Poll time! Help me make the BIGGEST CHOICE OF MY LIFE!


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Since I am a housewife with no professional responsibilities, I have decided to do something crazy. I’m going to dye my hair! Well, the ends at least. How cool would it be if I could look like those crazy Candy girls, right?!

I am bleaching it RIGHT NOW, but I haven’t bought the dye yet! That’s where YOU come in! Vote today and tomorrow, and on Monday you will get a picture of my new hair :3

Choose well, my pretties! The fate of my radical new hair depends on YOU!

Back To School: Middle School, High School, College! (Baby names…?)

It’s that time again! Most of you are starting mandatory prison school this week (yay free education!) and I wanted to spread my words of sarcasm wisdom over your little minds like a piece of toast.

Middle Schoolers: Grades 6-8. Ages: …uhhhmmm…*thinks back a million years* 11-…14? I think. Yes. All you little flowers just ready to blossom into BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES! Butterflies below, in case you didn’t know. Majestic Psychedelic Wind Fairies.


"Lisa Frank is my hero."

“Lisa Frank is my hero.”

1.) You are an individual. Just like everybody else. (I remember having a black shirt from HotTopic that said that. 7th grade represent! My favorite year.) Do whatever you want. True friends will recognize you for your awesomeness, and to be 100% honest, I have only kept in touch with 2 people from middle school. Friends come and go, so enjoy their company while you have things in common, and learn to bow out gracefully when your paths take different directions. :)

2.) No boy that you date is going to be your husband. I’m sorry, but that’s true. So go on dates, have lunch together, cuddle in the hallways before classes, but don’t profess your undying love. It will die or date all of your friends except for you and then try to get with you 7 years later even though his side girl is preggo and he is balding and fat and smells REALLY weird now for some reason. Don’t worry. Just enjoy your movie dates and sweaty hand-holding.

3.) You probably still have a uniform, I’m guessing. Most middle schools do. Don’t worry! You can still be super stylish by accessorizing! Headbands, bracelets, necklaces, watches, rings (at one point I wore a ring on each finger. I was so thug ya’ll. JK PLEASE don’t wear a ring on each finger. I can’t believe my mother let me do such embarrassing things.) and even earrings! Claire’s is your best friend. If I could do it again, I’d be all up in XXI. *sigh*

4.) Friends can be so much drama sometimes. And you know what? That’s okay because I bet you have been dramatic before, too. Don’t lie. I was the queen of all the drama llamas. This time is all about doing what you want to do. Do you like singing? Join the choir. Do you like dancing? Join a dance team. Are you REALLY bad at dancing but still want to dance anyway? Join a dance club!! An after school club or team is a GREAT way to make friends! They have to like you, and when you get to high school, you’ll already have people to sit with at lunch! Sweet.

5.) SKINCARE! You may not be allowed to wear make up yet, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your face! Start early! Get a nice, gentle face wash and moisturize before bed! (Don’t get anything for acne if you don’t have it yet!) Then in the morning, just splash your face with water and you’re good to go!

Which leads to…

6.) MAKE UP! If you are allowed to wear make up, please remember that you are 12. You have been blessed with the natural beauty of youth. USE IT! There will be plenty of time to use heavy foundation to cover wrinkles and acne when you’re older – but now is not the time to look like toddlers in tiaras! That show gave me nightmares. A bit of mascara and lip gloss is perfect! You’ll look sophisticated and fresh. *If you do have acne and try to cover it up with make up, be careful not to use too much. (This BB cream by L’Oreal is really good for covering up redness while not technically being a foundation. http://www.lorealparisusa.com/en/products/makeup/face/bb-cream/magic-skin-beautifier-bb-cream.aspx ) You don’t want to look “cake-y.” In fact, here is a hilarious youtube video about the OHGODWHY’s of make up.

7.) Be glad of your time. I know you just want to be older and have a car and a phone and your own life, but do you know what comes with those things? Bills. So many frakking bills. OH MY GOD. The bills. Want a car? Car: car payment, insurance payment, gas for car (which is like $3/gallon right now OMG that’s like $30 for three days in my car), maintenance payment, registration payment, payment to switch title, and inspection payment. Do you know how much money that is? When you mom is like hey I’ll drive you, be like YES THANK YOU! Because you just saved like $11,100. Yeah. Awesome.

8.) TELL ME! What are you scared of? Any questions? Since I am the magical fairy of knowledge, I know so many things and am always right am living vicariously care about ya’ll. Comment below!


1.) JOIN. ALL. OF. THE. CLUBS. You will make so many friends and it will be great. Have a huge test to study for? Nab a friend and sprawl out on the floor munching on snacks until curfew. Hang out with people as much as possible. Once you graduate and start real life, you will miss the OBNOXIOUS AMOUNT OF FREE TIME. Seriously. All the things I could have done, but didn’t do because “I’m tired.” No. You don’t know tired. Tired is 8 hours of working a minimum wage job, and then rushing to college campus for a 3 hour night course, and then 2 hours of studying/writing papers, and then 5 hours of sleep.

2.) Don’t be a ho. And if you’re going to insist on being a ho, be a smart ho and use protection. Ten years ago, the schools weren’t big on safe sex education, and LET ME TELL YOU I can’t even remember how many of my friends disappeared or came to school super pregnant. Mostly because they were being hos, but also because they didn’t know any better and didn’t know how to be safe :(


3.) Keep your friends close, and ignore the people who are bullies/mean. You know what is a nice feeling? This girl used to pick on me because I wasn’t a party girl and didn’t have a boyfriend (or a first kiss until I was 17…). You know where she is now? Living in a really nice house with a loving husband and three beautiful children, and is a model for race car ads. And she’s super nice now. If I had given in to her bullying and been mean back, we wouldn’t be friends. That story didn’t make any sense.

4.)  Stick up for yourself. There is a difference between “omg you’re so ugly, why did you wear that skirt? I’ll help you by going shopping with you!” and “hey, stop picking on that autistic student, you twat.” One is being a snotty teenager, and one is acting like an adult and sticking up for what you believe in. I’m not good at advice.

5.) Eat so much. Your metabolism is probably in it’s prime right now. Take advantage. .___. eat all the horses. Or whatever.


1.) You do not need to raise your hand to leave the class. You’re an adult, and you’ve paid for the classes. If you need to leave early for a doctor’s appointment, don’t make a big scene in the middle of class – email your professor that you will be leaving a bit early, and sit by the door to make a quiet exit when you need to.

*IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING THAT THE PROFESSOR JUST SAID, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, RAISE YOUR HAND AND ASK THEM TO REPEAT IT/EXPLAIN. You paid actual money to take this class, and you have every right to learn. Some other kids might moan and make sarcastic comments: FUDGE THEM. Not everyone’s brain can be SPONTANEOUS WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES.*

2.) Don’t be the kid that constantly challenges the professor or other students when your opinion is different. Especially if you’re only taking your core basics. Yes, you are allowed to think and have your own mind, but 98% of the other students in that room just want to memorize what they need for the exams and be on their way. (Unless you’re working towards your Bachelor’s/Masters.) No one wants to listen to you interrupt in ever. single. class. NOBODY.

3.) DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You may have a class that doesn’t require homework, but has optional exercises. Do them. When your only grades for a course are 4 exams at 25% each, you cannot afford to fail one. Trust me. 9/10 times, the professor will use questions that you saw in the optional homework. Ballin.

4.) Be yourself. Maybe you’re still finding yourself. Maybe your roommate is a giant asshole. Focus on YOU. My college experience was a disaster because I kept trying to be friends with everybody. That is not possible. I still get sad when I think about how much I WASN’T ME.

5.) GET AN INTERNSHIP. When you graduate, you need experience to land a job, not just a degree. If you don’t have time for a job during college, an internship and even volunteering will count as those pesky “3-5 years of experience required”s. The last thing you want is to work at Bath & Body Works at minimum wage with shizzy hours because your resume only has high school related accomplishments. :( *my life.*

I think I just felt like typing a bunch of random words.

Is this offensive? Meh. I’m going through emotional crazy times. I can’t see past dinner.


(Also, I had a pregnancy scare recently and need to research baby names that can be both Mexican/White girl. I don’t want to accidentally name my baby girl Mallory, and then she be super dark skinned with Aztec features. Similarly, I don’t want to name her Consuelo and then she end up having super see-through-vampire-pale skin with my family’s blonde hair and chubby cheeks. How much would kids make fun of her in school. HELP!! This whole mixed race marriage thing is hard. I can’t count how much we get stared at when we go out in public. People have gone out of their way to call me a racist bitch when I ask questions like this, but honestly, I just need your help picking non-racial-specific baby names.)

Also, I’m having a very hard time right now. Your encouraging words and messages get me through every single day. I made spaghetti last night and the sauce got all over my stove.


SO a question was answered in the comments, and I thought I’d tack it on here since it is relevant!

Alex asked: “Im starting high school later this month and I’ve never had any friends in middle school because I was the shy loner in the back that got bullied by everyone, so I have no idea on how to go about making friends. I’m moving so practically no one from my old school is gonna be at my high school which means I can start afresh but I don’t even know how to start a conversation…there aren’t any clubs for school so that’s out of question. Do you have any tips on making friends or such? To be more social?”

WHY YES, I am full of the most fabulous advice ever. LET’S ANSWER YOUR QUESTION!

My go-to life tips on making friends:

1.) Save ALL of your clever, witty sarcasm for AFTER you have made a few friendships. Sarcasm will come across as arrogant, rude, and downright mean if the people don’t know you. It can be SUPER awkward if EVEN WORSE, they don’t even UNDERSTAND the “joke” you just made. Imagine that silence. Ugh. *shudders*

2.) Stay POLITE and POSITIVE! The best advice I ever got was from a guy who told me, “you know, you’re really pretty and all, but the only things I ever hear you talk about is how sad your life is.” And it’s true. People generally like to spend time with people who make them feel good. So listening to a girl cry about how poor she is does not sound like fun to most people. Keep your conversation topics on the happier side in the beginning.

3.) If the people you’re chatting with start throwing shade at other students like “ugh can you believe she wore that” and “has she ever heard of deodorant,” Fucking RUN. Those are the worst kind of people because as soon as you turn your back, they will say the same things about you. Say no to poison.

4.) The best time to meet people is during lunch. Like, just gather your man balls and sit down with some kids who look nice and say, “hi! My name is ____! I’ve just moved here and was wondering if I could eat with you.” 9/10 times they will say yes and be extra nice since you’re new. If you happen to choose the 1/10 who are bitches and say no, frakkthem, you don’t want to be friends with snobby hos anyway.

5.) ADVICE FROM ANONYMOUS: “Never let a guy’s presence in your life stop you from doing something you want to do. Even though I had a steady boyfriend through most of college, if I wanted to participate in something, I did it, even if he didn’t want to. I had so many experiences that otherwise, I would have missed out on.”

I know it is SO SCARY to put yourself out there, but the quickest way to get your “feelers” out is to just be friendly and outgoing.

Then, once you’ve talked to a few people during classes or breaks, they will introduce you to their friends, and BAM instant friendships.

Safe new-friends topics:

  • TV shows – “My FAVORITE TV show ever is Firefly, but right now I’m binge watching GOT and Last Ship. Did you catch America’s Got Talent last night?” (Feel free to list one dorky/nerdy show just in case they are cool people and catch the reference, but list one current popular show so that you have common ground to talk about. Your favorite show becomes immensely less cool the more you have to explain why The Alliance is trying to kill the Brown Coats but the main cast includes a prostitute and a psychopath science experiment…trusts me…)
  • BRIEFLY your old school – “I went to SNARKDOG HIGH, but we moved because my dad got a new job. I really liked it there because they had a huge campus, but I your school if great because of all of the after school activities.” (DO NOT try to tell them all about your BFF that you left behind, or the kids you hated, or the ex boyfriends that you left. Those are topics for later conversations IF they ask. You don’t want to scare them off too quickly.)
  • Teachers – “I’m looking at my schedule, and it says I have a teacher named LOCKTOPUS? Am I saying that right?” They will most likely correct your pronunciation and talk about other teachers and how good/bad they are. It’s a bonding thing, I don’t know.
  • Clubs – “I used to take dance lessons before I moved here…are there any clubs here that are similar?” BAM. Conversation. You’re welcome.
  • Malls/Movie Theaters – “I’m not too familiar with the area…where is the closest mall/movie theater? I’ve been meaning to buy a new dress/see TMNT.” It’ll be a brief conversation, but it’s safe.

GOOD LUCK, MY PRETTIES!! If you have additional advice, leave it in the comments :)

Eldarya: Interactive Teaser Trailer!


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So ChiNoMiko (who I’m pretty sure goes by “Miiko” in this game) is very close to releasing a new game! It’s called Eldarya, and I am WAY late to the party about this teaser. I knew about the site but never realized that I can click the giant square that says click in French. Durr.


A few thoughts – this game is going to be rad, and obviously much more intense than MCL. For one, it looks like Chino has a LOT more control. The site is still run by beemoov, but here’s hoping.

There are sound effects during the scenes, and animations, too! It’s very exciting :) And the speech bubbles appear and even disappear when someone talks too fast. Oh man.

So this is the demo that is up right now – it’s a teaser and in French, so if you don’t have a way to translate the page through your internet browser, here you go! You can always read along while you click your way through.


(Wow, this library sure is busy!)

"So mystical...ooooh \o/"

“So mystical…ooooh \o/”

(There must be something here to read…)

(It scared me!) Did I call this obviously-not-an-object person an IT? I hope that was google translate gone horribly awry!

"I am not an IT! Maybe. Am I a man? I have a sparkly UniHorn..."

“I am not an IT! Maybe. Am I a man? I have a sparkly UniHorn…”

Kero: “Hey! What are you doing here?”

“I want to play this game again, I wait for a long time!”

Kero: “I’m sorry, but eveeryone is getting ready. Besides, you should not even be here.”

“But I can not sit still! Tell me or show me something at least!”

Kero: “But I do not have the right!”

“If you pleeease!”

Kero: “Miiko will kill me…Well, you are entitled to a single question. Hurry.”

> I want to see the world you live!
-Mmmm…Okay. I guess I can at least show you the garden. Follow me!

"Oh, they have music here!"

“Oh, they have music here!”

"Let's get married under this eccentric gazebo."

“Let’s get married under this eccentric gazebo.”





“Oh…the door is open…”

Kero: “STOP! You’ve seen enough already, it would be too dangerous to go outside!”

> I want to discover new creatures!
Kero: “You really have to love our pets. Here’s one that was collected this morning. It’s a Bekola.

"Snoooorlax...Charmander...? FROG. WHAT ARE YOU."

“Snoooorlax…Charmander…? FROG. WHAT ARE YOU.”

They tend to be quite homebodies and like to take naps in the sun. This one is a little shy…Well, let’s say a pet is a companion. It is always by your side and helps you in many occasions. And they are generally very good at exploring the surrounding are and bring finds.”

-The translations for the others are strange. You can just go to the page and scoll over the little eggs. So cute!
> I want to know more about Eldarya guard!
– Well, The great Eel is responsible for resolvings our disputes over Eldarya, and protect the different creatures that live here – aggressions of all kinds. The danger is here or elsewhere…Ahh…It’s a bit hard for someone who does not know Eldarya…The great care Eel is divided into 4 sub-guards, each has its specialties.

Shining Guard Logo>>Shining Guard?
-The Shining Guard is composed of the elite, the strongest members or who have been noted for some exploits. It is also they who coordinate the actions of other guards.



Absynthe Logo>>Absynthe Guard?
-The guard members of Absynthe combine finesse fighter and herbal knowledge. They excel in making potions and strategy.



Shadow Logo>>Shadow Guard?
-Nicknamed, “Shadow Ghost Rangers.” They are agile and discreet. They excel in night missions, and lightning espionage.


Obsidian Logo>>Obsidian Guard?
– The members of the Obsidian Guard have a great sense of duty. Their specialty lies in great knowledge and weapons training. They excel in combat.



When you try to ask another question, he interrupts!

Kero: “No, no no! Stop the questions! I already told you enough! And I kept my word, it’s up to you to leave now!”

“I have a question though…”

Kero: “Well, go, but hurry, you’ve been here too long!”

“Are you available? ;)”

Kero: “Eh? No…I’m sorry but I’m not a guy to flirt with…In fact, you could say that I have someone…”

“Oh, I’m a little disappointed…Can you introduce me to others?”

Kero: “N-no, I told you that everyone is busy!”

“But I just came for the men :(“

Miiko: “KERO! I had told you to…”

Kero: “Miiko arrived! She will not be happy if she sees you or that I told you too much! Leave!”

Kero: “See you soon!”



So it seems similar in gameplay. A bit. Kero has several emotions, so this is cool.

Dx_lunettes_blush trsite_lunettes fache_-_lunettes

Special Summer Boutique on MCL!


So of you haven’t followed the drama of this disaster event, here is the cliff notes version. (If you don’t know what cliff notes are, Google that real fast. It will save you from committing a murderous rampage when you end up studying Shakespeare or reading Beowulf, Pygmalion, etc.)

So beemoov released this event on Amour Sucre first. After the majority of the players complained about being “the bank of beemoov,” Chino replied saying that it would be unfair to the Candies who paid these prices during the original events. Candies stated that it was an event, it didn’t matter if the prices were different.
This is where beemoov royally frakked up.

The staff released a 40% discount.

At the end of the event.

After one Candy paid €30 (roughly $40) for the event, she stated that she felt betrayed. There is a trust between a merchant and a vendor, and by taking advantage of its most loyal players, she felt the need to take a break from the site for a while. (Rough translation. I’m paraphrasing.)

Then there was the question of which sites would get the discount, since the sites were timed differently. Beemoov answered this question by releasing the discount to MCL, but not a single mod would answer the questions we were asking since the beginning. (I myself was getting my pretty hair all twisted when I thought we wouldn’t get it – just like we don’t get to give input about new characters or clothing or get the comic translated to English, etc. But they did apply the discount to us, so that is over. Kind of.)

So there you have it! Your own personal slap in the face from beemoov! It wouldn’t be such a giant issue of it was, say, a 15% discount. But 40%?

That’s like me waking into your village and being like hey, I’ll take 10 of your best goats in return for this super rare vaccine for I Got No Strings Disease.
And you’d be all like thanks for offering to cure us of this obscure Disney sounding disease, but those are literally all of our goats. We will starve probably. That’s too many goats.
And I’d be like well do you want die for sure from I Got No Strings Disease and maybe another person will come with a cheaper cure but you’re not sure, or possibly die of hunger for sure because I’m taking all of your 10 goats?
And you’d be like fine, take all of my goats.
And as I was leaving be like, hey where’s the next village? I have a sale on vaccines. The exact same vaccines I just gave you but for only 6 goats, so they will be able to eat and also not die.

It’s late. That was not was
What I was going for. Comments below are appreciated if I didn’t understand the timeline exactly. I was surfing the French forum through Google Translate.

Correct my mistakes please :)


Right now, there is an awesome boutique open on MCL. 

Remember all of those times you thought to yourself, “man, I like this Hallween 2013 outfit, but I wish it was yellow!” And that time you thought, “man, I like this Easter Goddess outfit, but I wish it was mauve!”

Well, grab your ponytails, because your wishes have come true!!!

And luckily, they do not require AP! THEY REQUIRE $MONEY$! That’s great! Unless you’ve just replayed episode 21 twice and bought two outfits. So for me this is not the best event ever and I’m pretty bummed.

So to live vicariously, here is my wishlist:

The hills are alive with the sounds of gagging.

The hills are alive with the sounds of gagging.

Costing a grand total of $2,090.00, my dreams. (I’m currently stalking my candy friends to see who has which items because I want to photoshop a masterpiece of what these would look like together. I wish you could write on Candy’s walls because that would be the best.)

Do they look good together? Not really. But they are my dreams. *sigh*

Right now I have $366, so by the power of math, I will have $456 on the LAST DAY of the boutique. 

Ladies, I need your help! Which things do I buy?! Do you need help deciding, too?! AUGH THE HUMANITY!!! Post in the comments. I’m here all day because there are short Mexicans fixing my wobbly floorboards. I’m such a beast. I stood next to the main guy who is ordering his buddies around, and he literally came up to my shoulder.

I think they keep calling me The White Lady but I can’t be sure. 

At least they aren’t using AP for these events anymore.

I bake so much now.

Episode 22 Castiel Walkthrough (work in progress until Ep. 23 is released)

I don’t know how to end it. This episode is all about a decision. This is what I have so far:

EDIT: I’m going to wait for Episode 23 before I do anything. I really do not want to do ANOTHER replay of this episode, and thought it would be super neat to have an illustration that shows our Candy well proportioned and with a non-disturbing expression, I just…can’t do another replay. So I’ll update the bottom of this post as to what supposedly happens if you do or don’t take the deal. No illustration though, as obviously I can’t screen cap that. If you happened to have a screenshot of it, send it to me :)

After getting changed once the play ended and Castiel let me go, I found my parents talking to Shiva the Ice Summon and Freddie Mercury. Yay. Let’s all talk together.

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My Candy Love Episode 21: Castiel Walkthrough


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Let’s re-do the play! This time, I’m choosing Little Red Riding Hood in order to get the illustration with Castiel. I do not like re-doing episodes, but for you, I will do them. Feel loved.

This time, there aren’t enough roles for all of the students (obviously.) So Candy is nervous that she won’t even get to play :( Castiel is still holding her hand. Aww.

Boris: “Little Red Riding Hood’s mother asks her to go to her grandmother’s house. Before entering the forest, a woman tells her that she has lost her pot of honey. Little Red Riding Hood tells her that if she finds it, she will return it to her! In the forest, a rabbit will warn her about the wolf that wants to eat her. Afterwards, she will meet the bear that stole the honey pot, as well as a deer that got lost and doesn’t know how to get home!”

Nathaniel: “Oh, man…what have we gotten into…”

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My Candy Love Episode 21: Nathaniel Walkthrough


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Breaking News: I live in Mexico now. If you’d like to stalk me, I’ve made a new website with my hubby. Since he wanted to post updates, and I didn’t want my family crawling all over my MCL blogs (awkwarrrd lol) we made this new one. Please don’t ask any questions about MCL on that website as they will just be deleted. It’s mostly for our family to keep tabs on us, but if you’re interested, there you go.



Normally, my walkthroughs are quite long, and I write the dialogue word-for-word. I put a lot of time into it, and recently, people have been copy/pasting my stuff. It makes no sense to put so much effort into it. So, I’ll just…improvise and summarize. :D

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I’m Married!

The wedding was planned in 3 days, roughly 35 people could make it in such a short amount of time, and I got no presents, but it was so special.

So a friend bought my dress because my original was still at the alterations, I exchanged it at Macy’s for the right size an hour before the ceremony, I bought the shoes at Payless the same day, I didn’t have time to do my hair so I threw it in a braid, and I got married next to a tennis court. So glamorous.

But what matters is that my husband is wonderful, and whatever life throws at us, we will conquer.

In rare form, here are some of my favorite pictures taken by my friends and family! Enjoy :)

"I don't want to do this..." "Me either, but I'm so hungryyy...."

“I don’t want to do this…it’s embarrassing…”
“Me either, but I’m so hungryyy….”

cut kiss

"A tasteless joke about marriage from our mutual friend..."

“A tasteless joke about marriage from our mutual friend…our expressions say it all…”

Mexico? Here I come. I guess.

So, I made it in one piece! The violence is not as awful as the news, but last night some kids were riding a motorcycle down our street, and some thugs pushed them off and stole it from them. The cops (they drive in pickup trucks with roll-cages attached and everyone carries a huge ass gun) were patrolling and didn’t even bother to stop it. So that’s comforting. Anyway, we started a blog and if you’d like to follow our journey in this city, http://www.brittaysaul.com


**EDIT** If you currently live in Mexico, PLEASE comment and let me know the GOOD things about your country!! I know practically nothing except the horrifying things that we see on the news such as gang violence and police corruption!!! I’m so scared and I need more of your help!!! ***END***

We’ve met with countless lawyers who have all said the same thing (with a bit of variation, of course): Good Luck!

I am so incredibly heartbroken. We’re moving. We don’t know to where or what jobs we can find…heck, he doesn’t even know any family in the country (except for a grandma who lives next to a mountain?). We’re considering Monterrey for two reasons: 1. His sister has a friend who lives there and might be able to help us settle in…seeing as my fiance only lived there until he was 6 and knows nothing about the entire country….(we were looking at a map yesterday, and he said, “I didn’t realize Mexico had so many states…do you think they have internet?”) and 2. It’s a big city, just like Houston. So while there may be more crime, there will be more of a police presence as opposed to a small farm town where the gang people can just be like *shoots you dead.*

We have no idea when we’ll be able to come back.

We have been planning this wedding since September, ya’ll. We had such plans.

So we’re getting married this Saturday at my house. Whatever family and friends can make it will be there, and we’ll just try and have a celebration for when we can eventually return to the States.

It’s so hard to wake up every day and realize that I won’t be here next month. I’m terrified.

I don’t know the language, I won’t be able to make nearly as much money, and I won’t really be able to drive because OMG they drive like nutsos. My entire family is here. My dreams are here.


If you’d like to see more explanations/crying, I uploaded a video here:

I need ya’ll’s prayers. We’re so broke.


I Need Your Help


*Mega Edit*

We’ve met with the lawyer. We have three more lawyers to meet with to see if anyone has any ideas of what to do. Apparently, it would cost over $15k to file an appeal, and even then, it wouldn’t matter because this was the final blah-di-blah. Unless Jesus gives us a miracle, I’m moving to Mexico in the next month or so.

There is so much to do.

Planning on getting married tomorrow because I don’t want to leave the country without being married to my one true love, and I’d love to have my dream wedding, but the government is taking that away from me. Everything is already paid for. What a waste. I’m going to go try and get the money back as much as possible, but I’m not hopeful.

I need to sell my car, cancel random things, and find a place for us to live. And jobs. Oh God.

Ya’ll. Don’t take anything for granted. Ever. Three days ago, I knew where my life was going. Now look at it. It’s been turned completely upside down in less than 72 hours.

I most likely won’ be updating this anytime soon. I have a few Candies that I wouldn’t mind handing out my login info if anyone is interested in taking over, but for now, it’s been real.

If anything changes, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


Also, my real name is Britta, if anyone was wondering.

*End Mega Edit*

So this terrible thing is happening, and I don’t even know what to do.

We got a letter from the US Governemt. It said that we have 30 days to come up with roughly $2,000 for an appeal, or my fiance will be deported. Our wedding is in 3 months. That’s 90 days. Can’t they just be patient? No?

Thirty days. I don’t make that much in 30 days, and we’ve been spending so much for the wedding that we don’t have that kind of money just lying around.

I don’t know what to do. I can’t lose him. He’s my everything.

You guys, I feel like my heart has just been ripped out. I don’t know what to do. I can’t just pick up and move to another country. But I can’t be apart from him. Maybe we could just elope, but that would be a very temporary fix.


Oh God.



So if ya’ll could maybe say some nice, comforting things, I could use it. My mom and dad are out of town, my friends don’t understand except to say things like, “oh, I’m sorry,” and “don’t worry, it’ll work out,” and I don’t have anyone to talk to. He also keeps telling me “don’t worry about it, it’ll work out.” But the thing is, HOW can it work out. HOW can I just pretend that in 30 days he might be gone? Money doesn’t just fall from trees.


I’ll keep ya’ll updated if ya’ll care, but I just…

I feel numb.


Want to watch me cry about it? Yes.



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