Aw, you DO care<3

“Something like mandatory participation in a school club, I think.” (+6)

“Ah, I see. The principal’s famous trick to get new students to settle in.” He’s so cute when he rebels against authority.

“Ok, so can you show me where it is or not?”

“Listen, come back later, I’ve got something to do right now, but I’ll show you afterwards.” He’s actually going to brush his teeth. He ate kimchi for lunch and doesn’t want to “smell asian*.”

Leave and come back. He’s super quick. 

“I almost didn’t wait. Follow me, you’ll see it’s just right next to the gymnasium. You could have found it on your own if you had tried.” He leads the way, sexily. You quickly notice that every time he takes a step, Justin Timberlake does a falsetto “Oh**!”

“There you go. Across the schoolyard, on the left, that’s the gardening club. You know what you’re supposed to do at least?” Don’t beg for help or answers. Just be yourself 🙂

“Um…no.” (+6)

“Man, they’re not much help at the school office, are they. They ask you to come and help out and they don’t even tell you what to do…” It’s true. He has also been the subject of Nathaniel’s ineptitude with paperwork.


“Oh, I know, the guys are always complaining that half of the basketballs are missing. You could look for them, it shouldn’t be too hard. There are 5 missing I think.” He’s friends with EVERYONE! Cray cray.

“Ok, I’ll do that then.”

Now travel to the classroom – BASKETBALL! Travel to the courtyard – BASKETBALLS! Travel to the garden – BASKETBALL! I think that’s all of them.

“So did you find those basketballs?” I bet he already knew that I found them. He’s my new paparazzi.

“Yeah, I found five.”

“Well what are you waiting for? Go put them away in the gymnasium, and then you’re done.” Lo-o-ove is in the air!

“Oh, ok, I’m off.”

The principal will find you eventually and tell you how cool you are.

“Well, that’s done finally!”

Nathaniel will ambush you, and LIKE A GIRLY PANSY MAN, will push his duties onto you. No matter what you say, you will end up with a note for Castiel to sign. Don’t make him. Or he will hate you. FOREVER.

“So, you cut class again? I’ve got a note for you to sign.” +6

“Ah ha, I’ve got nothing to say about that. And you can take that back to Nat, I don’t plan on signing it.” I wish I could…your magical eyes make me want to shower you with snowflakes…

“Alright…I can tell already this is not going to be simple…”

This makes me dislike the NateNate even more. Why can’t he fight his own battles? I’m not about to do it for him. Click around until you see Castiel again.

If you encounter Iris or Ken, do not give them the note to do it for you. Castiel will be irate and totally hate you.

“Do you need anything else?” I don’t want to upset you, oh beautiful one!

“Yes, the absentee note…”<-only option, but no affinity is lost

“What now?” I just want to hug your box-shaped-body.

“He’s insisting, you know…” (+6)

“And I refuse! Anyway, if he’s a real man, he’ll come and ask me himself instead of sending a little girl like you!” Harsh, man. I’m on your side. Does MY 96 affinity prove NOTHING TO you??

(Looks like I’m going back to Nathaniel empty handed…)
“Did you give him the message?”

“Yes and um…”

“What now?! Good grief, you’re persistant!” TT_____TT

“Eh…I know, but Nathaniel keeps pushing me too…”

“I understand, but I’m as stubborn as he is. I’m not signing anything. And I’m sure he’s just doing this so that I might get expelled from school.”

“What, really? I don’t want you to get expelled, forget about the note, I’ll give it back to him. (Don’t get Castiel to sign the absentee note.) (+24)

“I knew you’d understand, thanks.”

(At this point, my affinity was already at 100 pts…I don’t think it’s possible to raise it any higher.)

SO. You go back to Nathaniel, and he implodes with NERDRAGE. Literally.

“You’ll never rip this shirt off with your hands…use TEETH!”

Whatever, brush it off, you’re one cool girl. So they fight, I stand up for Castiel, it leads me to the “pick your outfit!” page and I am SUPER PUMPED.


In this episode, I was:





So I’m like, damn, this is going to be the BEST DATE EVER. ANGRY-FROM-A-TRAUMATIC-DAY-SEX IS THE……….ILLEGAL FOR MINORS. We’ll have a great bowling date, maybe.

“Justin ain’t got NUTTIN’ on me, but our hands are touching – doesn’t matter HAD SEX!”

No. This is all I get. Castiel being a flaking pansy and all, “Leave me alone, I need to go cry a river***.”

I feel like I can’t win.

* – My severenteentieth ex-boyfriend actually said this to me. He said, “hold on, we can’t go yet, I smell too asian.”

** – Justin Timberlake sings this song, “sexy back,” and whenever a sexy guy walks away from me, I imagine this song playing, but looping on Justin’s falsetto “OH!” like Michael Jackson.

*** – When someone starts complaining, I sing “cry me a ri~iv~er~er – oh, oh, OH.”



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