Eldarya Release!


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First things first – if anyone steals my username, I’m going to be super bummed and cry a giant river of tears and probably not make anymore Eldarya posts because I WOULD throw a hissy tantrum like a 4 year old. Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Semmaa, Semma1, Semma11, Semmaaa, Semma5, Semma(a shetton more numbers) and all the rest that I don’t feel like typing out. :p

So now that that’s done: HOMAHGLOB huge thanks to Gemmie who let me know that Eldarya’s FB just announced that they will be sending mail for Beta testers.

Uhhhmmm 1.) How do you get on that mailing list and 2.) How do you get on that mailing list.

Le sigh.

SO this is what the page has up right now – let’s speculate!!


Fantastic AND romantic?! YES! I’m so pumped.


So do you join the guards, or do you help the guards by discovering treasures? I’d totes be a sneaky treasure hunter.


I don’t know what that means, but count me in! Looks like a pokemon type thing. Grow your pet from a tiny bottle, feed them maybe? Until they grow big and strong?


Oh, no, THESE are your friends. Sorry. Hatch your tiny animal creature friends and take them on MARVTASTICAL ADVENTURES.


THAT SAYS SOUL MATE. SEE?! IT DOES NOT SAY “MAN!!!” I bet we can have a girlfriend! :D Lol I say that because I already have the perfect husband, I don’t need another man in my life XD


YES! THIS is what we want! TONS OF ITEMS and a way to make money without waiting day by day!!! Please tell me there will be a stock market. And.

OH MAH GOODNESS. Who else is excited?

Obviously, it won’t be launched until AFTER Beta testing has been completed, but it’s so close!


Add your thoughts belowwww.

Halloween 2014 Mini Episode (By Semma)


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Candy’s ringtone woke her up with a jolt. The clock glowing a steady blue told her that she still had 7 more minutes until she had to get up. Who would be texting her this early?

Sighing, she contemplated ignoring it, but curiosity got the best of her.


She rolled her eyes at Castiel’s arrogance and replied quickly.


Almost instantly, his reply shot back.


Candy tried not to smile. He was such an ass sometimes.

“Are my eggs that delicious? You’ve been smirking at them for ages!” Auntie exaggerated.

“Yeah, they’re especially great today…hey, I think I’m going to make plans this afternoon.” Candy said between bites.

“Okie dokie! Just remember to call me and let me know where you’ll be! Don’t want any ghosts to snatch you up!” Auntie scolded in a sing-song voice.

Candy shook her head. Ghosts? Why did Auntie always talk to her like she was a child? “Of course, I’ll call you when I know what I’m doing.”

Candy headed to school a bit earlier than usual. Ten minutes made a lot more difference than she realized. The streets were nearly empty as she walked along, and it was a bit colder than usual. She had thrown on a long faded t-shirt with just shorts and a vest. At least she had worn boots today.

By the time she got to school, she realized she was one of the only kids there. A few kids from younger grades were sitting on the stairs playing some form of jacks, but it was incredibly quiet.

The time on her phone said 7:20. Classes would be starting soon. She sat down on a ledge near the door and zoned out.

“Hey! Uh, where’s your costume?” A perky voice assaulted her with a hug from behind.

“Alexy! You scared me…oh my gosh it’s Halloween?!” Candy had completely forgotten! She looked up and realized that most of the kids wandering around were dressed up in various costumes. Alexy currently looked like a parade exploded.

“Ohhhh don’t worry I can fix it!” He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the girls restroom. “I brought all of my makeup! How about ‘dia de los muertos?’” He made spooky hand gestures and didn’t wait for an answer.

“Uhm, you know class starts like, now?” Candy second-guessed.

“Girl, don’t worry, I’ve got this!” He started applying makeup so quickly, Candy didn’t have to keep her eyes closed for long. He was amazing with a makeup brush. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and was impressed.

“Wow, thanks a lot! You saved me.”

“C’mon, we’ve got to get to Algebra!” He grabbed her hand and dragged again.

“It’s too early for math…” Candy whined.

School was over too quickly. This had been the funnest day so far. Surprisingly, most of Sweet Amoris had gotten into the spirit of Halloween – save for a few teachers – and Candy suddenly realized that she hadn’t seen Castiel all day.

She stopped by the restroom on her way to the courtyard to try and wash the face paint off. It had started to crack and peel off as the day wore on. It was silly, but she didn’t want Castiel to see her so enthusiastic about Halloween. He would probably think it was silly.

Waiting at the bus stop, she wondered if he had forgotten until she heard a nickname that could only ever be applied to her.

“Hey, Runway! You made it. Sweet, let’s go we don’t have much time.” Castiel’s dumb nickname irked her, but now that she had a new bustier, she knew he was only kidding.

“Castiel, can you explain to me why you sent me a text ten minutes before my alarm went off?” She huffed as she followed his brisk pace. He looked so excited for whatever it was he was planning.

“What? How am I supposed to know when you wake up. Don’t waddle, we have things to do!” She wouldn’t call it skipping, but his behavior was adorable. She had never seen him act this way.

“Will you at least tell me where we’re going?” Candy grabbed his hand to slow him down a bit, but she was caught off guard when he didn’t shake her off.

“We’re going to a Halloween party and I need a partner for my costume!” He explained almost angrily, as if he expected her to read his mind.

“Oh. Why didn’t you say so?” They continued walking towards the market district where most of the shops would be. “So are we going to buy them or make them?”

“We just need to cover you in seran wrap and we’ll be set!” Candy almost screamed. Getting answers out of him was like pulling teeth! What the heck was he talking about?

They reached a grocery store, and Candy was even more confused.

“Hey what color is your bra?” He asked so casually, he could have been asking her for the time.

“W-what?! Castiel!” She didn’t know whether to slap him or just turn around and leave.

“God – look, it’s for the costume. If your underwear are bright colors it might show through. So?” He gestured a bit awkwardly at her body and waited for an answer.

“Uhm, o-orange…” Candy almost mumbled. She could feel her cheeks burning.

“Sweet this will work. Come on.” She followed him as he grabbed two boxes of seran wrap, corn starch, food coloring, and a toy knife.

“Uhh…Castiel…I dont’ think I like where this is going…” Candy said nervously as they left the store.

“Chill out, we’re going to Lysander’s house first. Rose will help you get dressed. Ah man, we’re going to win for sure!” His childish fist pump made her snicker.

“Okay, so there’s a Halloween costume contest, and you want us to win?” She waited for him to nod before continuing. “What’s the prize?” She asked, now intrigued.

“It’s a $50 gift certificate to Allsmart. It’ll be just enough to get that new amp I wanted!”

“Wait, you’re not going to split it with me?” Candy asked, irritated. They were just walking up to Lysander’s house. She’d never been there. It was huge. “Wow.”

“Yeah, they’re rich or something.”

“No, I mean ‘wow, you’re such a jerk, why don’t I get a prize if we win?’” Candy clarified.

“Oh. My company isn’t enough?” He winked and didn’t bother knocking as he opened the door.

“Candy! Come on, we have to hurry!” Rosalya nearly tackled her as they barged into Lysander’s house.

Rose snatched the grocery bag from Castiel and pulled Candy into the nearest room and shut the door.

“Okay, take off all your clothes! We don’t have a lot of time…” Rosalya was already dressed in an extremely elaborate version of a Disney princess.

Candy looked at the seran wrap skeptically. “So what exactly am I dressing as…?”

“A dead girl! Have you ever seen Dexter?” Rose asked as she began twisting the seran wrap around Candy. “How short do you want this to be…” Rosalya didn’t wait for an answer and started uncomfortably high.

“You mean the show that was cancelled like a year ago?”

“Yeah! It was Castiel’s favorite show-”

“-Of course it was-”

“-And he was so excited when he came to me that I promised to help! Just a few more pieces and you should be done!”

Candy came out of the room and felt a thousand eyes looking her up and down.

"Behold my photoshop glory"

“Behold my photoshop glory”

“Eh, you’ll do. Come on! I have a prize to win.” Castiel grabbed her arm as they all left the house.

“So…how much does this new amp cost exactly?” Candy questioned.

“About $45, why?” He answered.

“Well, what are you going to do with the left over $5?” She hinted.

“Pay myself back for the costume I bought you?” He countered, smirking.

“Coffee.” Candy stated and stopped walking, getting his attention.

“What?” He puzzled, trying to make her walk but failing.

“You owe me coffee, and you can buy it with those $5. Not water, like last time.”

“Uhm, y-yeah…sure.” He blushed.

“It’s a date then.” Candy said off-handedly before she realized she’d used the word “date.”

The walk was uncomfortably silent for a while.

“So, in the show we’re dressed up as, Dexter was…still in love with Deborah.” Candy bit her lip, hoping he wouldn’t be offended, but she had to know if Castiel was still holding on to a memory.

“Nah, remember, she went nuts and left. Dexter fell in love with one of his victims.” He recovered quickly.

“Well…” Candy somehow found the nerve to continue. “I seem to be one of his victims,” she said as she gestured to the blood on her outfit.

“You’re a dead victim, though. Dexter didn’t let her die, in the end.” He side-stepped her question.

“Castiel, I’m still breathing.” She said, narrowing her eyes at him.

“Yeah, yeah, come on Runway, we’re gonna be late for my prize.” His words were casual, but Candy didn’t miss the smile he couldn’t hide fast enough.

être Excité! Halloween 2014 Boutique! HAPPY DAAY!!


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Amour Sucre released their shop! My Sucrette is so happy right now :3

"ARRR give mee yer booty!"

“ARRR give mee yer booty!”

For this pirate option, there IS an option to buy the shirt and jacket combined for $25 cheaper, BUT you won’t be able to wear the shirt or jacket ALONE in any other outfits. Decisions, decisions…


"...this is my favorite."

“…this is my favorite.”





"Miao! :3"

“Miao! :3″



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#EDIT!! AS pointed out by the lovely Dawn, they have updated the clothes shop with different colors of the episode clothing!!


Also, the Halloween “Photo” Contest is lame, the prizes for winning are lame, and so far no one has submitted anything. I think it would be hilarious (and sad a little bit) if everyone just ignored it as a “stop ignoring the US we deserve just as much attention as AS. Give us a real event.” Also, again, I tried to ask about the writer on AS who randomly disappeared because obviously if you write “she’s disappeared and no one has been able to contact her,” IS SHE IN THE HOSPITAL?! Is she okay!? Like, is she dead?? And I got shushed by a mod (who totally shut down the entire conversation with her snappy attitude) and the thread died instantly. I really hope that chick is not in a ditch somewhere.

We are finally able to choose the layer of our clothing!

If you have been following me since the beginning, you know that my #1 GRIPE about this game is the fact they I could not wear boots OVER my pants. And the mods/admin responses were “just wear leggings instead the programmers don’t have time for that.”

WELL HALLELUJAH it looks like they found time.

Go read the main post on Daily Candy but OMG this is so exciting.


The system feels a bit glitchy to me still (and as usual, the mobile app does not have it), but it is a HUGE step in the right direction :)

Problems still need fixing:

LEFT AND RIGHT HANDS should be separated. I want the glove on the right to be over the clothing (duh) and the glove on the left to be behind the clothing…since her hand is behind…the…clothing….

In no lifetime can I see myself wanting to put her underwear over her clothing. Maybe I will do that to make a statement. How hilarious would that be. I think everyone should make their outfits, and then wear their underwear right on top. Maybe they would fix it faster.

So far that’s all I see.


I enjoy all the things.

I enjoy all the things.


I enjoy all the perfect things.

I enjoy all the perfect things.

Rinmaru Games


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So there is also a watchable/playable manga type storyline, which I am SUPER STOKED about! But. They are taking years to activate my account. Mew.

In case you haven’t heard of this yet, CHECK IT OUT! Super cute, the creator of this site is a very cool 24 year old woman (read: I am also 24…5…omg I’m going to be 26 in a few months ._____. wwaaaaaat….what am I doing with my life…) and I read her blogs aaand I think we would be bffs forever but that’s just my fangirl side.

So, I checked out this site after a recommendation and WOW is it well-made! The color scheme, the layout, perfect. It’s my new favorite thing.

She has also put up some “manga creators.” SO FUN! Guess what I did.


"Did you catch last night's episode of the Walking Dead? ...BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE A WALKER HAHAHA runway."

“Did you catch last night’s episode of the Walking Dead? …BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE A WALKER HAHAHA runway.”

Geez, Castiel, we know she’s a flatty.

"OH NO a wild Lysander appears...in time to be sad and angsty. How tragic."

“OH NO a wild Lysander appears…in time to be sad and angsty. How tragic.”

I wonder what they were talking about…

"Roof concert! Looks like the star performers are...so thug."

“Roof concert! Looks like the star performers are…so thug.”

"It's 2AM and this is hilarious."

“It’s 2AM and this is hilarious.”

Aaaand the obligatory me and hubbs. Because I can.

"If I never go to a market again in my entire life, it will be too soon..."

“If I never go to a market again in my entire life, it will be too soon…”

EDIT: Aaaand more because I can’t help myself…

"Into the vast catacombs...of MARRIAGE!! ...it's late man I dunno...want to just stay in and marathon the next season of House? I bet it's Lupus."

“Into the vast catacombs…of MARRIAGE!! …it’s late man I dunno…want to just stay in and marathon the next season of House? I bet it’s Lupus.”

"YOU KNOW I HATE NATURE! But I'd follow that accent anywhere..."

“YOU KNOW I HATE NATURE! But I’d follow that accent anywhere…”


MCL Halloween 2014!


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It’s that time again!

Have you been saving your AP and $? Because you should be.


If you haven’t, STOP PLAYING THE EPISODES! Every year, MCL hosts a holiday event, usually only for Halloween and Christmas. Sometimes they require AP, sometimes they require $! After recent complaining about events using up AP, the past few have required $, so I’m not sure what to expect. Just SAVE! The episodes will still be here after the holidays :) (Remember that they usually also do a Valentine’s event – remember how sad we were when we didn’t have enough to buy the cute dresses? And how much more sad when we couldn’t buy them for the Summer event? Yes. We’s remember.)

So I’m dressed up for Halloween! Are you?!






















Bleaching Your Hair: Do’s and Don’ts and Meh’s


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It’s a trendy trend that’s trending to bleach sections or all of your hair. Sweet. I do not have $150+ to spend on that, so I went out to do it myself.

I used these following products (all purchased at Sally’s), and have pretty good results! I am currently unable to upload the pictures of my endeavors, but I have some reference photos and descriptions. Meh.

L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Lightener – http://www.sallybeauty.com/powder-lightener/LOREAL12,default,pd.html#prefn1=brand&prefv1=CLAIRL%7CLOREAL&start=4

I chose this because I have DARK, thick hair and it has been dyed black in the past few months. Definitely talk to a Sally’s Associate. They will help you choose the best bleaching options :)

Salon Care 30 Volume Creme Developer – http://www.sallybeauty.com/creme-developer/SLNCAR62,default,pd.html#start=9

I chose this because I have DARK hair. If you have blonde/light brown hair, choose a 10 or a 20. NEVER use a 40 – that is for professionals, and you may end up with your newly bleached hair breaking off into sad chunks of your self esteem.

(What is a developer? You mix it with the powdered bleach and it makes magical things happen.)

Ion Effective Care Treatment – http://www.sallybeauty.com/hair-repair-therapy/ION22,default,pd.html#sz=48&viewAllProducts=true&start=14

A cheap, deep conditioner that will help with the “straw-like” effects of bleaching. I usually just buy the $1.50 packet and use only half at a time. :)

Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo – http://www.sallybeauty.com/blonde-shampoo/CLAIRL3,default,pd.html#q=shimmer+lights&start=1

I started using this after the bleaching. The lightest color on my head was YELLOW. I mean like, the sun came down from the sky, ate a ton of lemons, and squeeeezed itself all over the side of my head.
The darkest color was ORANGE. As if the sahara desert had – well you get it.
This product took away the brassiness in about a week of daily use. Highly recommend!

I have not bought the dye yet. This entire process was WAY more detailed than I thought it would be. I will end up dyeing it soon, but for now, I am half-blonde half-black and I actually kind of love it.


Since I am not a licensed beautician, my adventure in hair bleaching is not professional, and definitely not the bible of hair bleach. I talked to the woman at Sally’s for a solid 15 minutes before I went home and did this. ‘Aight? ‘Aight.

First: I did not wash my hair for four days.

Whaaat?! EEWW!! I know, super gnarly. I hated it so much. BUT the natural oils in your hair will cover your scalp, making the bleach less likely to chemically burn your skin. If you are only dyeing the ends, then don’t worry too much about this part, but don’t put any product in and bleach it on second or third day hair.

Second: Get ready. I grabbed my plastic bowl, put a towel around my neck/shoulders and got into my oldest cleaning clothes.

Bleach WILL get everywhere. It will splash onto the counter. It will splash on to any hand towels lying around your bathroom. It will splotch up your clothing. So be prepared.

Third: Brush yo hurr and decide where you want the color to be.

I sectioned off the parts that I wanted to lighten, and wrapped a junk towel around the hair that I did not want dyed at all. (The top-right half of my hair.)

I decided that I want an ombre-style fade, so I applied bleach to the very tips of my hair, section by section until it started to lighten about three shades lighter than my haircolor (about ten minutes). I took a picture, but my phone is acting up and I can’t get it to upload…sooooo here:

Her guide is way more detailed than mine, and has many pictures. A good read. (TBH I read the entire first page of Google when I decided I wanted to do this. READ AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!) http://abeautifulmess.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Bleach-Dark-Hair

Here’s another good one: http://www.thegloss.com/2011/12/22/beauty/diy-ombre-hair-tutorial-381/

And another decent one: http://www.wikihow.com/Do-Ombre-(Dip-Dye)-Hair-at-Home

After the tips were lightening, I went through and put bleach about three inches higher than my tips. I let that sit for another ten minutes (20 minutes elapsed).

Once those were lightened, I brought the color all the way to my roots. My hair is shoulder length, so this was it for me. When I ombre’d my LONG hair, it was MUCH easier because I had more control over how far up the fade could go. On long hair, I bleached in four stages, each was about 3 inches higher than the last. I ended up with 12 inches of bleached hair from SUPER ORANGE to dark orange. I didn’t know about the Shimmer Lights back then. Sigh.

Fourth: Wash your hair with color-protecting shampoo. Or normal shampoo. That’s what I did because I didn’t have money for more shampoo. My hair didn’t fall out so that’s nice.

Fifth: Evaluate. Is it what you wanted? Did you miss a section? Do you want a lighter shade? Wait a week before you do any more bleaching to let your hair rest. You CAN immediately bleach it again, but I would not recommend it for reasons.

At the end, I was not satisfied with my results due to the fact that in January, I had dyed my hair black (so the sections that had grown since then were YELLOW and the used-to-be-black sections were orangey. So I waited a week (to let my hair “heal”) and dyed it all again. Since I had already gotten a nice ombre, I just piled on the bleach and let it sit for 30 minutes. It came out a nice NEON YELLOW. ACK! So I stuck with my Shimmer Lights, and it’s calmed down to a more manageable light orange. Sweet.

I’m still deciding on which color dye I want to try, but my hair needs to have a break before I do that.

All in all, it was a long, messy process but it was SO FUN. I had complete control, and it came out exactly how I wanted.

It’s up to you if you would like to DIY, but for me, it was worth it.



-Bleach in an area that has airflow. DO NOT close yourself into the bathroom. You will suffocate.

-If your towel keeps falling from your neck, use clips or hairties to keep it snug.

-Bleach BURNS if it gets on your skin so wear gloves and try to wipe it off if it gets on your ears/face.

-Use bobby pins to keep your bangs away from your eyes, especially if they are COVERED IN LAVA BLEACH.

-DO NOT be scared. Okay be a little scared. But just know that if you mess up and your hair looks so bad, DO NOT just put more dye into it. Go to a salon (with optional tail between your legs) and have them fix it. You were going to spend the money anyway.

-BE EXCITED! It’s a fun feeling when your hair dries and you can see the awesome permanent thing you did to yourself.

Poll time! Help me make the BIGGEST CHOICE OF MY LIFE!


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Since I am a housewife with no professional responsibilities, I have decided to do something crazy. I’m going to dye my hair! Well, the ends at least. How cool would it be if I could look like those crazy Candy girls, right?!


All answers from MCL and the poll have been counted, and I’m so excited. I’m sick with “la gripa,” but really it’s just a head cold from the weather changing from boiling to rainstorm to freezing to boiling. If you sneeze, someone says gripa. No. Gripa is FLU and you might die from it. Sneezing and blowing my nose is the weather and I will not die, just be very uncomfortable when I’m trying to sleep. Sheesh.

So I will work the magic, make a how-to post, and pictures will be up shortlyyyyy! :D

I am bleaching it RIGHT NOW, but I haven’t bought the dye yet! That’s where YOU come in! Vote today and tomorrow, and on Monday you will get a picture of my new hair :3

Choose well, my pretties! The fate of my radical new hair depends on YOU!


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