Special Summer Boutique on MCL!


So of you haven’t followed the drama of this disaster event, here is the cliff notes version. (If you don’t know what cliff notes are, Google that real fast. It will save you from committing a murderous rampage when you end up studying Shakespeare or reading Beowulf, Pygmalion, etc.)

So beemoov released this event on Amour Sucre first. After the majority of the players complained about being “the bank of beemoov,” Chino replied saying that it would be unfair to the Candies who paid these prices during the original events. Candies stated that it was an event, it didn’t matter if the prices were different.
This is where beemoov royally frakked up.

The staff released a 40% discount.

At the end of the event.

After one Candy paid €30 (roughly $40) for the event, she stated that she felt betrayed. There is a trust between a merchant and a vendor, and by taking advantage of its most loyal players, she felt the need to take a break from the site for a while. (Rough translation. I’m paraphrasing.)

Then there was the question of which sites would get the discount, since the sites were timed differently. Beemoov answered this question by releasing the discount to MCL, but not a single mod would answer the questions we were asking since the beginning. (I myself was getting my pretty hair all twisted when I thought we wouldn’t get it – just like we don’t get to give input about new characters or clothing or get the comic translated to English, etc. But they did apply the discount to us, so that is over. Kind of.)

So there you have it! Your own personal slap in the face from beemoov! It wouldn’t be such a giant issue of it was, say, a 15% discount. But 40%?

That’s like me waking into your village and being like hey, I’ll take 10 of your best goats in return for this super rare vaccine for I Got No Strings Disease.
And you’d be all like thanks for offering to cure us of this obscure Disney sounding disease, but those are literally all of our goats. We will starve probably. That’s too many goats.
And I’d be like well do you want die for sure from I Got No Strings Disease and maybe another person will come with a cheaper cure but you’re not sure, or possibly die of hunger for sure because I’m taking all of your 10 goats?
And you’d be like fine, take all of my goats.
And as I was leaving be like, hey where’s the next village? I have a sale on vaccines. The exact same vaccines I just gave you but for only 6 goats, so they will be able to eat and also not die.

It’s late. That was not was
What I was going for. Comments below are appreciated if I didn’t understand the timeline exactly. I was surfing the French forum through Google Translate.

Correct my mistakes please :)


Right now, there is an awesome boutique open on MCL. 

Remember all of those times you thought to yourself, “man, I like this Hallween 2013 outfit, but I wish it was yellow!” And that time you thought, “man, I like this Easter Goddess outfit, but I wish it was mauve!”

Well, grab your ponytails, because your wishes have come true!!!

And luckily, they do not require AP! THEY REQUIRE $MONEY$! That’s great! Unless you’ve just replayed episode 21 twice and bought two outfits. So for me this is not the best event ever and I’m pretty bummed.

So to live vicariously, here is my wishlist:

The hills are alive with the sounds of gagging.

The hills are alive with the sounds of gagging.

Costing a grand total of $2,090.00, my dreams. (I’m currently stalking my candy friends to see who has which items because I want to photoshop a masterpiece of what these would look like together. I wish you could write on Candy’s walls because that would be the best.)

Do they look good together? Not really. But they are my dreams. *sigh*

Right now I have $366, so by the power of math, I will have $456 on the LAST DAY of the boutique. 

Ladies, I need your help! Which things do I buy?! Do you need help deciding, too?! AUGH THE HUMANITY!!! Post in the comments. I’m here all day because there are short Mexicans fixing my wobbly floorboards. I’m such a beast. I stood next to the main guy who is ordering his buddies around, and he literally came up to my shoulder.

I think they keep calling me The White Lady but I can’t be sure. 

At least they aren’t using AP for these events anymore.

I bake so much now.

Episode 22 Castiel Walkthrough (work in progress until Ep. 23 is released)

I don’t know how to end it. This episode is all about a decision. This is what I have so far:

EDIT: I’m going to wait for Episode 23 before I do anything. I really do not want to do ANOTHER replay of this episode, and thought it would be super neat to have an illustration that shows our Candy well proportioned and with a non-disturbing expression, I just…can’t do another replay. So I’ll update the bottom of this post as to what supposedly happens if you do or don’t take the deal. No illustration though, as obviously I can’t screen cap that. If you happened to have a screenshot of it, send it to me :)

After getting changed once the play ended and Castiel let me go, I found my parents talking to Shiva the Ice Summon and Freddie Mercury. Yay. Let’s all talk together.

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My Candy Love Episode 21: Castiel Walkthrough


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Let’s re-do the play! This time, I’m choosing Little Red Riding Hood in order to get the illustration with Castiel. I do not like re-doing episodes, but for you, I will do them. Feel loved.

This time, there aren’t enough roles for all of the students (obviously.) So Candy is nervous that she won’t even get to play :( Castiel is still holding her hand. Aww.

Boris: “Little Red Riding Hood’s mother asks her to go to her grandmother’s house. Before entering the forest, a woman tells her that she has lost her pot of honey. Little Red Riding Hood tells her that if she finds it, she will return it to her! In the forest, a rabbit will warn her about the wolf that wants to eat her. Afterwards, she will meet the bear that stole the honey pot, as well as a deer that got lost and doesn’t know how to get home!”

Nathaniel: “Oh, man…what have we gotten into…”

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My Candy Love Episode 21: Nathaniel Walkthrough


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Breaking News: I live in Mexico now. If you’d like to stalk me, I’ve made a new website with my hubby. Since he wanted to post updates, and I didn’t want my family crawling all over my MCL blogs (awkwarrrd lol) we made this new one. Please don’t ask any questions about MCL on that website as they will just be deleted. It’s mostly for our family to keep tabs on us, but if you’re interested, there you go.



Normally, my walkthroughs are quite long, and I write the dialogue word-for-word. I put a lot of time into it, and recently, people have been copy/pasting my stuff. It makes no sense to put so much effort into it. So, I’ll just…improvise and summarize. :D

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I’m Married!

The wedding was planned in 3 days, roughly 35 people could make it in such a short amount of time, and I got no presents, but it was so special.

So a friend bought my dress because my original was still at the alterations, I exchanged it at Macy’s for the right size an hour before the ceremony, I bought the shoes at Payless the same day, I didn’t have time to do my hair so I threw it in a braid, and I got married next to a tennis court. So glamorous.

But what matters is that my husband is wonderful, and whatever life throws at us, we will conquer.

In rare form, here are some of my favorite pictures taken by my friends and family! Enjoy :)

"I don't want to do this..." "Me either, but I'm so hungryyy...."

“I don’t want to do this…it’s embarrassing…”
“Me either, but I’m so hungryyy….”

cut kiss

"A tasteless joke about marriage from our mutual friend..."

“A tasteless joke about marriage from our mutual friend…our expressions say it all…”

Mexico? Here I come. I guess.

So, I made it in one piece! The violence is not as awful as the news, but last night some kids were riding a motorcycle down our street, and some thugs pushed them off and stole it from them. The cops (they drive in pickup trucks with roll-cages attached and everyone carries a huge ass gun) were patrolling and didn’t even bother to stop it. So that’s comforting. Anyway, we started a blog and if you’d like to follow our journey in this city, http://www.brittaysaul.com


**EDIT** If you currently live in Mexico, PLEASE comment and let me know the GOOD things about your country!! I know practically nothing except the horrifying things that we see on the news such as gang violence and police corruption!!! I’m so scared and I need more of your help!!! ***END***

We’ve met with countless lawyers who have all said the same thing (with a bit of variation, of course): Good Luck!

I am so incredibly heartbroken. We’re moving. We don’t know to where or what jobs we can find…heck, he doesn’t even know any family in the country (except for a grandma who lives next to a mountain?). We’re considering Monterrey for two reasons: 1. His sister has a friend who lives there and might be able to help us settle in…seeing as my fiance only lived there until he was 6 and knows nothing about the entire country….(we were looking at a map yesterday, and he said, “I didn’t realize Mexico had so many states…do you think they have internet?”) and 2. It’s a big city, just like Houston. So while there may be more crime, there will be more of a police presence as opposed to a small farm town where the gang people can just be like *shoots you dead.*

We have no idea when we’ll be able to come back.

We have been planning this wedding since September, ya’ll. We had such plans.

So we’re getting married this Saturday at my house. Whatever family and friends can make it will be there, and we’ll just try and have a celebration for when we can eventually return to the States.

It’s so hard to wake up every day and realize that I won’t be here next month. I’m terrified.

I don’t know the language, I won’t be able to make nearly as much money, and I won’t really be able to drive because OMG they drive like nutsos. My entire family is here. My dreams are here.


If you’d like to see more explanations/crying, I uploaded a video here:

I need ya’ll’s prayers. We’re so broke.


I Need Your Help


*Mega Edit*

We’ve met with the lawyer. We have three more lawyers to meet with to see if anyone has any ideas of what to do. Apparently, it would cost over $15k to file an appeal, and even then, it wouldn’t matter because this was the final blah-di-blah. Unless Jesus gives us a miracle, I’m moving to Mexico in the next month or so.

There is so much to do.

Planning on getting married tomorrow because I don’t want to leave the country without being married to my one true love, and I’d love to have my dream wedding, but the government is taking that away from me. Everything is already paid for. What a waste. I’m going to go try and get the money back as much as possible, but I’m not hopeful.

I need to sell my car, cancel random things, and find a place for us to live. And jobs. Oh God.

Ya’ll. Don’t take anything for granted. Ever. Three days ago, I knew where my life was going. Now look at it. It’s been turned completely upside down in less than 72 hours.

I most likely won’ be updating this anytime soon. I have a few Candies that I wouldn’t mind handing out my login info if anyone is interested in taking over, but for now, it’s been real.

If anything changes, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


Also, my real name is Britta, if anyone was wondering.

*End Mega Edit*

So this terrible thing is happening, and I don’t even know what to do.

We got a letter from the US Governemt. It said that we have 30 days to come up with roughly $2,000 for an appeal, or my fiance will be deported. Our wedding is in 3 months. That’s 90 days. Can’t they just be patient? No?

Thirty days. I don’t make that much in 30 days, and we’ve been spending so much for the wedding that we don’t have that kind of money just lying around.

I don’t know what to do. I can’t lose him. He’s my everything.

You guys, I feel like my heart has just been ripped out. I don’t know what to do. I can’t just pick up and move to another country. But I can’t be apart from him. Maybe we could just elope, but that would be a very temporary fix.


Oh God.



So if ya’ll could maybe say some nice, comforting things, I could use it. My mom and dad are out of town, my friends don’t understand except to say things like, “oh, I’m sorry,” and “don’t worry, it’ll work out,” and I don’t have anyone to talk to. He also keeps telling me “don’t worry about it, it’ll work out.” But the thing is, HOW can it work out. HOW can I just pretend that in 30 days he might be gone? Money doesn’t just fall from trees.


I’ll keep ya’ll updated if ya’ll care, but I just…

I feel numb.


Want to watch me cry about it? Yes.


Our Art Project

Thought I’d give this a bump. I’m not super creative, and I have little to zero follow through, but this looks really neat.


Posted by one of my followers. If you’re an artist, check out that post. Maybe inspiration will strike you in the noodles.



….I’m so awkward.


noodles wtf….


Anyway, here’s her wordpress:


Cool chica for sure.

MCL Episode 21 Coming Soon?!


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ILLUSTRATIONS: http://akuraa27.deviantart.com/gallery/


The episode was released on the French site!! But since I do not log in to the french site every day, I do not have APs, and therefore…cannot…play……ugggggggggh why am I so lazyyyy. Guess ya’ll’ll have to wait until it’s released in the U.S. for screen shots and dialogue…OH WAIT, NO! There are candies who play the amour sucre and have given us sneakity peaks! :D Here’s some to whet your tummies<3

So Priscilla over at http://pribunny.tumblr.com/ let us know that APPARENTLY YES THE PLAY CHOICE MATTERED WHICH SCENE YOU GET :( I am hoping that they won’t make us REPLAY episode 20 in order to choose the play we want in episode 21. That would just be five kinds of cruel: Hurtful cruel, smelly cruel, twisted cruel, growly cruel, and cereal cruel. Yes, I ran out of cruels.

  • Alice in Wonderland = Lysander or Armin
  • Little Red Riding Hood = Castiel or Kentin
  • Sleeping Beauty = Nathaniel

You guys. The universe hates me. Like. So much. T-T I DUN LIEK IT. NOT ONE BIEETTTT…..

Okay I lied only one person gave us insight, and I can’t find screen shots of the illustrations but soon my pretty pretties, very soon!!


So, the teaser for Episode 21 just popped up on the French site! See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlhegfgwevY

Spoilers below :)

*GIANT EDIT after initial post*

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Valentine’s Event


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Talk away! I’m away out of town and don’t have internet access except at the top of this cold ass mountain!  I can’t access anything boo…writing on phone sorry..

SO does anyone else think that MCL should stop announcing big events on the day that the event starts? I sure do.

Here is a list of questions people have been asked, and possible answers. BE SURE to read through the comments because candies are updating with new details before I can get to a computer to fact-check/edit this main post. Hopefully we can all come out on top in this…event? Illustration? New outfit? I don’t even know but I hope it’s awesome. SEE BELOW for possible things.

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