I’m Married!

The wedding was planned in 3 days, roughly 35 people could make it in such a short amount of time, and I got no presents, but it was so special.

So a friend bought my dress because my original was still at the alterations, I exchanged it at Macy’s for the right size an hour before the ceremony, I bought the shoes at Payless the same day, I didn’t have time to do my hair so I threw it in a braid, and I got married next to a tennis court. So glamorous.

But what matters is that my husband is wonderful, and whatever life throws at us, we will conquer.

In rare form, here are some of my favorite pictures taken by my friends and family! Enjoy :)

"I don't want to do this..." "Me either, but I'm so hungryyy...."

“I don’t want to do this…it’s embarrassing…”
“Me either, but I’m so hungryyy….”

cut kiss

"A tasteless joke about marriage from our mutual friend..."

“A tasteless joke about marriage from our mutual friend…our expressions say it all…”

Mexico? Here I come. I guess.

**EDIT** If you currently live in Mexico, PLEASE comment and let me know the GOOD things about your country!! I know practically nothing except the horrifying things that we see on the news such as gang violence and police corruption!!! I’m so scared and I need more of your help!!! ***END***

We’ve met with countless lawyers who have all said the same thing (with a bit of variation, of course): Good Luck!

I am so incredibly heartbroken. We’re moving. We don’t know to where or what jobs we can find…heck, he doesn’t even know any family in the country (except for a grandma who lives next to a mountain?). We’re considering Monterrey for two reasons: 1. His sister has a friend who lives there and might be able to help us settle in…seeing as my fiance only lived there until he was 6 and knows nothing about the entire country….(we were looking at a map yesterday, and he said, “I didn’t realize Mexico had so many states…do you think they have internet?”) and 2. It’s a big city, just like Houston. So while there may be more crime, there will be more of a police presence as opposed to a small farm town where the gang people can just be like *shoots you dead.*

We have no idea when we’ll be able to come back.

We have been planning this wedding since September, ya’ll. We had such plans.

So we’re getting married this Saturday at my house. Whatever family and friends can make it will be there, and we’ll just try and have a celebration for when we can eventually return to the States.

It’s so hard to wake up every day and realize that I won’t be here next month. I’m terrified.

I don’t know the language, I won’t be able to make nearly as much money, and I won’t really be able to drive because OMG they drive like nutsos. My entire family is here. My dreams are here.


If you’d like to see more explanations/crying, I uploaded a video here:

I need ya’ll’s prayers. We’re so broke.


I Need Your Help


*Mega Edit*

We’ve met with the lawyer. We have three more lawyers to meet with to see if anyone has any ideas of what to do. Apparently, it would cost over $15k to file an appeal, and even then, it wouldn’t matter because this was the final blah-di-blah. Unless Jesus gives us a miracle, I’m moving to Mexico in the next month or so.

There is so much to do.

Planning on getting married tomorrow because I don’t want to leave the country without being married to my one true love, and I’d love to have my dream wedding, but the government is taking that away from me. Everything is already paid for. What a waste. I’m going to go try and get the money back as much as possible, but I’m not hopeful.

I need to sell my car, cancel random things, and find a place for us to live. And jobs. Oh God.

Ya’ll. Don’t take anything for granted. Ever. Three days ago, I knew where my life was going. Now look at it. It’s been turned completely upside down in less than 72 hours.

I most likely won’ be updating this anytime soon. I have a few Candies that I wouldn’t mind handing out my login info if anyone is interested in taking over, but for now, it’s been real.

If anything changes, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


Also, my real name is Britta, if anyone was wondering.

*End Mega Edit*

So this terrible thing is happening, and I don’t even know what to do.

We got a letter from the US Governemt. It said that we have 30 days to come up with roughly $2,000 for an appeal, or my fiance will be deported. Our wedding is in 3 months. That’s 90 days. Can’t they just be patient? No?

Thirty days. I don’t make that much in 30 days, and we’ve been spending so much for the wedding that we don’t have that kind of money just lying around.

I don’t know what to do. I can’t lose him. He’s my everything.

You guys, I feel like my heart has just been ripped out. I don’t know what to do. I can’t just pick up and move to another country. But I can’t be apart from him. Maybe we could just elope, but that would be a very temporary fix.


Oh God.



So if ya’ll could maybe say some nice, comforting things, I could use it. My mom and dad are out of town, my friends don’t understand except to say things like, “oh, I’m sorry,” and “don’t worry, it’ll work out,” and I don’t have anyone to talk to. He also keeps telling me “don’t worry about it, it’ll work out.” But the thing is, HOW can it work out. HOW can I just pretend that in 30 days he might be gone? Money doesn’t just fall from trees.


I’ll keep ya’ll updated if ya’ll care, but I just…

I feel numb.


Want to watch me cry about it? Yes.


Our Art Project

Thought I’d give this a bump. I’m not super creative, and I have little to zero follow through, but this looks really neat.


Posted by one of my followers. If you’re an artist, check out that post. Maybe inspiration will strike you in the noodles.



….I’m so awkward.


noodles wtf….


Anyway, here’s her wordpress:


Cool chica for sure.

MCL Episode 21 Coming Soon?!


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ILLUSTRATIONS: http://akuraa27.deviantart.com/gallery/


The episode was released on the French site!! But since I do not log in to the french site every day, I do not have APs, and therefore…cannot…play……ugggggggggh why am I so lazyyyy. Guess ya’ll’ll have to wait until it’s released in the U.S. for screen shots and dialogue…OH WAIT, NO! There are candies who play the amour sucre and have given us sneakity peaks! :D Here’s some to whet your tummies<3

So Priscilla over at http://pribunny.tumblr.com/ let us know that APPARENTLY YES THE PLAY CHOICE MATTERED WHICH SCENE YOU GET :( I am hoping that they won’t make us REPLAY episode 20 in order to choose the play we want in episode 21. That would just be five kinds of cruel: Hurtful cruel, smelly cruel, twisted cruel, growly cruel, and cereal cruel. Yes, I ran out of cruels.

  • Alice in Wonderland = Lysander or Armin
  • Little Red Riding Hood = Castiel or Kentin
  • Sleeping Beauty = Nathaniel

You guys. The universe hates me. Like. So much. T-T I DUN LIEK IT. NOT ONE BIEETTTT…..

Okay I lied only one person gave us insight, and I can’t find screen shots of the illustrations but soon my pretty pretties, very soon!!


So, the teaser for Episode 21 just popped up on the French site! See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlhegfgwevY

Spoilers below :)

*GIANT EDIT after initial post*

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Valentine’s Event


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Talk away! I’m away out of town and don’t have internet access except at the top of this cold ass mountain!  I can’t access anything boo…writing on phone sorry..

SO does anyone else think that MCL should stop announcing big events on the day that the event starts? I sure do.

Here is a list of questions people have been asked, and possible answers. BE SURE to read through the comments because candies are updating with new details before I can get to a computer to fact-check/edit this main post. Hopefully we can all come out on top in this…event? Illustration? New outfit? I don’t even know but I hope it’s awesome. SEE BELOW for possible things.

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La Explosión

THIS has nothing to do with MCL, so if that’s the only thing you follow me for, go jump off a cliff kindly pass this by :)

This morning, I was woken up by the meanest text message ever written. I mean, I am a pretty chill person, so for me to outright be offended at something, it’s got to be un gran problema to get me to respond with malice. SHORT VERSION: “Hey, I hate you and I’ve always hated you, and I hope you die. Seriously, I never valued your friendship, and you’re a liar and I hate you. Did I mention the hate? Yes, the hate. I can’t come to your wedding because of the hate volcano inside of me.”

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My Candy Love Episode 20 – Castiel Walkthrough


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I need to know how many of my “fans” grew up under rocks.

People are just copy/pasting my posts and pretending that they wrote them. One girl didn’t even bother to change the commentary. One was so dumb, she embedded MY screenshots into her post. 

What. I can’t. Seriously. The hell.

What’s the point of me writing these posts if some fucktards are just going to lift the paragraphs word-for-word, not even bother to change the formatting and font type and say “thanks for following me!<3″ as if they spent weeks researching, typing, and screenshotting the progress.

Maybe it’s because this is my first successful blog, but I feel so sad. How do other people handle this madness. Is this how ChiNo feels when she googles MCL AND MY BLOG IS ALL UP IN HER FACE?! AM I MAKING HER SAD AND ANGRY AS WELL?!??!?!

*flips table*

GUESS IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT I WRITE. SOME RUDE ASS TWEENAGER IS JUST GOING TO STEAL THIS HARD WORK, TOO. I’ll give ‘em a day to fix their blogs. And then, we shall unleash the pie cannons. Fuck yeah.

*re-flips flipped table*

See below for the actual post consisting of over 10,000 words. All hand-typed and colord and formatted and UGH PEOPLE MAKE ME MAD.

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MCL! A hot topic.

******SUPER EDIT********

SO basically – the other blog is down, the author apologized, and we’re all GUCCI! I was hesitant to bring this up because as mentioned, 1.) “INTERNET” and “MOB” are words that frighten me. Like. If one day I accidentally offend all of you, I would fear for my life .____________. and 2.) There’s always the benefit of the doubt that someone did something without realizing it was wrong/plaigiery. WTF BRAIN, plaigiery is no such word. 

To this other author, PLEASE don’t let this stop your blog! I didn’t mean for you to shut it down completely :( You can just erase my name from it – I realize that the dialogues are taken directly from the game and that’s not really anything that I can claim the rights to. Obvs, as I did not create MCL, I can’t act like I’m the only one who can write a guide. I encourage you to re-launch your blog and try again! Only this time, maybe not with my name in the text :p p.s. lez be frans.

TO MAH LOYAL (and slightly way scary lol pie cannons really?? hahahahaa) FANS you guys gave me so many feels<3 thanks for having my back and offering to sharpen your pitchforks. That was super nice. Scary, but nice. <3<3<3

So, I google myself occasionally (narcissist much) and today I found plagiarism. D: At first, I think, well that’s super not cool! She didn’t even TRY to disguise the fact that she copy/pasted my hand-typed dialogue! My username is even in the responses. Hooker. I was about to go all guns blazing and post the screen shot of her “website” and how she so obviously didn’t even bother the change my name.

And then I remember that my entire site is basically plagiarism.

Except that I don’t claim it as my own.

It’s a thin line.

What do ya’ll think?


I’m typing up Episode 20 and I feel all. Guilty. HOMG. wut.


So, after reading your mobbity mob comments, I went back to her “blog” and re-read the entries to be sure I wasn’t UNLEASH THE CRAKKEN ing on her just because I may have over-reacted. Although she used the dialogue that I typed up, she DID have the decency to erase my comments and write her own in their place. But. Dude, my Candy name is IN there. I don’t want to murder her with my fabulous fans, but I think I will try to find a way to contact her. If she responds like a drugged up hippie, I will let ya’ll have at it, but I think I’ll be alright.

Love you guys so much.


MCL Advent Calendar 2013


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Cute, quick log of the items and surprises I got from each day of Advent :)

As pointed out by several Candies, the items and prizes are RANDOM! Let us know what you got!! :) I wonder if it’s COMPLETELY random or if we get the same items on different days?

December 2nd – Pink Sports Bag

December 3rd – Did You Know: “Each episode ocontains over 13,000 words!” Yes, I did know that. I type them. .__.

December 4th – Illustration Piece

December 5th – Illustration Piece

December 6th – Snowflake Scarf

December 7th – “Armin and Dake are characters who never should have existed. They were added during the creation of the respective episodes they appear in.”

December 8th – Illustration Piece

December 9th – Green Sports Bag

December 10th – FUCK YEAH SNOWMAN TOP!!!! This just made this whole calendar worth while. I have a new favorite item.

December 11th – Illustration? I think.

December 12th – Snowman Butt

December 13th – dont remember am on vacation right now aaand typing 11 – 15 on my phone.

December 14th – dont remember?

DECEMBER 15th – A MAIN CAST BOY LEAVES???! What. Alright so let’s take break to discuss this. If we are to freak out properly, we need to know who top freak out about. “Original” boys are Nathaniel, Cadtiel, and Ken. “Main” boys as of now are all of them. I think if there’s a boy who is not as popular, they might take him out due to extra work by the writers/programmers? Last popular is most likely Castiel. HEY, PUT THOSE PIE CANNONS AWAY! Chill. What I MEAN is that though he is the most mysterious, hottiest, and interesting, he is also the hardest to get dates with, and a LOT of girls like him but go for easier prey love interests. It would make sense to delete him for a bit from an artist standpoint, but I wouldn’t find the game as exciting. Like I said, it depends on why he is leaving.

December 16th – “We lied about what we said on the 15th.” -_________________________-”

December 17th – Christmas Hat!

December 18th – Blue mismatched stockings. I may have confused the 17-19.

December 19th – “Lysander’s name was supposed to be Viktor. This first name was reused for the character in the manga.” I have no idea what this means.

December 20th – MISSED D: I suck.

December 21st – “6% of the players on MCL are boys.” I would like to talk to these boys. They probably have really great insight.

December 22nd – Red Belly Button Ring. FOR THOSE of you who have ever considered a belly ring because it’s “cool” or “sexy” or “edgy,” I urge you to look at this picture of what happens if you get one BEFORE you have children. Nasty. My personal opinion is ew. Those of you who have them, WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Do you regret it, or do you love it?  http://images.photo2.walgreens.com/232323232%7Ffp53244%3Enu%3D367%3A%3E93%3A%3E239%3EWSNRCG%3D329843924532%3Anu0mrj

December 23rd – Illustration piece? I don’t remember. I was really drunk.

December 24th – ILLUSTRATION and access to the shop. The lame ass shop that costs millions of $$ and is only open until January 5th. Is that a rabbit. You can buy each of the outfits that the guys are wearing. I didn’t realize that. I was drunk and it was like 2AM and so I was just like “whhaaaat I have so much money” so I was buying them in order and THEN realized that no, you drunkie, you don’t have enough money. So I have like. Half of everyone’s outfits. LAAAAAAME hahahaaaha…*cries*


“And that, my friends, is how PNEUMONIA IS CAUGHT.”


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